January 2023

Dear Friends, Greetings to you from the Christian Model Ministries Team. Here is our month report to give you an idea of how things are going on in the ministry.


We were able to visit the facility thrice and met around 150 suspects of which 123 gave their lives to Christ. We gave them 5 more bibles to help them in accessing the word of God.


We visited the facility twice in January and met 8 suspects and 1 gave his life to Christ. We gave them bibles to help to help with evangelism.

We were given the permission to visit the above facility at any time of our convenience. We have visited the facility twice and 6 people gave their lives to Christ.

The above facility is found in Lyantonde district 102 km away from Mbarara city along Masaka-Mbarara road. we found 186 prisoners. We were able to preach to 45. We donated 24 bible to help them access the word of God.

Richard Byamugisha at the Various prison stations


We have ministered to families in the various categories as below;

We organized a conference in partnership with Karugangama church and surrounding churches that attracted 83 youth. The conference was under the THEME: EPHESIANS 4:1-. Many youth gave their lives to Christ and others recommitted their lives with their family.

We organized a retreat for dads and their sons to discuss issues of Christian importance. We had 2 facilitators who helped the youth open up to their dads. That same day, we saw dads and sons reconciling. The retreat brought 8 dads and 14 sons. We also agreed to have it twice a year.

We begun a rare but powerful ministry of men in Mbarara. By December, we had 18 men who registered to attend the fellowships every Saturday. The fellowship started in power that most men invited their friends. We began the year with preparatory meetings, a fellowship and a football match with our sons. All the programs have been well attended. As a result of the above initiative, one of the men had a wedding. We were even privileged to pray a blessing for the marriages.

Various groups in the family gathering events that impacted youth, men community at Large.


We are currently looking at three classes running at three different locations.

On the 26th /of February /2023,we passed out 13 Old Testament students. The graduation was very colorful and we received from the graduands very encouraging testimonies. This graduation ceremony took place at “God’s center of Blessings church Bweyogerere” .At the very same location, we shall be starting the New Testament class on the 12th March 2023.

The class at Mukono will be receiving their New Testament certificates on 26th March. This same class has already started their 2023 classes on the 20th March and will run up to December 2023.

Last year ,we started a bible training class with mostly younger men and women. They are all training in computer software skills with a company Odyssey Technologies but we were invited to run our Bible classes along side their computer training which too is going on very well.

Dan Muwanguzi at the Church Based Training in Biblical Studies C-TBS graduation Ceremony.

We are always grateful to God for such an opportunity to be part of what God is doing in this nation.

Thank you so much all our supporters. We appreciate all your prayers and all encouragement to us.

God bless.

CMM Team.

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December 2022

Happy New Year Our Beloved friends and partners in Christ Jesus. Below is our report for the month of December.


For 12 consecutive years, we have been having end of year out-door open air gospel meetings Butalleja region. Except for the last two years when we were hit by the COVID 19 pandemic and the whole country was on lockdown, this year, we resumed starting 0n 27th as usual till the new year 2023. Below are the activities we had.

  1. Daily evening Out door gospel meetings
  2. Door to door ministry
  3. Police ministry
  4. Prison ministry
  5. Children ministry
  6. Pastors and Church Leaders’ equipping seminar


By God’s grace, we were allowed to use a mega football field managed by Butalejja District administration to hold evening open air gospel meetings. We began on 27th December at 5pm and many people turned up to hear the Word of God. We had praise and worship sessions led by the CMM Team and other team from Kampala, then shared the word of God.

The outdoor open air gospel meetings was held for 5 days, around 450 people gave their lives to Christ. These were the recorded ones, but we also had those who were listening the gospel for their homes and shops. We bless God for the bounty harvest.

The CMM Team ( Dan Muwanguzi, Florence Wanaswa, Richard Byamugisha, Racheal Kalembe ) During the Butalejja Outdoor Evangelism meeting and the people that came to the field to attend.


