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April 2021

We thank God so much for the prevellage of being part of what he is doing in our Nation Uganda. April has been another exciting month and below is the report on what has been happening


Uganda has 254 prisons with more than a million prisoners. Currently, the rate of criminality has tripled leading to overcrowding of the current prisons thus affecting their health and hygiene.
As a ministry, we have been able to visit around 42 prisons with close to 250,000 prisoners in Western and Central Uganda giving them more than 15,00 bibles, boxes of soap, mattresses, sanitary pads, food stuffs and other essentials. In this April, we have been able to visit 6 prisons in Kasese district with a total of 1455 prisoners.

We visited Ibuga prison on 7th April 2021 at 2pm. Ibuga prison is at the border of Kasese and Bunyangabu districts and at the time of visiting, Ibuga had 598 male prisoners with no female. It’s mainly a farm prison with many acres of land for maize farming. At the time of visiting, they were coming from the garden to plant maize and others to weed.
We blessed them with 25 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole Rukiga and English languages. They were received by the Officer on duty who highly appreciated the offer. The whole prison facility was having only 3 bibles from individual prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is 23km from Ibuga prison. Mubuku prison is the biggest facility in Kasese district that was established in 1970. It’s also an agricultural prison with very many acres of land for farming. It was discovered that many prisoners in Mubuku are transfered from many facilities from the whole country due to the security detail found in place. At the time of visiting, we found 525 prisoners with 6 female prisoners. The facility is developing a big vocational building to help prisoners with skills that can help them become productive responsible citizens after their sentences. We blessed them with 22 bibles and 2 boxes of sanitary pad for women.

On 7th April, we ended with the above prison which is in the middle of the town. By the time of visiting, we found 96 prisoners with no females. We blessed them with 12 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole-Rukiga and English languages

On 8th April, we visited Bwera prison which is found at the border of Bwera-Mpondwe border with Congo. We were highly welcomed by the Officer in Charge who was appreciative of the donation of 15 bibles and sanitary pads. By the time of visiting, the facility was housing 162 prisoners who were all in the farm digging.

Nyabirongo is found in the mountains of Rwenzori which is mainly cold many times. Nyabirongo is the newest and smallest prison facility in Kasese with 52 prisoners. We donated to them 15 bibles, 5 to the officers and 10 to help the prisoners. We were welcomed by the officer in charge.

We ended with Katwe prison which is found near L Edward. L. Katwe and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The facility is headed by the Officer who is a strong born again and an evangelist. It was the only facility that allowed us access to the prisoners. We shared the word of God and 78 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.

This is found at the border of Uganda and DRC. We found 16 suspects in the cells and donated 3 bibles to the cell to help them receive the word of God. We thank God for the great opportunity to serve the lost but found in prisons.

This has become our church because we have been given the open door without reservations. We have been able to preach in the cell four times this month with 13 souls coming to Christ. we have been able to maintain tea and bites during our visits. Many suspects who have been released have endeavored to contact us for more time for the gospel and allocating them to churches for parenting.

Richard at the various prison facilities and Police stations he visited


The responsibility of teaching children will always go a long way to help equip kids to live by and make better decisions when they grow up. Our heart’s desire Is to see Children Learn, Grow, and Encounter God through various ways such as Bible lessons, teachings, singing and interactions. We have quality Bible Study sessions that teach them about the Word of God, worship with them and teach them free devotion and dedication to God.

We also teach them to Walk in ‘the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us’ Ephesians 5:2. We also teach them to memorize and recall or recite the verse throughout the day under their breath.

Rachel kalembe teaching the children the word of God during their sessions at Namugongo and at Matugga


On 18th April, we held an eye camp at St. Luke Anglican Church Ntinda. The eye camp was in partnership with GUARDIAN OPTICS which offered free reading glasses to people. We were able to work on 119 people who has different optical issues ranging from reading, allergies, and cataract which is solved by surgery. Surgeries were referred to the GUARDIAN clinic at a subsidiary price. We pray for resources to always sponsor a fully frigid eye camp that can cater for all those issues. We left the camp when all the congregation was very happy for the service. They’re ready to always avail us their premises and congregation for the service.

A recently concluded eye checkup and treatment medical camp at Ntinda.


We visited the triplets on Good Friday and blessed them with Easter message of love and salvation. We took along with us food stuffs and soap. We found them in good shape and celebration mood for Easter. They are very much excited to school come June. We look forward to their going to school. Their parents appreciated the great support that always comes from Christian Model Ministries.

A visit to the triplets and family blessing them with Easter groceries and food stuffs


Karamoja has always defined our heart of mercy and has stood a test of time since 2012. Karamoja is located in the North Eastern part of the country with a population still under the poverty line. The reason for that chronic poverty is because of poor climatic conditions and political instabilities. They mainly depend on pastoralism and mining but they haven’t enjoyed the fruit of their labor. As a ministry, we saw it prudent to use two weapons; evangelism and education which has been proved beyond doubt to be the best approach for the development of any community. Currently, we sponsor 27 kids in primary and secondary levels with 2 in Kampala. Due to the pandemic, we had taken a full year without visiting Karamoja. When school started for the candidates, we also failed to make it due to Ministry of Health guidelines.
On 19th April, we made a maiden visit to visit, evangelize and assess the developments of all the seeds we have sowed in Karamoja. We met all the kids and a few parents and guardians of whom we shared the word of God, testimonies and presents (clothes and foods). Some kids were found to have left school going for other businesses and not ready to go back. One of our girls was found with the baby and married to a bodaboda cyclist but ready to resumes school mostly likely vocational training for tailoring skills. She was able to sit for her final exams which is a great indicator to her commitment. We thank God for the kids that kept optimistic for school amidst pandemic
temptations and challenges. We also visited some schools Like Acherer primary school which has 5 of our Moroto kids, Moroto Parents school and Kotido mixed and interacted with the school administrators. They were so
appreciative for the support we offer to the kids that attend their schools.

We later visited Shalom Reconciliation Centre which we support on a monthly basis. We were highly welcomed by the directors who were so appreciative for the great support that came in the time they needed it most. They toured us around their facility where we met the few kids that were not at school.


The Bible Training class for pastors and church ministers.

Both classes are going on very well. The New Testament class has reached a level where the students are more independent in their studies and this makes the class much easier for the student and staff. The class has just concluded the studying of the gospel of Luke and now studying the book of Acts. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Numbers. Both classes are going on very well and we are receiving very encouraging feed back from the students.

Kato Edward teaching the Old Testament Bible Class.

We are grateful to our co-workers who are regulary praying and supporting us in many ways. Thank you so much.

God bless you.

CMM Team

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