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CMM May – November Update

  1. The CMM Schools’ Ministry.

A good number of schools across the country have continued giving us open invitations to share Christ with the children / Students and CMM members have maintained that every month visiting one or two schools and share Christ with the students and teachers and we have witnessed positive plus encouraging results. Many are regularly giving their lives to Christ.

In June this year (2018), a team from CMM visited Global high school, a secondary school that has a population of 874 students. We shared with the students about the compelling love of Christ.


Moses Ministering to the students in a song

With a team of 15 members, CMM visited makerere University in the month of August, located in Kampala where we shared the word of God and counselled a number of students. We had 17 students give their lives to Christ.


Some of the CMM team members

Rachael and Richard visited Ssemboga Michael and Nanyange Cissy, the two pupils being supported by CMM at Sam Iga Memorial primary school, to check on their performance, to pray with and encourage them.  


Rachael and Richard checking out the two students’ work

2. CMM Children’s Ministry. 

Christian Model Ministries has continued reaching out children in different communities over time. In the month of August, we conducted a children’s outreach ministry in a Kampala slum called Katanga. This Slum is a settlement located in the valley between Mulago Hospital and Makerere University, in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. It is defined by quite a number of challenges including many single mothers, many people living with HIV among others.

We had about 70 kids whom we shared the word of God, prayed with and also gave out snacks and clothes.


Katonga children being ministered to.

Our team in the month of August Visited the 2 years, 5 months old triplets that we as CMM have support right from the time of birth since their mother was financially constrained. We managed to give them some soap, Bread, baking flour. We also took time to pray for then and shared the word of God with their mother.

The children are healthy and in good shape, thanks to God and all that have managed to send in support.


Richard with the three children.

In the month of July, our team led by Richard visited sunday school pupils of Mitooma, Ntungamo district, Western Uganda, where we shared snacks, the word of God and prayed with the children who came from three neighbouring churches.


Richard sharing with some of the kids.

3.  CMM Prisons Ministry.

CMM has continued with the monthly visits to different prisons, which ministry has seen very many souls turn to Christ. We have always given out a few bibles to some inmates and prison wardens that are able to read them. In the month of September, we visited three police cells where we attended to a total of 56 suspect with words of encouragement, preached to them and prayed with them as well. 18 gave their lives to Christ 3 of whom were Muslims. Here we were not permitted to take any photos as it is at times the rule.

In June 2018, CMM received a donation of 100 Bibles in 3 different languages English, Lunyankole and Lukiga. This gave us the opportunity to put Bibles in places where they have always been requested especially for the inmates (prisoners)to read during their free times and also encourage each other with the word of God. We gave Bibles to Kasangati prison, Butalejja  prison, Mbarara prison, Buikwe prison, Buwambo prison, Rukunjiri prison, Ntungamo prison, Kakiika prison, Kira road police post .


Kakiika prison.


Ministering to some inmates at Kasangati prison.

4. The Bible training school (C-TBS).

4th November was the graduation of the 17 students who completed the Old Testament at Deliverance church Mukono. The 17 students are from four different churches.

11th-November was the graduation for the New Testament class at God’s center of blessings church Bweyogerere. 24 students from 6 different churches successfully completed and were awarded certificates.


Both occasions were filled with joy and excitement, the students usually invite their close relatives and friends to witness this powerful achievement and afterwards the graduates, teachers and other guests share a meal together as part of celebrating the achievement


Each of the students has a powerful story / testimony to share. Most especially the pastors have confessed that their approach in preparing and presenting their sermons (messages) has been so much changed having gone through the training.

All the students including those who have been ministering for over 10 years tell that this is the first time they are reading and getting a good understanding of the scriptures.

Biblical studies

One of the key challenges we face today as the church in Uganda and Africa at large is the teaching of the “prosperity gospel”. This kind of teaching does not put emphasis on discipleship training. The inductive approach in bible study courses has a big role it plays in discipling the church thus proving an answer to the key need in our church today.


And now we start looking forward to the 2019 bible training classes that are scheduled to start mid-March. Please keep praying with us as we start the planning and recruiting the students.

We as CMM are very thankful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in the nation. We thank all our supporters and prayer partners. Your role in these ministries is key. Thank you very much.

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