We decided to partner with local churches in those communities to reach the people in their homes and gardens. Around 12 of us went and ministered to these souls. Around 85 souls came to Christ in the 3 day door to door ministry. We visited Hisega, Nanyuru and Rujehi villages which are found in the outskirts of Butalejja Town council.


Police ministry has been one of the pillars of our calling and we love doing it. we visited the CENTRAL POLICE STATION OF BUTALEJJA and were welcomed by the OFFICER IN CHARGE AND THE DISTRICT POLICE COMMANDER.

We were ushered in the cells where we met 23 suspects of which 2 were women. Among them were 4 murder suspects, 1 rape case and the rest were petty cases of debts and land wrangles.

We preached about hope and 18 of them accepted Jesus as their personal saviour. We also shared with them drinks and cakes but were not allowed to take photos since they are currently under various attacks.  


we visited the Butalejja main prison which is found near the District headquarters. We were welcomed by the OFFICER IN CHARGE who is new in the area but loves Christ so much.

He allowed to meet the prisoners . We shared with them the word of God, food (beef and rice) and drinks (soda and water)

We met 58 prisoners (all men) and 23 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Richard Byamugisha with the team during the police and prisons visit


We carried out a children’s ministry, we dedicated some time and resources to reach to the children. we had 3 sessions with children teaching them the word of God through Bible stories ,giving them clothes ,snacks and drinks. The team for the children was headed by Racheal Kalembe and Debbie Wanaswa.

Racheal Kalembe giving out some clothes and supplies to the mothers and their children


We met the pastors and church leaders and had a fellowship with them. We encouraged them and equipped them in the word of God to continue doing the work of God. we thanked them for accepting to work with us in evangelism and the crusade, look forward to working with them next time. The session was led by Dan Muwanguzi, Florence Wanaswa and Richard Byamugisha.

Dan Muwanguzi, Florence Wanaswa and Richard Byamugisha during the Pastors and church leaders meeting


The C-TBS classes Old Testament and New Testament that completed last year will be graduating in February 2023.

Meanwhile the C-TBS staff are already planning for the 2023 classes which will start in early March.

We already have 17members from 3 different churches that have registered for the New Testament course that will be run at Bweyogerere God’s Centre of Blessings church.

We look forward to another fruitful year of ministry and sharing the love of Christ with the people of Uganda.

Happy New Year 2023

God bless you

CMM Team

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November 2022

We greet you all our dear friends and thank you for your partnership with Christian Model Ministries. Here is our November / December report


We partnered with “Divine Care Ministries” to visit Kotido district. There was a lot of insecurity in the region due to cattle raiding but we thank God who kept us safe. We visited Lengeni Hospital where we talked to mothers with malnourished children.

Most of these women were coming from the recently raided villages where they had no access to food, water and other basic needs. Their homes, crops and food were destroyed by raiders. Most of them are widows because their husbands were killed during raids.

The next day, we preached to old men who have remained in the villages. Most of the young men have become warriors.
Another big challenge is that most of the children don’t go to school.

Rachel Kalembe ministering to the mothers and children during the Kotido visit.


We visited Eastern DRC THE DISTRICT OF KISIMBIRI to do evangelism in that country. We arrived at midday and were welcomed by the Congolese team led by Pastor Nora. We checked in and went through the process of learning what was required of us to stay in Congo. We visited 5 detention centers where we met close to 200 prisoners. We gave each detention centers bibles and some to police officers. Many of the prisoners were facing hard crimes but we preached to them a message of hope and forgiveness. We had a special session with officers who also opened up to us their challenges. We realized that the residents in that particular area had run away from wars and instability in this region .We thank God who gave us the ability to reach to the friends and family in Congo.

Richard Byamugisha with the During the visit in Congo


1.Ruti police station.
We have visited this police/prison four times and each time we have seen many souls coming to Christ. Each time of the visit, we share with the suspects tea, snacks and water . This month we reached 174 suspects and around 130 gave their lives to Christ.

