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June Update

Prison Ministry

As one of the ways of fulfilling our great commission, we at CMM have continued visiting various prisons in Uganda taking to them words of Love, Hope, Forgiveness, and reconciliation. We managed to minister to 3 different prisons and 3 police detentions/police cells.

Kasangati Prison.

As was previously mentioned, Kasangati prison administration have always welcomed CMM with open arms to preach the word of God and talk to the prisoners and the prison staff. On the 26th of June, with 16 bibles to donate, we visited and preached to 278 prisoners 24 of whom were women and 37 prisoners came to Christ.


Giving out bibles at Kasangati

Nyimbwa Prison.

Nyimbwa prison is located in Luwero district one and half hours north of Kampala. Here, we ministered to 184 prisoners and gave away 16 bibles to them.


Headed to Nyimbwa prison.

Kauga prison.

This prison facility is found along Kampala Jinja highway and housed 586 prisoners at the time of our visit. Here we donated 10 bibles to help them grow spiritually in Christ.


Main entrance to Kauga prison

Among the police detentions we visited were, Mukono police station, Kiira road police station, and Seeta police station where we had a total of 52 come to christ and also gave out 10 bibles.
Family Alters / Fellowships.
Our weekly family fellowships have continued to be a blessing to many and we continue to receive testimonies of God’s goodness through these fellowships.


One of the family fellowships.


The new testament 

This class recently completed the study of the book of Acts. The book of acts in our setting is like the climax of the N.T bible class.

By this time, all the students have a good understanding of the “inductive approach bible study”.

Now Acts also acts as the introduction and lays the foundation to the epistles.

We are now studying the book of romans which is another exciting and rich book in christian / church doctrine.

The Old Testament.

The O.T class is currently studying the books 1+2 Samuel. We in the bible studies consider this as one book given the simple fact that 2nd Samuel is a continuation of the 1st Samuel story.

Around this time, the O.T class is also eying 1+2 Kings which also in a sense is the climax for the O.T as it contains such important background information for the prophets books.


Kato Edward teaching.

We as CMM are very thankful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in the nation. We thank all our supporters and prayer partners. Your role in these ministries is key. Thank you very much.

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Olson Girls Short-term Mission Trip to Uganda

Hello everybody!

My name is Laura and I recently travelled to Uganda with my sister, Erin.

Laura with Young Child

We both had the chance to travel and witness the inner workings of Christian Model Ministries.

While in Uganda, Erin and I toured the various ministries that Christian Model Ministry (CMM) was involved with. This included prisons, churches, children AIDs centers, and youth hubs. We had the opportunity to not only witness these programs, but to also be involved with them.

Erin with School Children

The Saturday program we were able to visit was very inspiring. This program was for children afflicted by AIDS. It helped to treat the children, while providing financial support for their education and even extra help with academics. They also hosted the children every Saturday, teaching the children songs, Bible stories and games. We had the opportunity to help teach them and then serve the kids lunch. We then had time to play with the kids and just have lots of fun with them! It was so great getting to know the kids!

Laura With Children

We had the opportunity to travel to western Uganda to be apart of an international Christian convention. While we were there, we assisted with the children’s program. I, Laura, had the chance to teach a class of twelve children under six years old. It was a fun challenge to teach children that did not speak any English. The children were so welcoming and eager to listen to all that we had to share. This was definitely one of my favourite days of the entire trip.

Erin PReaching

During the convention, we attended the youth oriented portion. We were very excited to hear about the journeys and adventures of the main speaker and some of the youth. However, the youth part of the convention attracted many children, even though there was no program planned for them. We were asked to help entertain the children, and this was definitely a huge highlight.

I, Erin, had worked at a children’s camp the previous summer and so I had I learned many silly campfire songs. I got to teach the 100+ kids a couple silly songs and even how to play “Simon Says.” The language barrier appeared to be nothing as we thrived together, singing our hearts out.

Chilling in the City

We also had the pleasure of spending time with Dan’s wonderful family. We spent time playing soccer, frisbee, basketball, and cuddling their baby, Timothy. Every meal provided an opportunity to converse and gain a deeper understanding of the local culture. The Muwanguzi family became our Ugandan family. We sure miss them all!

Cooking in Uganda

Travelling with Richard

Overall, our favourite part of this trip with meeting all the people. We adored our time getting to know the people from CMM and the many others we were lucky to meet.

Uganda was a beautiful country, definitely including the safari we went on, and we will definitely miss it.

We are so excited to continue to pray for and support CMM, and see how the organization grows and positively influences the community.

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