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CMM December Update

There is a lot that has been happening in the past few months and here are some of the activities that CMM has been involved in:

The bible training school (C-TBS):

C-TBS Bweyogerere

Graduation of the NT and OT classes conducted at “God’s center of blessings church” at bweyogerere


Graduation of the NT class conducted at Mukono Deliverance Church.

19 NT students graduated from 5 different churches at Mukono Deliverance church.

We had 12 NT students and 26 OT students in
the two classes at God’s center of blessings Bweyogerere . This bunch is from 8 different churches.

We have had a very good combination of students. Young and Senior
ministers (Pastors). Some have been Pastors for more than 15 years
well as others are upcoming ministers. Some are highly educated well
as others have a very basic eduacation. But the Word of God cuts
across the board, Each of our graduants has a very strong and powerful
testimony to give.

Many especially those who have been Pastors for a long time mentioned
in their verbal testimonies that they have been ministering but with a
very minimal understanding of the scriptures. Some had read other
things, books etc but had not taken such a time to concentrate on
studying the scriptures.

We have had very many encoureging testimonies  each of our students.
This course as they have been testifying has  also provided  a big
platform for their future Bible studies.

It is such abig opportunity to be part of part of what God is doing in
the lives and ministries of these individuals. And there is no dought
that as they continue in their various ministries, they will have a
grater impact in their churches and communities.

Dental Outreach/Medical Camp:
On the 16th/November/2017, In partnership with mulago hospital and kawempe worship center, CMM conducted a “dental outreach” with a team of 13 dentists, 119 people were treated (given dental care), 40 people gave there lives to christ.

Among the activities were, Dental Sensitisation & treatment, Prayer & counciling.


One of the dental patients being treated

Hospital and Prison Ministry:
CMM has continued with the weekly visits to hospitals and prisons, we pray with, council, and at times give out items like sugar, soap, etc to some needy individual patients.

Through this ministry, 86 people have come to receive Christ in the last two months.


We are very grateful to all our partners in this ministry, thanks a lot for your prayers and financial support.

Dan Muwanguzi and the CMM team

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