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Butaleja Dental Mission – July 2013

This is a brief report on the July Butaleja CMM mission.
The theme of our mission was “Dental Outreach” with the intention to use this approach to communicate God’s love to people in Butaleja and areas nearby.
The activities involved – treating and pulling out bad teeth, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ verbally, counseling and praying with individuals, ministering to school and community children, and visiting prisons. The team also gave some items like Colgate, toothbrushes, and clothes to everyone who came for the treatment. In the prisons, the team purchased some food and “sodas” for the prisoners and their warders. Shared the Gospel and also encouraged those who were already born again.
CMM workers at the Butaleja dental outreach.

Dental workers who help with the CMM Butaleja dental outreach.

With the Dental outreach, 322 people were treated in three days. And more than eighty people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. To our surprise, we did not have to speak so many words to convince people to accept Jesus as Lord, they just came to us asking for prayers to “get saved” as a result of what they had witnessed.
Some people confessed to having tooth problems (pains) for more than two years but could not afford to pay for the treatment of getting the bad teeth pulled out. Some confessed this in tears, but tears of joy!!
This is the power of the “Two handed Gospel” that CMM is using this as a model to the churches – doing open air meetings complimented with good works.
The dental ministry in Butaleja.

The dental ministry in Butaleja.

The team visited a few local churches which they had visited at the first Butaleja outreach over New Years 2012.
The children’s ministries have always been fun and very fruitful. Many kids turned up and spent almost a whole day at the grounds where we did the dental outreaches.
The CMM team sends greetings and appreciation to all our prayer partners.
On behalf of Dan, thank you for your interest, prayers, and support.

James DeGreef
One of Dan’s Canadian Friends

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