Goals and Support

Christian Model Ministries Goals for Next 5 Years

  • Train 200 local pastors in Uganda and East Africa with inductive Bible training, many in remote villages.
  • Provide vocational training, like wielding, construction, carpentry, to 500 unemployed youth.
  • Pay elementary school fees for 200 impoverished children and orphans in Uganda and surrounding countries.
  • Conduct outreaches and education to the surrounding East African countries of Sudan and Congo.

Why Support Christian Model Ministries

  • Dan is a great leader and Bible teacher with a track record.
  • $210 provides elementary schooling for 1 year, $330 provides vocational training for 1 year, $300 provides Bible training to a remote pastor for 1 year, and $3600 a year enables Dan and fellow ministers to support the CMM work full-time.
  • Christian Model Ministries can efficiently apply resources to meet real needs in impactful ways to the poorest of the poor.
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