2. Central police station Mbarara
CPS has also been visited 4 times and around 280 suspects shared the word of God with the suspects. During that period close to 200 souls came to Christ.


As a way of bringing men to Christ, We decided to bring them closer to Christ through a FOOTBALL MATCH. We launched the MATCH on 4th November and 2 teams played a friendly match. During the launch, close to 80 cyclists witnessed the game. We did evangelism and led 18 of them to Christ.

Richard during the Police/Prisons visit and at the football match with the Boda Boda cyclists


By the 17th December,all our bible training both Old and Testament will be closing. Both Gradustions will take place early 2023. The New Testament is now studying the book of revelations and the Old Testamnet have Zachariah and Malachi to complete.

It has been such a long Journey since we started but very interesting and encouraging. Our students have shared encouraging testimonies (results) coming out of their Bible training studies .

We thank all our co-workers/prayer partners for standing with using all the CMM work.

Dan Muwanguzi and Joseph Kamya conducting a C-TBS class sessions.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and we pray for a Blessed 2023 to all our friends.

God Bless.

CMM Team

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September 2022 / October 2022

Dear friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus, Below are our activities for the month of September


We visited the Karamoja CMM kids to help them return to school and check on their welfare. During our visit, we discovered that the whole region is insecure and people were restricted from moving. This instability has been fueled by the prolonged draught, famine and the availability of guns and cattle theft. We however did our best and reached our CMM kids preached and prayed for them, gave them some school materials and food. We pray and request for your continous prayers for Karamoja.

Richard Byamugisha and Racheal Kalembe visiting the CMM Karamoja children both in Karamoja and Kampala



We ministered to the suspects in the police custody at the Central Police Station and Ruti police station. Both stations are located in Mbarara city and usually keep the youth who are below 30yrs. During our visits, we preached and prayed to close to 200 suspects of which 90% are men. We shared with the suspects tea, water and snacks.

More suspects gave their lives to Christ. We pray that they keep in the Grace of salvation.


In Mbarara we were given an opportunity to speak to the marrieds and men. This helped us to expand our boundaries to the area. In the same spirit, we engaged in the following;

  1. Setting up prayer family altars
  2. Organizing men and women fellowships
  3. Facilitating married seminars in churches
  4. Promoting legalizing marriages(weddings)


We organized a marrieds’ seminar at Karugangama church in Mbarara South Mbarara city. It was attended by 34 couples. The facilitators were coming from Namugongo – Ssonde Fellowship under St. Francis chapel Makerere. with the following topics; Intimacy, Faithfulness, Developments, Transparency , Righteousness.

Various couples who turned up for the meeting and training sessions


We had a men’s encounter in Kampala in partnership with St. Francis Chapel Makerere. We shared the great word of God to them. It was held in LWEZA along Entebbe road under the THEME: HOPE BEYOND AFFLICTION.

Richard Byamugisha teaching and preaching to the men during one of the sessions


We were invited to officiate the leadership handover of the scripture union at Hillstone school matugga. On this day we prayed for the candidate classes who were about to sit for their final exams. We taught the word of God and encouraged students to have their trust in God for he is the source of everything.

Racheal Kalembe at the Leadership Hand over ceremony with our very own CMM karamoja child Esther Nakong who was a worship leader of the scripture union Club


The Old Testament and the New Testament class are going on well.

Both Classes are coming near the end of their 2022 Studies. They will be finishing around 17th December and we shall pass them out, give them Certificates (Graduations) Early next year 2023.

Pastor kamya Joseph C-TBS staff teaching the C-TBS Old Testament Class

Thank you to all friends/co workers for your prayers and support in all the CMM work.

God Bless.


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August 2022

Dear Friends and Co-workers in Christ. Here is our Latest Monthly report.


