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September 2021

We thank the Lord for the work he continues to do in our nation.

We also thank God for all individuals, families and churches that have consistently held us ( CMM Team ) in their prayers. The report below will give you a good idea of how things have been going on in this ministry.


The Lord has graciously opened doors for us in prisons and police stations all over Uganda.


We have been allowed to visit this station every Tuesday from 10am to midday, preaching to all inmates in the cells. We were blessed to visit the station four times and 38 people gave their lives to Christ.
On 20th September, we donated 87 bibles to both police officers and the suspects who were found at the station. 16 suspects gave their live to Christ that day.


We visited Kotido prison that is found in Kotido district in Karamoja sub-region. The prison, by the time of visiting, had 465 prisoners, of which 62 were women. Due to covid 19 restrictions, we were not allowed to enter the facility to interface with the prisoners. We gave the facility 15 Engakaramojong bibles which is the local language of the place. We however found that some prisoners were from other places and needed their relevant languages. we met an officer called Micheal Mudoba who is pastoring the prison church together with the Officer in Charge, appreciated the bible donations, which came in at the right time.
NB. This region is facing a great challenge of insecurity that has led to a lot of bloodshed due to cattle rustling. Mostly due to the tribes of the region fighting for cattle.


From the Kotido prison, we went to the police station, which is found in the heart of Kotido town. We found only 4 suspects whom they refused us to preach to due to their hostility. They were warriors who were had been arrested in the cattle raiding process. We donated 5 bibles to the station to assist in modeling the behaviors. District Police Commander appreciated the donation.


Moroto Central police station is found in Moroto city. We visited the above station and were welcomed by the Officer In Charge of the station. We were allowed to preach to the suspects amidst tight security and COVID 19 restrictions. All 32 suspects accepted Jesus, knelt down on their knees, some weeping for repentance and we prayed for them. We donated five Engakalamojong bibles to help the station in ministering to the souls.


On the same day, we visited the prison of Moroto as well, which is the largest prison facility in Karamoja sub-region.
We were not allowed to enter the facility due to insecurities and covid 19 restrictions but were allowed to meet a few officers to whom we handed over the 21 Engakaramojong bibles. They were so grateful but requested for more support with supplies of sanitary pads and disinfectants. The facility had 683 prisoners who were under strict surveillance.


We thank God for the CMM supported children in Karamoja. They have been a great good bond for us CMM and the region of Karamoja. We had last visited them in March before the second country total lockdown that saw all of them back home. We visited them for fellowship, prayers, encouragement and assurance that life still goes on even though the lockdown still prevails.
Our kids still have hope and look forward to resuming school upon the opening of schools. We visited both Moroto and Kotido kids in their homes. We interacted with them one on one, their parents/guardians and had a very healthy discussion, prayer and thanksgiving. We gave them mattresses to help them have a decent sleep at home and school. Their parents/guardians were appreciative of the help. We look forward to seeing them return to school come January 2022.


During our visit to Karamoja, we went with Mr. David Mugabi who has a ministry called JAJJA CARE MINISTRIES. Jajja care handles the physical and spiritual needs of the elderly in societies since they are in their late years. We loved his approach towards the senior citizens in the society and are delighted to work with him. We bought soap to 50 elders in Kotido plus sharing with them snacks, drinks and the word of God. It was a joyful day for the elderly in kotido. They shared with us the challenges they are going through insecurity and cattle rustling as it is almost everywhere in Karamoja. We hope to always meet a few senior citizens on every visit we have.


We visited Butalejja, in addition to the prison and police station ministry, We did carry out activities such as meeting churches and pastors that CMM associates with to encourage them in the word of God. We also held meetings with the women, children and young girls to teach them about primary Health Care, Shoe repairs, Food and Nutrition. The Pastors and brethren were prayerful and strong despite the challenges of the COVID’19 lockdown.


We visited the above station that is found in the heart of Butaleja town. The Head of the Detective Officers in the district welcomed us. We preached to the six suspects in the cells and 2 gave their lives to Christ. We donated 5 Lunyole bibles.


On the same day, we visited the prison, which is 50 meters from the police station. We found eight prisoners in the facility
We gave each prisoner a personal bible, which will help them transform during and after their prison sentences.
The Officer In Charge was happy and conveyed his appreciation due to our continual support to Butaleja prison and the community at large.


Both the Old and New Testament Bible Classes have resumed the formal way. They will continue up to the End of February when we shall graduate.

It is so good to be able meet again with our students and staff in our usual classroom setting. One of the biggest questions and discussing subjects since we started has been the Church’s response to the COVID 19 Vaccination,”666!” and the End Times. But to cut this short, we are encouraging our students and staff to get the vaccination as we keep praying and asking God to intervene in the whole COVID 19 pandemic situation.

Please continue to pray with us as we study.

Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes Lord, that i may see the wonderous things in your Law.

Thank you so much for working with us in this ministry.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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