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March 2021

Dear friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus, we thank you for your continued prayers and support to us. This is what we ( CMM )have been up to in the month of march.


We have been able to organize 2 eye camps in Kampala metropolitan. They have been organized in partnership with our friends and co-workers in the medical dental field ,the respective church communities and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The camps were entirely free to the public and an easy avenue to the hearts of the people with the hungry spirits for the gospel. These are:

On 20th March, 2021, we held our first medical outreach ever since the country went into the
lockdown due to the pandemic. We had last had one on 17th March 2020 and we really were hungry
for the noble service. Our opening and return to the medical was officially launched by Mama
Florence Wanaswa our Deputy Director at Kawempe Worship Centre which is also her church. It
was a joyous moment which was highly attended by many people who came for a free service.
The noble service was given by our Great partners Guardian Optics found in Kampala city along
Martin Road. Amongst the people who came for the service was a witch doctor who came from the
shrine for help because her eyes were not seeing well. She was worked on and prayed for.
We were able to help 121 people and 39 received free reading glasses. 9 were referred for cataract
surgery which we pray to God for resources to handle their problems.
We thank God for the grace to help the people in Kawempe, Tura, Maganjo and other areas.

Richard, Rachel ,Mama Florence introducing and helping out Kawempe Eye Medical Camp

Buwava is found in Goma Division, Mukono district 25km from Kampala city.
On March 27, 2021, we held a second eye camp at Divine Church headed by Pr. Peter and Phoebi
Ssozi. It was highly attended by people from Kitukutwe, Nabusugwe, Bulindo and other places.
The eye camp was done in partnership with Guardian Optics and Vision Spring who helped us to
minister to 107 people with 58 getting free reading glasses.
We were privileged to preach too many people and one on one counselling. We saw the hand of
God that day touching different people. Our Mighty God healed so many with other spiritual
We bless the loving God for the mighty Hand upon our ministry and channeling a blessing through us
to the needy people.
NB: GUARDIAN OPTICS is headed by Dr. Mike Olilo.

SHOE MENDING PROJECT (young girls and women.)

We started a great venture with girls and women of repairing and mending shoes this will help the girls and women become self reliant. When we are self-reliant, we use the blessings and abilities God has given us to care for ourselves and our families and find solutions to our own problems.

Rachel with the young girls and women teaching them how to repair shoes


Police ministry has been one of the dynamic outreach missions since and is always a blessing as inmates accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. The month of March had 4 visits in Seeta police station where we shared the word of God and drinks to the suspects. We were able to preach to 84 suspects and 13 gave their lives to Jesus and many
others renewed their commitment for the heavenly journey.
We praise the Great God for the grace to preach the gospel to the prisoners who are desperate for
love, care and kindness.


The New Testament Class has been Learning how to use the Inductive Bible Study tools in bible observation and interpretation. And at the same time studying some books and by now they can do their work more independently but with some regular help and guide from us teachers. This coming Sunday, the New Testament class will be starting the study of the gospels and will start with the gospel of Luke. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Leviticus and Edward Kato is preparing and will be teaching this class these next 2 weeks.

Pastor Charles Mayinja Teaching the New Testament Class

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement to us. Blessings


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