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Welcome to Christian Model Ministries

Hello and welcome to the Christian Model Ministries website.

Christian Model Ministries is a new international mission organization headquartered in Kompala Uganda, and created to share and teach the good news of Jesus Christ to Uganda and East Africa. The door to the Gospel is very open in East Africa and the church there needs strengthening and solid Biblical training to grow a strong foundation that will last the test of time.

Dan Muwanguzi is a long time indigenous Christian missionary and Bible teacher in Uganda, and with a small and focused team of 8 missionary partners, travels to remote villages bringing solid teaching where most local pastors have very minimal Bible knowledge. Christian Model Ministries is unique in its focus of equiping remote African churches and pastors, supporting and encouraging them, and strengthening the African church.

Please “Like” and “Follow” Christian Model Ministries to get updates on this great work and hopefully become partners in strengthening the church in East Africa and bringing support to Africa’s poorest of the poor.

God bless you, and thank you for checking out this site.

James DeGreef
One of Dan’s Canadian Friends

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