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Douglas – One of CMM’s Sponsored Children

Douglas is a Ugandan boy, age 9, who is blind. Dan Muwanguzi met Douglas at one of the churches that Dan speaks at from time to time, and Douglas was attending the Sunday school. Douglas was cheerful and engaging with Dan, and Dan’s heart went out to Douglas and his situation.

Dan caring his friend Douglas, a blind child disowned by his father and uneducated.

Dan caring his friend Douglas, a blind child disowned by his father and uneducated.

Douglas father abandoned Douglas because he was blind, and his mother is very poor. As such, Douglas was not getting schooling and growing up blind and uneducated is not good, especially in Uganda.

Through Christian Model Ministries and their sponsors, recently Dan was able to place Douglas into Salaama School for the Blind 2 months ago.

Salaama School for the Blind's mission statement.

Salaama School for the Blind’s mission statement.

Recently, Joshua Bumba, a team member of Christian Model Ministries, who co-leads their child schooling program, was able to visit Douglas at Salaama and visit with Douglas’ mother.

The reports we received from Douglas’ teachers were very encouraging. He is only 9 years and has never been away from his mother and relatives. This school “Salaama School of the Blind” is 3 hours journey on private transport from Douglas home. The most exciting thing was to know that Douglas has been among the best students in his class!

Douglas on the right with his blind friends at his new school in Uganda.

Douglas on the right with his blind friends at his new school in Uganda.

The teachers say that he has caught up with school life very first, he loves and mixes very well with his school mates, always happy and smiling. We at CMM are so grateful to God for Douglas.

Two of his relatives including his mother have now excepted the Lord as a result of seeing Douglas miraculously joining the school, this was like a dream to Douglas’ Mom and other relatives given the cost of taking such a blind boy to Salaama.

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CMM Mid Year 2013 Update

Dan Muwanguzi and his CMM team have been very busy so far in 2013.
Here is their mid year update:
  1. The CMM team was in Butaleja when the year started. And we had a very successful/ fruitful Mega mission (Crusade). We witnessed more than 170  people give their lives to the Lord. We prayed with many people. Baptized some of the new believers, ministered and gave gifts to kids, visited and gave gifts to those in prison and hospitals. Taught Pastors and church leaders in a seminar..
  2. CMM has set up the new head office. Set up an accounts team, holding prayers and discussion meetings once a week.
  3. The C-TBS – Bible training class to remote pastors in Uganda – has been running since March and will go on until the end of October. We have received very positive and encouraging feedback from the students. Many say that they did not know how little they new their Bibles before they came to this course.
  4. Since April, we have had CMM team members visit hospitals and prisons twice a week. Many people have given their lives to Christ, and many sick have received prayers and encouragement. And to some we have given practical help like food, helping wash cloth for the helpless sick people. The local police nearby our home area are so proud of CMM visitations and they have appreciated our input to the prisoners having noticed changes into those that give their lives to Christ.
  5. CMM has continued to pay school fees and provide some scholastic materials to school kids in Karamoja, Kabong, and Gulu areas. Also sharing the Gospel in those areas, and helping treat Jiggers etc in Karamoja and giving out clothes to needy people.
  6. Douglas (a blind young man) whom CMM has now taken to the Blind school. Douglas’ testimony has touched not only his relatives but also some community members who had seen him very helpless in the past, having been denied by his Dad. His mother, without a job, was also helpless. Now Douglas has joined one of the most recommended blinds school in Uganda. Him, his mother, and other relatives are excited and so thankful for such provision to such a boy.
  7. CMM has done one major school crusade (outreach) where over forty secondary school pupils gave their lives to Christ.
  8. Visited and encouraged two “Scripture unions” in two secondary schools.
  9. Dan has taught two YWAM DTSes twice for a week during each visit (YWAM Soroti and YWAM Arua).
  10. Today, The CMM team is leaving for a Dental/ Followup mission in Butaleja. We will be treating  pulling out bad tooth, as a means to share Gods love with the community. Again we will visit some of the churches we visited previously as a means to followup on those that gave their lives to Christ and to encourage the churches. We will send teams to prisons, hospitals and school. Minister to children and distribute gifts (Mostly cloth) that we have gathered for some time.
  11. Since this year started, we have registered over 470 people that have given their lives to Christ though our missions. And we are so grateful to the Lord fo all that he has done and what he continues to do.
Dan teaching a YWAM class in Arua, in Northern Uganda near the DRC and South Sudan borders.

Dan teaching a YWAM class in Arua, in Northern Uganda near the DRC and South Sudan borders.

Further, remaining items for Christian Model Ministries to accomplish this year include:
  1. Restart the Hair dressing classes in August.
  2. Continue with the weekly visits in hospitals and prisons.
  3. Continue running the C-TBS Bible class up to  end of October 2013.
  4. We have planned an  evangelistic  crusade for the whole school in one of the secondary schools that we usually visit
  5. A team will be visiting Karamoja / Northern Uganda late August, to check on the CMM sponsored children, their status and schooling, and check-in with their teachers, and parents if the children aren’t orphans.
  6. We will be providing the third term school fees, scholastic materials, and take some gifts and supplies to the people of Northern Uganda whose conditions are still very difficult and impoverished.
  7. Dan will be visiting Australia later this year giving the update on the C-TBS program. Supporters in Australia have been key to supporting Dan and helping get the C-TBS program off the ground. Dan will be formally introducing them to Christian Model Ministries at this time.
The CMM team sends greetings and appreciation to all our prayer partners.
Thank you for your interest, prayers, and support.

James DeGreef (blog poster)
One of Dan’s Canadian Friends

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