  We joined the ALL SAINTS CHURCH KAMPALA to celebrate their golden jubilee. As part of the jubilee celebrations, we went out with them to the streets of Kampala suburbs for evangelism. We visited Katanga slums a Kampala city suburb which hosts close to 60,000 people. There is high crime rate in this region because its a slum housing drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves and a lot of lawlessness . Many souls came to Christ. We were led by Archbishop Dr. Steven Kazimba Mugalu the Archbishop of the Anglican church of Uganda.

Richard Byamugisha with the All saints team and ArchBishop Kazimba Mugalu


We visited 8 families with Vulnerable, Elderly and sick people. We donated groceries, food and other essential Items to their care takers to help them with their lives for nutrition, hygiene and health items included maize flour, sugar, rice, beans, salt, bread, soap and basins. All the families that received the above items were so excited and very grateful. We also preached and taught them the word of God. Many gave their lives to Jesus.

Food and supplies donations to the vulnerable and the Elderly


We visited 2 police stations four times where preached to 127 suspects in custody. During the visits, we were allowed to fellowship with them, preach the word of God and 89 persons gave their lives to Jesus during the ministry sessions. We thank God.

Evangelism to Bodaboda (Motor cycle riders).

This is the term used to refer to commercial motorcycle riders in Uganda. We preached to around 300 motorcycle riders whom we found on their stages and many accepted Jesus Christ and got born again.

Some of the Boda Boda motorcyclists during the evangelism moment


  We ministered to the youth in Mbarara city by organizing a seminar for them. We carried out counselling and preached to them the word of God. Other activities we did was bible quiz, played games and group discussions. They turned up in large numbers.


We were invited to fellowship with the scripture union at Matugga Hills School. We taught scripture union members the word of God and life skills of environment conservation and protection such as reuse of plastic bottles to make garbage/refuse collection bins. We carried out counselling, prayed for the students and donated bibles to them.

Racheal Kalembe with some of the students teaching them how to make a garbage bin


Both the New Testament and the Old Testament classes are nearing the climax of their studies and each class has been sharing many encouraging testimonies in relation to their studies.

We have had many good testimonies coming from studying the Book of Joshua. Some of our students as we study the book, they too pullout passages from that book and share with their congregations during Bible Studies and Church services.

Most of the Testimonies have been to do with victories of Joshua and Israel amidst strong resistance, opposition and attacks from professional, numerous and strong nations that occupied the promised land.

The book of Joshua to many has been a call to engage more in spiritual warfare for our students and their church congregations and the Nation at Large.

Uganda is currently experiencing an economic crisis, the cost of living has doubled, prices of fuel and essential commodities going so high. School fees and maintaining kids in school is becoming a bigger challenge to many parents. It has been so good when our students look to all this from the Bible point of view, encourage themselves and their congregations to keep praying and trusting God.

We thank God so much that we have hope in such situations that look like crisis. We thank God for such an opportunity to be studying and teaching the word of God to the church.

Pastor Mayinja Charles teaching the Old Testament Class.

We thank God and you our friends for standing with us, encouraging and supporting us in the mission. Thank you so much, we pray that the Lord will continue to keep you all well and growing in HIM.

God bless

CMM Team.

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July 2022

To all our our friends and co-workers/supporters,here is our July report to give you an idea of what has been happening with us.( CMM ministry).


We have visited the following facilities;
a. Sanga Prison
This month we have visited the above facility once and shared with them the love of Christ. We visited them on 19th July and preached to 48 prisoners. 8 gave their lives to Christ. We shared with them drinks. We bless the Lord for the grace

b. Central Police Station
We have been given the green card to visit the facility at any time of our convenience. We have visited the above facility thrice meeting over 100 inmates. 54 gave their lives to Christ.
c. Ruti Police station.
We have visited the above facility thrice meeting around 45 suspects. Around 18 gave their lives to Christ. It’s been a great pleasure seeing Muslims turn to Christ.

Richard Byamugisha at the prison facilities


This month we visited 3 elderly families whom we fellowshipped with and shared with them food and home supplies especially the poor elderly in our community .

