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Dan Muwanguzi’s Teaching the Bible in Mukono

Update on the Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS) – in Mukono DC Church

We do have a very impressive class of 19 people all together. This includes the senior Pastor of that Church and key leaders of different ministries. They come from 3 different churches but mostly from Mukono DC.

This church is involved in many different types of Ministries and outreaches in the Mukono community and the nearby areas. The church is so much committed to studying the word and prayer. Deliverance church is one of the Churches in Uganda that has for a long time maintained a very good reputation, building their ministry on team work, Godliness and with a strong emphasis on the “Word of God”.

The Church Based Training Bible School in Mukono.

The Church Based Training Bible School in Mukono.

Our role as C-TBS is to be part of what the Lord is doing in Mukono and the nearby areas as we influence those key ministry leaders through the Bible training course.

We do have a very good and enthusiastic bunch of participants. They are faster in learning the Bible study principles.

We are also learning a lot from them as we conduct this course.

We are also learning a lot from the students as we conduct this course.

The Pastor, “FRED SSALI” has been so supportive and has encouraged us a lot with his praises for this course.We thank the Lord that he has given us the leaders in his church to be in our class this year and we look forward to more excitement, learning and hearing from the Lord as we continue.

Since we started, Andrew Kiwanuka and my self have been the main facilitators, Andrew is the Director for the SBS in YWAM Uganda and we always work together in both programs. The assistant Pastor Peter Sekatawa is a former SBS Student. He was one of our students some time back, now he is the assistant pastor in the DC church and an overseer of other sister churches. Peter is a very good Bible teacher and he is part of our current teaching team in this school.

Teaching one evening to the church.

Teaching one evening to the church.

We are so grateful to the Lord for the prayers, encouragement and financial help that enables us to keep this and other Christian Model Ministry programs running smoothly.

PS -> Here's a picture of Princess. She's growing really fast.

PS -> Here’s a picture of Princess. She’s growing really fast.

God Bless you, Dan Muwanguzi

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