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January 2020 – Update.

We bless the Lord for the New Year 2020. It was started with Great assignments for the Kingdom of GOD.

CMM Executive meeting.

On 12th January we had a CMM executive meeting which was attended by all the executive members; Dan Mwanguzi, Richard Byamugisha, Racheal Kalembe, and Mrs. Florence Wanaswa.
We discussed the following: –
a) Evaluation of 2019 Ministry activities; weaknesses and strengths and made various suggestions for each ministry.
b) Planned for New Year 2020; allocated different ministry activities to respective people.
c) Prayed and dedicated all the activities in the hand of God Almighty.

Prisons’ Ministry.

On 19th January, we visited the Karungu Prison found in Karungu district which is 438km South West of Kampala.

We ministered in partnership with Free Methodists Church headed by Bp. Dr. Hamlet Kabushenga. They gave us a team of 18 ministers who backed us.

We preached to 158 prisoners and 16 received Christ as their personal savior.

We gave them 30 Runyankole–Rukiga Bibles and 1 Kinyarwanda Bible.

We shared with each of them a bottle of coke.

We give glory to God for the bounty harvest.


Kanungu prisons’ ministry.

On 20th January, we visited the Kabale Regional Police Station.

We preached to 64 prisoners and 18 police officers.

We donated 5 Runyankole – Rukiga Bibles.


Prisons’ ministry.

Dental Outreach.

We had our very first dental outreach in Nkunguluntale wakiso district 19km west of Kampala.

We did it in partnership with Mulago dental school which gave us 18 dentists.

We worked on 60 people who were all for extraction.


Medical outreach.

On the other note, my family celebrated the second birthday of our lovely twins Kakuru Shammah and Kato Shalom. We pray for good health and protected life in God’s presence.


Birthday celebrations

Butaleja End of year gospel mission.

As Usual, CMM conducted a 4 days gospel mission in the areas of Butaleja at the end of 2019.

The four days open-air gospel crusade attracted a total of about 500 people per day and a total of 213 people gave their lives to Christ. The 31st crossover night service had over 1000 people.

We also had a prison visit that was held on 30th December where we ministered to a total of 56 people and 29 of them gave their lives to Christ.

Racheal led a team of 4 members that helped with the children’s’ ministry where 35 children were attended to.


The Butaleja End of year Gopsel mission.


Early March 2020, the two bible classes will be starting. We will be running the O.T class at Mukono Deliverance church and the N.T class at Bweyogerere.

Since January, the C-TBS staff have been involved in recruiting new students which exercise involves visiting different churches sharing about the benefits of attending these bible training courses.

During these weeks, we also hold regular meetings, praying together and planning the course-related materials and the individual staff start preparing themselves for the books they are going to teach.


Speaking at a church service about the C-TBS

Meanwhile, the pastors’ bible class has continued on well, we are now studying the book of Romans and have received very positive feedback / Testimonies from these pastors.

This has also given us more opportunities for recruiting more ministers that are under these senior pastors.

IMG_20200204_095856_5 (1)

Dan ministering.

We look forward to another fruitful year 2020.

We are so thankful to the Lord for such an opportunity to be able to be part of what God is doing in this country and we thank all our friends/partners for your prayers and support towards this ministry, God bless you.

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