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December 2020

Serving God in 2020 amidst covid-19 challenges such as the total Lockdown and Political unrests has brought us exceeding Joy. December specifically was basically channeled to Butalejja End of Year Mission and helping to construct Mr.Bafaki Fransisco a new house. It was distinctively a rare ministry but its uniqueness manifested and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ exponentially.


Bafaki is a blindman found in Kanyabusambwe village, Bwambara Subcounty, Rukungiri district in SouthWestern Uganda. He was born 62yrs ago a normal child in a family of ten of which he was the second born. He later got an accident at the age of 8 and one eye got a defect. The parents first applied local medicine which spoilt the eye the more. By the time they took him to the hospital, the eye was beyond repair. So he lost the left eye. As time went on, the right eye also started to lose sight and in the long run it also blacked out
completely. The parents were still alive when he lost sight.
He grew up adopting to blindness and doing majorly all the village work that can sustain him plus family
members chipping in where he couldn’t handle. However, things started to worsen when all his parents
died and some of his siblings who were capable of helping him died. He begun to live a life of begging to
sustain his life. As a ministry, we happened to know his condition through a whatsaap group which was promoting political agendas of some candidates. We took an initiative to visit him on 6th August 2020 and assess his situation to see how we can help. We realized that the main challenge was housing among many other needs. We met, discussed and resolved to build for him a strong house.

On 4th December 2020, the dream of building him a house begun officially and was officiated by Richard
Byamugisha by breaking the ground and collection of materials [ sand, cement, bricks and stones] The next day the construction commenced and it was very great with very cooperative team of workers/
builders. Each day we had an average of 12 workers at the building site but only 8 could be paid. The
rest were volunteers who saw it as an opportunity to identify with the noble cause. On the last day, we organized a party for the official handover where we invited his relatives, church leaders and civil leaders. The people who came brought some gifts for him like, beddings, utensils, clothes and food stuffs. He actually entered a new house with new stuff.
It was joy beyond measure not only for him but the whole community.

Richard with mr. Bafaki Fransisco at his newly constructed house.


As we concluded the year, we decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus to seal the message of our source of salvation and redemption with the children at a party. It was a day of jubilation, singing, dancing, testimonies, eating, drinking, and sharing gifts.
We thank God for the grace that took us through.

Richard with the children at the Christmas party


Given the time and season of the mission, following government precaution measures, we went with a small team for the outreach. Since masses were not allowed to gather due to limiting the spread of covid’19 and the political atmosphere, the mission was restructured to reconstructing a more firm and strong structure for the a local church we are affiliated with whose temporal mud grass-thatched structure had collapsed and was now meeting under a tree. We constructed a more firm structure of timber and poles. We asked the pastor to give out clothes to the community without gathering them. we distributed sanitizers, face masks and gave out food supplies to individual families. The region had been struck with prolonged drought caused by a previous rainy season that had caused floods thus destroying all crops and food. we held a manageable size children session and taught them the word of God. The number of children who attended were boys than girls. Most of the boys were between 12 – 15 years. In Butaleja the number of early marriages is increasing. By the time a girl is 15 years old and not in school, they want to get married. We also had a women’s small gathering where we taught them how to make re-usable sanitary towels and pads. we shared the word of God, prayed and encouraging them in the Lord Jesus.

Rachel with the children teaching them how to wear masks properly and assisting them with school work.

Rachel teaching women how to make re-usable sanitary towels and pads
Reconstructed church Structure and Rachel standing close to sacks of clothes being donated to the community

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)

Embracing the New Year 2021,both the New and Old Testament classes conducted at different locations will be starting early February. The New Testament Class has so far registered 23 students from 5 different churches and the Old Testament has 17 students from 4 churches. The C-TBS staff has done all the necessary arrangements and preparations looking forward to the starting day. Please keep us in your prayers. Both classes will be running to the end of October 2021.

We thank you much for your prayers, support and encouragement to us.

A Happy New Year 2021


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