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-20220725-wa0043-1.jpg
During the Home visits Richard with the families


We visited a school called Ryakasinga CHE found in Sheema District in South western Uganda
48km from Mbarara city. It is a public school under the Anglican foundation. We were invited to
preach and counsel the students. The school has an enrolment of 2000 students both boys and

Richard with the students during the visit


We teamed with Divine Care Ministries and visited karamoja in Nabilatuk region . We went to 5 villages Losimit,cucu,Lonyangatur and Naupala ministering to women and children. we prayed with them and gave out donations such as clothes and food supplies to some elderly and children.

Kalembe Racheal praying for the children in karamoja


The Old Testament class is studying the book of Deutronomy and The New Testament class is studying the book of Acts.

Most of our students are either pastors or ministers in different churches. The most outstanding testimony of recent is how the course has simplified their preaching and teaching work, and also brought more motivation in their famiy and personnal devotional programmes. Such and many other encouraging testimonies have been of much encouragement to me as i read them when checking the students work,mostly in the morning hours.( Dan Muwanguzi)

We are very grateful to the lord for such an opportunity to be able to minister to the churches and communities in Uganda.

Dan Muwanguzi with the C-TBS students


Sarah Tulina passed on “Dan Muwanguzi” our family recieved the biggest blow ever when our youngest sister Sarah Tulina who had been working at Mbarara with the National Agricultural Research Center (NARO) passed on as she was travelling on a motorbike on the July 26th. please keep praying for us especially both our mom and Dad in this healing process.


Elizabeth Centre is a home for Disabled Children ( Children with speech and other disabilities ),A ministry started by the late David and Valerie K. CMM is associated to the Elizabeth ministry. Recently, Dan Muwanguzi visited the Elizabeth Center and found the kids and care takers in good mood and doing well. Please keep praying for the staff and the children at the centre.

Dan Muwanguzi visiting the Elizabeth Centre

Thank you so much all our friends for praying with us and supporting us in all these activities

God Bless.


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January 2022

Dear Christian Model Ministries friends, we are hoping and praying that 2022 is going on well with you all. Here is what has been happening in this ministry.


We were permitted to visit the surgery ward, this had patients with all kinds of surgery from injuries and accidents. Many people here were without attendants, among them was a man who was abandoned by the family and left to die. We found him with a severe wound and was in great pain. We gave him some medicine. He has improved greatly. We look forward to helping more people as we preach and pray for healing.
The hospital administration requested for soap, salt and a jerry for patients. The requested items are helpful in hygiene and sanitation purposes.


We visited 2 prison facilities in Mbarara and the police station, we were denied entry into the prisons but we were allowed to preach at the Police station every Saturday morning for 3hours.
We received the news with gratitude and immediately started the assignment. we have visited the facility twice and preached to 214 people. 72 have given their lives to Christ.


With the full re-opening of the country after a long lockdown due to the covid’19 pandemic, children were allowed to congregate again in church, having been stopped for a long time. We hold children sessions ,where we teach and nurture them in the word and ways of God.


We carried out Dental out reaches in two places Kawempe and Matugga. During both outreaches , many people were worked upon. Together with the dentistry team of doctors , we did hurting tooth extractions, fillings and complicated cases where referred to the major hospitals. We gave out toothpaste and brushes ,we also taught proper dental hygiene. We carried out counselling, shared the word of God and prayed with the people as well.


Both bible Classes, the New and Old Testament classes are nearing graduations. These have taken long compared to our usual one year classes. But thank God we are finally there and our students have made it to the end.

Currently ,we are visiting churches and sending word out for those that would want to join our classes that are starting on the first week of April.

Please pray with us that the Lord will again bring the right bunch of students for 2022.

We’re grateful to the Lord for you our friends that pray and encourage us in many ways.

Thank you so much.

God bless.

CMM Team.

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December 2021

Greetings to you beloved friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus. “Ebenezer”, this far the Lord has brought us (1 Samuel 7:12). We thank God for the year 2021, these are the activities for the month of December .


