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February 2021

We are so grateful to the Lord for being part of what he is doing in this Nation (Uganda) and we’re grateful too to all the friends/co-workers who pray, encourage and support us in all these areas of ministry.


Both the New Testament and the Old Testament Bible Classes have started. It is so exciting and motivating to be back in a class setting with our Bible Class students. The New Testament class conducted at God’s Center of Blessings Church-Bweyogerere has 26 students from 7 different churches. During the early weeks of the school, we were teaching and guiding our New Testament students how to use the observation and interpretation tools as laid down in our syllabus. At the same time studying the bible books. We are currently studying the book of Galatians. The class is already exciting, some of the students have already started preaching powerful messages from the book of Philemon and Galatians to their church congregations.

The Old Testament Class conducted at the Deliverance Church-Mukono Started on the 7th March. This is a team of students who have completed the New Testament in the previous years. We have 17 students from 4 different churches in this class. We look forward with excitement as we together with our students be studying/learning many Bible principles from the Old and New Testament applying the inductive approach in the bible study.

Please continue to hold our classes in prayers. Most of our pastors that we train or work with have been affected negatively by the lockdown. When the churches were locked, the Pastors’ incomes were “Locked too”. And many are struggling or still recovering from such and more financial related pressures, yet they also need to be into their bible study work fully committed /devoted on top of their pastoral work.

Dan Muwanguzi teaching and with the C-TBS students


On 10th February, we visited Kamwenge prison in Kamwenge prison.
Kamwenge prison is found in Toro subregion which is found in the greater Rwenzori region in Western
It’s 308km from Kampala city which can take 5hrs driving.
Kamwenge is occupied by the Batoro, Banyankole, Batagwenda and Bakiga. All of those tribes mixed farmers
who rear animals and cultivate.
Kamwenge prison is on a very big chunk of land which is used by the prisoners for hard labour to produce
maize corn.
By the time of visiting , they were harvesting and so the prisoners were in the gardens.
We were allowed in the prison premises where we met some prisoners and the prison officers.
We prayed with them and donated 20 bibles, 15 Runyoro-Rutoro, 3 Runyankore-Rukiga, 2 Luganda bibles and
2 boxes of soap to help 423 prisoners.
We prayed with the prisoners and officers.

RWIMI PRISON On the same date, we visited the above prison which is found in Bunyangabu District in Toro subregion in
Rwenzori Region. Bunyangabu is the last district as you’re heading to Kasese district.
Rwimi prison is 342 km from Kampala city and 47km from Fortportal the new city.
It’s the second largest prison by population and coverage after Katojo prison.
At the time of Visiting, it had 714 prisoners.
It’s also involved in great agriculture by planting a lot of maize corn which is distributed in the whole country.
We found trucks loading the maize sacks.
We donated 32 bibles, 20 Runyoro-Rutoro, 7 Runyankore-Rukiga, 5Luganda and 4boxes of soap.
We didn’t interact with the prisoners but with a few officers.

Kibito prison is found also in Bunyangabu district along Fortpotal- Kasese road. It is the smallest in the region
with 54 prisoners but with the biggest land coverage.
Kibito has the similar tribes and cultures as the above prisons.
We donated 15 bibles and 2 boxes of soap.
We were not allowed to meet the prisoners but interacted with the officers

Katojo prison is found in Fortportal tourist city which is the headquarters of Toro subregion in Western Uganda
296 km from Kampala city.
It’s predominantly occupied by Batoro and other few Bantu speakers.
By the time of, the prison was having 1473 prisoners who were picked from different parts of the region and
the country at large.
We donated 25 bibles and 3 boxes of soap which were received by the officer in charge.
We were not allowed to enter the prison premises due to the high risk of Covid they encountered.
It was visited on 12th February and marked the end of Toro subregion prison ministry.

We thank God the Almighty for the wide open door for ministry in Seeta police station.
We visited it twice this month and we saw the hand of God touching and transforming the lives of people.
We preached to 36 suspects of which 5 gave their lives to Christ as their personal saviour.
We shared with them tea and snacks.
We bless the Lord for the Grace He gave us to minister to the saints.

Richard at the various the prisons


During the ministry in Toro Sub region, we did door to door evangelism where we visited around 5 families
preaching to them about the forgiving Love of Jesus. Among them were Muslim families which received
us very well. We were privileged to share the word of God and give them bibles for more encouragement.
We pray for the special visitation in their hearts.


We held a training conducted by Rachel Kalembe with women and young girls teaching them a life skill of how to make reusable sanitary pads for themselves, their daughters and use it for self sustenance as well .We had 10 participants.

Rachel teaching the women and young gals how to make reusable sanitary pads and a sample of the pads

We’re so grateful to the Lord for your continuous prayers and support to us.

Thank you so much. God bless.


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