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May 2021

We CMM Team are very grateful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in this Nation(Uganda). The encouragement, support and prayers from all our friends/ co-workers has a very significant role in all that we do.


we had medical outreaches which became a great a venue for us to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus to people while treating their bodies of various illnesses.

On 4th May, we ministered to the people of Buyuki Luwero District with Optical solutions. We ministered in partnership with the Guardian Optics based in Kampala Uganda. We had last ministered to the people of Buyuki with a dental medical camp last year on 17th March just few days before the first country lockdown. We realized that the many people were having sight problems and that day we couldn’t handle each of them. We decided to specifically organise an eye/optics medical camp for the purpose.
126 people were attended to 87 were given free reading glasses. 32 people were referred for cataract surgeries.
We held a one on one counselling session, prayed for persons and preached the gospel in company of Pastor Godfrey Nsumba( SearchLight of God Church -Wobulenzi)

Dan Muwanguzi and Richard Byamugisha Speaking to the people and the optical doctors, helping the people get eye check-ups.
Rachel Kalembe and Pastor Godfrey Nsumba having a counselling session and Praying for the people/patients. Also assisting on the registration desk.

On 7th May, we ministered to the people of Namugongo in Kira Municipality Wakiso district 23km away from the city centre. The camp was done in partnership with the Lions Clubs International to create awareness in diabetes and High blood pressure, a silent killer disease in Uganda today. A lot of Ugandans are suffering from diabetes and High blood pressure due to lack of knowledge about it. 286 people were attended to 201 were screened. 51 were referred for further medical services in the government health centres. We thank God for that open door and partnership.

On 22nd May, we held the biggest medical outreach in Bwambara, Rukungiri District in Southwest Uganda 414km from Kampala city.It was done in partnership with Bwambara Lions club, Guardian Optics, Rukungiri Local government, Carol Atuheirwe foundation and Mulago hospital. We worked on 1358 people in the following services

1)Dental Services
573 people were helped with dental challenges where by 376 got their teeth extracted while the rest were referred for more specialized medical services.

2)Optical Services
604 people were attended to with optical problems. 411 received free reading glasses
47 were referred for cataract surgeries at a free cost from partner friends.

3)Diabetes and high blood pressure.
724 people were screened of diabetes and high blood pressure 37 were found with diabetes
More than 1000 people were sensitized about diabetes.

4)Cancer Screening
125 people were attended to 46 were screened prostate cancer where 2 were found suspicious 79 were screened of breast cancer and cervical 12 were referred for further tests. More than 1200 people were sensitized of cancers

5)Minor Surgeries like Hernia
We had one hernia surgery at the camp led by Dr. Denis who happens to be a friend of CMM. Other 7 people were referred to Nyakibale Hospital which is found in Rukungiri town. We bless the living for giving us the platform to preach the gospel.

On 24th May,we partnered with Jajja(Meaning “Granny”) ministries led Pr. David Mugabi who organized the medical outreach in Kiboga. We partnered with the ministry by donating medicines (painkillers and antibiotics) , 428 people were helped mostly the elderly in the community since it’s the category of people their ministry emphasizes to help.


Seeta police station is our frequent go to prison which the officers have opened for us to preach the gospel weekly. We have ministered to around 100 people in May with 38 coming-to Christ. We thank God for the grace that has led people to Christ. we hope to start monthly fellowship in this place.

On 25th May, we visited Kaiti prison which is found in Namutumba district, BUSOGA sub region, in Eastern Uganda 187 km from Kampala. Due to COVID restrictions, were not allowed to enter in the facility but were given opportunity to pray with a few prisoners. We donated 12 bibles, 10 Lusoga and 2 English, in order to help the prisoners, read the word of God. By the time of visiting, we found 86 prisoners of which 3 were women.

Invukula is 43 km from Kaita prison. By the time of visiting, they had 45 prisoners. We donated 7 bibles, 6 Lusoga and 1 English to the prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is found 144 km a way from Kampala city. Kaliro prison was constructed in 1937 under the colonial era. By the time of visiting, we found 206 prisoners of which 6 were women. We were happy to find that the officer in-charge is Pr. James with a ministry based in the neighboring district. We donated 16 bible 14 Lusoga and 2 English.

We visited the above prison on the same date which is 162 km away from Kampala city. The prison was constructed in 1935 under the colonial rule. It’s one the largest prisons in the BUSOGA sub-region. By the time of visiting, we found 372 prisoners who are mainly capital offenders. We donated 17 bibles of which one was given to their pastor (Pr. Ruth) who’s also a prisons officer.

This is found in Kamuli municipality which is found in BUSOGA subregion. It’s a kilometer away from Kamuli prison.
It’s the smallest with 38 prisoners who are currently with small sentences. We donated 6 bibles to help them extend the gospel to the inmates.

We visited Kamuli Police station on 26th May and were highly welcomed by the officers in
charge. We donated 4 bibles to minister to the suspects.

The prison facilities we have visited and preached the gospel , prayed and donated bibles to the suspects and in-mates.


A few days ago, we have had to stop the formal C-TBS bible classes upon the second wave of the pandemic hitting the country and a Lockdown was declaired stopping all gatherings and congregating. Some of our students will continue their studies remotely, But majority prefer the formal classroom setting approach. We are in touch with our students, encouraging them to do as much as they can during the Lockdown. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Deuteronomy and the New Testament class is soon completing the book of Romans.

Dan Muwanguzi Checking C-TBS students work.


Due to this second wave of the covid’19 pandemic, Ugandans are experiencing a very difficult time. The central part of the country is being affected the most. The increasing Covid’19 cases on a daily basis is alarming. Treatment of severe cases is too expensive for the majority of Ugandans. Most hospitals are already overwhelmed with sick people and on top of that the country is on a 42days total Lockdown. Please continue to pray with us along these lines.

Thank you so much for taking time to read through our May update. And thank you so much for your continuous prayers for us. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you in all that you do and for his protection upon you and all your families.

Love in Christ,   


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