We visited the region as we have normally been doing at every end of year. The area was greatly affected by the prolonged draught causing food scarcity. During our visit, we were able to identify some needy families and provided some food items like rice, soap, maize flour and beans to them. We taught the word of God to both children and youth. We also had sessions with mothers and elderly women where we discussed a good number of things among which were better ways of farming in order to have and store food in preparations for such dry seasons.


After the government confirmed school’s re-opening in the month of January, We visited the CMM children in karamoja to help them prepare to resume schooling. Majority of our Children joined secondary school but we still have primary school children as well. We gave them scholastic materials books, pens, pencils, basins, jerrycans, mattresses etc. We also took time to prepare them for schooling.


The Chosen youth are a Christian ministry team involved in music, dance and creative evangelism. They gathered their non-Christian friends and relatives in a fellowship with a purpose of preaching and teaching them the word of God. We were invited to minister to these youth. We preached the word of God, shared words of encouragement and affirmation, strengthened them not to give up on life despite the lockdown and its challenges. We also shared ways of how to start up and thrive small scale businesses such as vegetable market stalls, making liquid soap, aloe Vera gel and pads.


The Old Testament Class is currently studying the book of 1st and 2nd Kings. These will lead us into studying the major prophets and by the end of March,both classes will be graduating.

The New Testament Class is currently studying the book of Hebrews.

In the past weeks,most of us ( C-TBS ) staff and their families were very much affected by the Omicron covid variant wave,but all have recovered well and we thank the Lord for his protection and healing.

We would want to start the 2022 New Year Classes both Old Testament and New Testament in the month of April. We already have a good number of individuals who have expressed interest in both classes.

Thank you so much for praying and encouraging us in this work. We pray that God will continue blessing you much more in all that you do.


CMM Team.

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November 2021

A merry Christmas to you all our co-workers in Christ, We pray that the Lord will continue to keep you well and strong during the festive season and the New Year 2022.

And as we (CMM Team) come to the close of 2021,we continue to thank the Lord for the gift of Life and the opportunity for us to be part of what He is doing in this Nation of Uganda.

Here are our November updates.


Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in East Africa located in Kabale District South Western Uganda 346km from Kampala city. The lake is surrounded by the Bakiga people whose population of about 30,000 people, their main activity is fishing, crop growing and tourism coming from the Lake attraction.

On a daily basis over 500 people cross this lake for farming, schooling, church, shopping, trade, and other essential activities. Majority of these travelers use local canoes or pipes joined together as the mains of transport without lifejackets. This endangers their lives with an estimation of over 15 persons drowning and dying annually on the lake.

As a ministry, we found lifejackets as a main tool to evangelize to the people in that area. We crossed L. Bunyonyi to Buhutu village in Mugyera. We were warmly welcomed by the local community and commended for being the first team to visit this area with an outreach.

We donated 50 lifejackets to families, the beneficiaries were traders, families with school going kids and farmers. 14 adults gave their lives to Christ and were given bibles to help them walk the journey of salvation. 32 children also gave their lives to Christ and were given materials to help them at home. We also gave them clothes and shoes. We bless the Lord for the mission and the safe journey to and from Kabale.


Uganda Christian University is an Anglican Church founded university located in Mukono district 32km East of Kampala city along Jinja road. It’s the second largest private university with a population of more than 30,000 students. It has a theological college for the clergy as well.

We were invited by the chaplain having known us to have a passion for Evangelism missions and outreaches. The purpose of this mission was to evangelize to students, staff and the nearby community. We preached in lecture rooms, student Halls of residences and the community outside the university compass. We also had online preaching and radio programs.

By the end of the week around 800 students and very many were delivered from spiritual bondages like alcoholism, pornography, drugs and sex habits.

In the same mission, we visited the university police station where we preached to the officers and the suspects.


