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May Update

Prisons Ministry.

CMM was blessed to be joined by Laura and Erin from Victoria BC Canada for some part of May. We did much of the ministries together and among those was the prisons ministry. We visited two prison facilities among which were;

Kasangati Prison.

This is located 12km from the Ugandan capital Kampala. The prison had 487 prisoners at the time of our visit who Laura and Erin ministered to with words of encouragement from the book of Jeremiah 29:11 and 28 people gave their lives to christ.

Seeta Police post.

We as CMM visited Seeta police post 4 times (once every week) and ministered to 84 people in total with words of encouragement. On one of the visits, we were accompanied by Laura and Erin who shared words of hope and prayed with the police suspects.


Erin and Laura doing Prisons Ministry.

Western Uganda Annual Convention.

In partnership with world-shine ministries, we organised this year’s conventionat Rwentobo Ntungamo District. Just like it was for the prisons ministry, we were accompanied by Erin and Laura to this event. We to part in a number of activities but mostly was into the Forums. These were pre-convention activities which were meant to reach to city corporate class and they include;

 Justice forum.
This comprised the magistrates, lawyers, advocates, judges and their associates. 86 of them attended. We did the mobilisation, coordination, and selection of speakers
Medical forum.
This comprised of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, clinical officers and the rest of other medical related fields.
54 attended
Pastors forum.
This had 32 pastors and they’re all nourished in the word of God.
Children’s session.
This had close to 500 children below 12yrs of age.
Laura and Erin preached to them with the help of Rachael and other World-shine ministers.
Youth Session.
This had close to 400 youth from all ober Uganda of 13 to 20yrs.
Erin and Laura attended.

Different activities at the Convention

C-TBS Ministry
Both OT and NT classes have gone half way of the 2019 journey. The NT class has completed the study of the gospel and currently studying the book of acts which will lead us into the study of the Epistles.
So much exciting truth keeps coming up as we study different books but both with the gospels. Most students have so much enjoyed or commented more on understanding the difference / relationship of the four gospels(“Why 4 gospels”).
The OT class is currently studying the book of Joshua, then we will study judges, 1+2 Samuel which will be followed by 1+2 Kings and this will lad us into he “Prophets”.

C-TBS class activities

Please keep praying for the students and staff as we continue in the studies so that our desire to study and apply the scriptures will keep growing / increasing.
Thanks you so much to all our friends that are praying with us, encouraging us and supporting the CMM ongoing work in Uganda.
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