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November 2020

Reaching out to persons with the gospel has healed their hearts and had their dreams restored, they can’t help but realize that this same God we have loves and cares for them, too. This month has been of so many signs, wonders and miracles during ministry. We have seen a great harvest into the kingdom of God from all the individuals and congregations we encountered.


1.SEETA POLICE STATION; We visited the station 5 times this month than the normal 4 we have been visiting them. Each time we have visited, we have shared with the suspects snacks, tea and the word of God. Again each time we have visited, people have come to Christ and repented their sins. The Police administration has
confirmed that our ministry has impacted the whole community since whoever receives changes completely and s totally transformed.
In this whole month, we have recorded 32 people who have come to Christ from the station but have preached to 127people. Some of the suspects have joined church and are being followed up for discipleship.
The police officers have also been ministered to with 3 receiving bibles for more encouragement.

Nagalama Police Station is found in Mukono District 36km from Kampala along Kayunga road. It’s usually used to incarcerate politicians on the opposition side due to the distance from the city. We visited it on 6th November and preached to the suspects. 3 suspects for the first time of
which 2 were Muslims. We were helped by ASP. SIMON who is a police officer but also an apostle by calling. On the day of our visit, he felt something in spirit that something is going to happen in the police station. When we reached, we were the confirmation of what he was praying for that morning. He is a spirit-filled man who is passionate about preaching the word of God and praying for the sick. He however lacked the bibles.
We equipped the station with 5 bibles. We were told that they receive close to 80 suspects monthly who are picked from Kayunga, Wakiso, Mukono and Kampala. The suspects are at all ranges of crimes and ages. Roughly, they receive 1000 suspects annually.

Kasangati Police station is found in Wakiso District 8km from Kampala city along Gayaza road. Its famous for being the home of 2 opposition politicians; Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and RTD. COL. KIIIZA BESIGYE.
We visited it on 6th November to preach to the suspects. Unfortunately, we didn’t because the officers were not available to secure us.
We donated 3 bibles to help the suspects access the word of God.
We were told that they receive around 45 suspects monthly making it around 500 suspects annually.

Mukono is found 25km along Jinja road. The Police headquarters are in the town of Mukono. It handles very many cases around 100 per month making it 1200 suspects annually. We usually visit it once a month.
We donated 5 bibles to replace the old ones. We preached to 47 suspects on 9th November and 13 gave their lives to Christ.

Kiira Police Division is found in Kiira Municipality 18km from Kampala city in Wakiso district. It’sa very busy station which handles around 120 suspects monthly making it 1500 suspects annually. We were allowed to preach to the station every Thursday of the week after a lot of negotiations.
We visited the station twice this month and preached to 63 suspects of which 9 gave their lives to Christ.

Nansana police station is situated in Nansana municipality 13km along Hoima road. It’s in a very highly populated area with many you thus high crime rate. We were allowed to visit the station every Tuesday to preach to the suspects. According to the records, Nansana receives close to 2000 suspects annually. We have visited the station 3 times and 14 suspects gave their lives to Christ out of the 85 suspects we preached to.
We gave 5 bibles to individual suspects and 2 to the cell for reading.


As earlier reported, we begun a youth ministry at home where we meet 8 youth every Sunday. The number is steady and the impact of the ministry in their lives is evident. we were currently reading the book of James and each of them shared what they learnt from the book.
The parents and guardians also bare witness seeing a difference in the lives of these youth. We pray for more strength to press on.


The children ministry like the youth ministry, has continued to grown . The children have developed tremendous skills in God that are so amazing. Each Sunday is like a party at our home because they expect a lot of physical and spiritual food. Racheal has showed a lot of parental love for the kids thus drawing them to the heart of God the best parent. This coming month will be focusing on Christmas and its relevance.

Supervision of the CMM children’s work especially those in Starting secondary or High school with the new curriculum.


We are teaching women to make medicine and juice out of Aloe Vera extracts this helps to treat scabies, ringworms, burn and scars and its also a good skin moisturizer getting rid of pimples both in women and children. The juice also helps balance the PH of the body increasing oxygen and reducing inflammation. We managed to extract both gel and juice from the Aloe Vera plant.


In February, we partnered with an Anglican church called St. Luke Ntinda to prepare a dental outreach in Namugongo which was very successful. This month, they were celebrating the great things God used them to do of which that dental outreach was among. As partners, we were invited to preach and elaborate more about our ministry. Richard preached to a congregation of 5000 people both physical and online under the theme “GIVE
THANKS ALWAYS” We give all the glory for that chance which is the second of its kind.

The moments are always remarkable and we cherish the times we’ve met people in their moments of pain or need and been able to see first hand how Jesus heals and saves. We give glory to Jesus. Many thanks to all our partners who are with us in prayers and financial support.

Merry Christmas and a better 2021, God Bless you.


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