We had a mission trip to karamoja region with the purpose of visiting children, teaching them the word of God, assessing their school home work, praying for them and playing with them as well. We also interacted with their mothers together with the elderly women of this community and shared with them the word of God, Primary Health Care, Food Nutrition and hygiene.


We visited police stations such as Seeta, Wandegeya, Kiira road, Jinja road and Central Police Station.

The ministry went on very well and 178 suspects and 42 officers gave their live to Christ. After sharing the word of God, we shared with them drinks and snacks.


Testimony from pastor Naigaga Josephine, a C-TBS graduate.

The inductive approach has added much to my understanding of the scriptures. And as a pastor and minister, this course has opened my eyes to the scriptures, to the Lord and to my self.

Studying the scriptures inductively has already simplified my work, these days, any scriptures that i read makes more sense. I can see a personal message and message for the congregation. It has been so good for me as i now share from the riches in my heart and not just my head. From what God speaks to me ,i now pick what to share with the church congregation yet at the same time, i can see that there is still alot to learn in the Bible to teach them. I thank God for the Lord for the Bible training course.

C-TBS Graduate Pastor Naigaga Josephine of Fountains of Living water Church in Kyetume shares with us her life changing transformation after taking C-TBS course

Thank you for praying and encouraging us in this work.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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October 2021

This month has been another exciting opportunity to reach out and serve individuals and communities. We had various outreaches as mentioned below.


Namugongo is found in Kiira Municipality, Wakiso District in Central Uganda. It is famous for the Uganda martyrs who were executed from that same place.
We always have various activities happening in Namugongo and its a fertile ground for evangelism. We hold children and young girls’ meetings where we teach them the word of God.
With the help of you our partners and co-workers we donated food stuffs and other home essential supplies to over 30 families which reside in this community. Some of the items that were given include; Corn flour, Beans, Sugar, Mattresses, Cooking Oil, Salt, Rice, Soap, Basins, Sanitary pads, Mosquito Nets, Shoes, Clothes, Sewing Machines, Bicycle, Blankets, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes, Bread.

We re-visited Katanga, the third biggest slum in Kampala. It’s located in Central Division between Mulago and Makerere hills. As a ministry, we picked interest in the crucial need of the community which is food as many families in slum areas went into a despair when the country went into total lockdown due to Covid’19. So most families here needed food. We delivered a consignment of cassava food donated by Kato Edward (a CMM member ) from his garden to help feed over 50 families. We also had a door to door evangelism ministry where we visited different homes to interact and pray with them.


Earlier this year, we visited this region and distributed bibles in all the prisons. This month we revisited the area, having 6 prisons has the highest number of prisons in the whole country. We were not allowed to enter most of the prison centers due to the Covid’19 restrictions. However to a few where we were granted access we got in. At the time of visit, the facility had 168 prisoners without women. We handed over 50 mattresses to the prison administration . We preached the gospel and 76 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.
They were handed over to Pastors for discipleship. Racheal Kalembe trained women how to make reusable sanitary pads, personal care and hygiene.

The Officer in Charge of the police station allowed us to always visit . This month, we visited the station 4 times and shared the word of God. We preached to inmates and were even blessed to be joined by previous crime suspects of the same station who also shared their salvation testimonies and stories to fellow inmates. 28 persons gave their lives to Christ.


While in Kasese-Katwe region, we had a beautiful interaction time with the children were we prayed, sang songs and taught them the word of God. We also encouraged them to be obedient to their parents and care takers. We told them not to loose hope despite the long schools’ lockdown. They should stay safe, read their books, revise their school work and prepare to return to school once the lockdown has been lifted.


The New Testament class is now studying the book of 2 Corinthians and the Old Testament is studying Judges.

Both classes continue to to be exciting as our students are always giving us encouraging feedback and interacting with them after the church lockdown has given us more motivation.

Dan Muwanguzi teaching a C-TBS class session.

We pray that the Lord will continue to keep you well and bless you in all that you do.

Thank you so much for praying for us and for all the encouragement that you give us.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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