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March Update


By God’s unending grace, We have continued to do great work in preaching to people in prison and close to 300 people came to Christ throughout the month of March.Here are Some of the prisons that we visited;

Seeta Police Station

We visited Seeta police station 3 times this month and shared the precious word of God to them. 38 people gave their lives to Christ and many of them are seriously going on well with Christ. They were later released and are now established in Christ.

Nyamushekera Prison

This is found in Bushenyi district, south western Uganda around 350km from Kampala

The visit was on Friday 18th March 2019 to a prison that housed 967 prisoners both men and women at the time, of whom 650 are on remand and the rest are condemned.

  • Many of the prisoners are on the high level crimes like murder, rape, robbery and are highly protected.
  • God’s grace helped us to preach the gospel to all those people and souls turned to Christ.
  • We gave them 15 bibles which we distributed 3 per cell.
  • That prison serves the greator Bushenyi which has Districts like; Buhweju, Mitooma, Sheema, Bushenyi main and

While at Nyamushekera prison

Mitooma Prison

  • This was also visited on 18th march 2019.
  • It houses 67 prisoners with petty cases of not more than 6 month sentence
  • We gave them 8 bibles to help them understand the word of God.

In total the month of March has handled 1,200 prisoners.


On the way to Mitooma prison.


Butalejja Medical Outreach

In partnership with Medical and Dental Missioners Africa who gave a team of 15 medics all the drugs, CMM on the 16th/March/2019 conducted a medical camp in Butalejja where 183 people were treated. 17 people gave their lives to christ.


Butalejja Medical outreach.

  1. Bwambara Medical Outreach

This took place on 16th march 2019 at Bikirungu Health Centre and here CMM Partnered with; Bwambara Lions Club the chief sponsor, NICA – North India Cultural Association– which sponsored the Eye glasses, Medicare – gave dentists, Mulago Hospital – provided eye specialists. ,CMM  did the coordination and providing support staff.

We also donate 6 bibles to Bwambara secondary school.

  • 784 people were worked on by 15 dentists and 6 eye doctors.
  • 418 glasses were given freely to the people with reading difficulties
  • 300 girls received free sanitary pads
  • 50 expectant mothers received mosquito nets.
  • 58 were referred to Mulago Hospital for free cataract surgery

All the 4 medical camps reached to around 5,000 people.


Bwambara medical outreach.


Both the OT and NT classes are in their early stages. Our NT students have been learn the analytical method of bible study in these first few weeks and they are moving on well.

Currently, the NT class is studying the book of Titus and will soon start the introduction to the gospels.

The OT class are now studying Exodus. Edward Kato will be teaching Exodus and Leviticus in these next three weeks and its currently moving on well.


Dan teaching NT class.

We continue to appreciate all those that God has used in support for this cause, May the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly.

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