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August Update.

We praise God for yet another month (the month of August) that was full of great activities/ministries. Like the previous months, August had more of prison ministry.


Kasangati is frequently visited because the prison administrators gave us a wide reception. Our permission is just a call away. During the previous visits, the prison administrators told us that the problem they have is hygiene and so we could help them with soap and sanitary pads for women. So the Lord gave us the word of knowledge towards the problem by making reusable sanitary pads. Luckily enough, some of our very own CMM members knew how to make them so we had to purchase the materials for teaching the prison women how to make sanitary pads. So on 8th August 2019, we went to Kasangati prison and trained them on how to make their own sanitary pads. 23 prisoners and 2 prison officers learned. Amidst training, the gospel of hope was being preached.

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While at Kasangati police station.


Kalangala district is an island district and geographically under the not easy to reach areas of Uganda both in social services and the gospel. The Lord prompted us to visit the prisoners as we look for other avenues of the gospel in that land. We traveled on the ferry on 9th August 23, 2019. While on the ferry, we preached the gospel to some of the passengers. Along the whole journey, God spoke to us and we saw great opportunities for the gospel. The next day we went to the prison and found out that it comprised of very traumatized and hard criminals arrested from other neighboring islands, landing sites, and the mainland. We preached the gospel of forgiveness in Matthew 18 and 16prisoners gave their lives to Christ, 6 confessed their sins loud and clear to their fellow prisoners. We donated to them 15 Bibles and 2 boxes of soap, each containing 25 bars.

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Traveling to Kalangala island.


On the same trip, we visited the police station where suspects are first kept before being taken to prison. We donated five Bibles to help them in curbing down crime.


Seeta has been a blessing to our ministry We’ve been able to preach to them weekly and 34 souls have come to Christ. Each visit has been blessed with a cup of tea and snack for each of the suspects courtesy of Christian Model Ministries.


Ntinda police station is in Kampala city in Nakawa Division. We visited them on 26th august and we preached the gospel of love and forgiveness to the suspects. 5 people gave their lives to Christ. We give all the glory to Jesus. We gave them 2 bibles to help in reviving the prayer lives. It was our first visit and the police administration gave us the open door.

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Giving out bibles at Ntinda police station.


Kibanga is a church founded school found at Kalangala Island. We ministered to the school girls above 12 years by helping them do reusable pads. Around 120 girls from upper primary learned and were each given 2 free reusable sanitary pads. During the training, the gospel was preached and 75 girls gave their lives to Christ. The school administration requested us to come in more often.

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Sharing with pupils at Kibanga primary School.

C-TBS Class

The OT and NT 2019 bible classes have been running since March 2019 and both classes will be ending by the end of October.
The OT class completed the major prophets and now working on the 12 “minor prophets”.
The NT is currently studying the book of Hebrews, to be followed by a few other epistles, then finally the book of revelation.
Both classes continue to be exciting and with students having many encouraging testimonies in regards to the training.


The C-TBS New testament class

We thank the Lord for bringing us this far, and for what he is doing in this nation through our courses, and we are very thankful to the Lord for all the friends standing with us in prayers and through financial support for the ongoing CMM work.

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