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MAY 2020


During the lock down,the C-TBS has been active but to a minimal percentage. Only 7 of our students have been able to continue with their school work,mainly because they have access to computers,so they can receive,read and send back information to us by emailing and other means.

During this month of June we( C-TBS Staff) have been holding meetings to pray/discuss how we can better include a bigger number back into their bible study work.And starting July,the Old Testament class in Mukono will be able to resume their classes as we also start looking at the New Testament class that we run at Bweyogerere.

The New Testament class needs more time in classroom teaching and one on one interactions as we had just introduced them to the inductive approach when we where locked down.


(L-R) Andrew Kiwanuka, Dan Muwanguzi, Peter Sekatawa, Joseph Kamya, Fred Mongoi

Andrew Kiwanuka.

School of bibilical studies (YWAM)

Chief cordinator C-TBS

Dan Muwanguzi

Director CMM

Director C-TBS

Peter Sekatawa

Pastor, Deliverence Church Mukono

Cordinator C-TBS, Mukono

Joseph Kamya

Over seer, Bweyogerere pastors’ fellowship

Cordinator, C-TBS pastors’ class

Fred Mongoi

Leadership team, Bweyogerere pastors’ fellowship

C-TBS Cordinator, Bweyogerere class

Our Teaching team comprises of 3 other teachers on top of the 5 in the photo. please keep praying with us as we get back into our bible study classes.


Few days after the Lock down was announced in Uganda,there was a lot of panic and anxiety in most families in Uganda mainly because of the parents concern about how they were to feed their families. CMM through our friends (Supporters)has been able to help purchase and give some amounts of food mostly to the parents/families of our CMM sponsored children.This has been appreciated so much by the mothers and grand mothers and our CMM children.


CMM children and their families receiving food supplies in Karamoja.


Food distributions.

Thank you so much to all our friends/co workers.we are very grateful for your friendship,prayers and support to us.

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