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June 2021

Greetings to you all our friends and co-workers in Christ. As a nation we are experiencing the second wave of the COVID’19 pandemic. Here is what we have been up to in the past month.


This 2nd wave has been by far the most challenging compared to the 1st one .Our Country got different variants from India, USA, UK, NIGERIA and SOUTH AFRICA. And all this happened after our government opened borders and business centers after the infection rates and death curve had lowered. This gave chance for the virus to penetrate in the communities and with the already overwhelmed medical system, the situation escalated and there is wide spread of the COVID’19 cases in the country . As such there is lack of oxygen and resources in hospitals. Many have failed to secure beds and are being home treated thus infecting the communities more. Over crowding in both government and private hospitals, treatment prices are so high. The government through ministry of Health is trying to do as much as they can but its still limited. The President announced a total lockdown of the whole country on 6th June, everyone to stay home except essential workers like doctors to work only and curfew time of 7pm. This meant that ministry outside home was locked. But the unlimited God has been faithful and we trust he will successfully lead us through all these challenges.

Local News feeds and tabloids showing the COVID’19 situation in Uganda and the Total Lockdown


We have been able to bless a group of bible reading fellowship cell in Bushenyi. This group of Christians is comprised of committed Christians who really needed the bibles so much. They applied for the bibles through a ministry partner in Western Uganda called Dominic Twinomujuni. We sent them 12 bible, 10 Runyankole Rukiga and 2 English versions.
The beneficiaries hope to be trained for ministry when the lockdown subsidises. They will be our contact persons in prisons of Ankole Sub region.

Bushenyi prayer Group members that received bibles .


When the Total lockdown was announced, we resorted online fellowships with to help us keep
strong and strengthen others.
The fellowships are targeting the following;
a. The prisoners who gave their lives to Christ and were released.
b. The cell members.
c. The marrieds whom we fellowship with at St. Francis chapel Makerere.
d. Friends who are bereaving their beloved ones.
This has been done by phone calls, whatsaap messages, text messages and zoom.
This has helped both us and other fellowship members.


At the time of total lockdown we had had a Sunday school children class where we were teaching the children the word of God and how to keep busy during such times as now when schools are off and everyone is home. How to avoid idleness, keep studying and have a positive life that everything shall be well in Jesus name. We have taught the children to keep at home and help their parents at home and avoid moving around aimlessly to avoid contracting the Corona virus. We are praying for good health amidst the lockdown.

Rachel Kalembe teaching Sunday school church children at Matugga how to keep busy and study during the lockdown time at home.


The training has been slowed down due to the total Lockdown. We are not able to meet our students in a class setting which also involves interaction which helps us a lot. Many of the students need this for the effectiveness of their studies. A few of our students who are continuing to study the Bible Books on their own but with either phone or email or WhatsApp consultations. so we are working more closely with a few as we wait for the lockdown to be relaxed.

Thank you so much to all of you our dear friends,supporters and co-workers for standing with us and praying with us. We are thankful to the lord for you,may He continue to keep you well and strong in HIM. God Bless


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