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JULY 2020

Greetings and blessings to all our friends and co-workers from the Uganda CMM Team. We thank you for your continuous prayers and support for the CMM work in Uganda. This is our July Report.


The C-TBS  like all churches in Uganda are earnestly praying for the churches to be opened.But meanwhile ,our C-TBS  program have resumed at a slow pace.we pass on printed lecture notes and other needed materials to the students of the Old Testament class in Mukono. Some of our students have expressed that they still miss out on the class interactions,asking questions,discussing various bible topics and the fellowship we usually have in a class setting. They still do their course assignments and return their work to us for marking.  There is hope that the churches will soon be opened and we will get back into our usual class settings during the lectures. Here is a testimony from one of our Old Testament students;

Joel Waiswa is one of the Elders of Zion Church in Mukono and has been a minister for many years. He completed the New Testament C-TBS class last year and joined the Old Testament class this Year.


Joel Waiswa An Elder of Zion Church in Mukono.

Studying the scriptures inductively has by far widened my understanding of the word of God and the way I preach and teach. The inductive approach has helped me to see many bible principles in all areas of life and in areas that govern the society.

The many years I had studied the bible and served as a minister were good but during this course I realised that I had only utilised a very small percentage of the bible.

The course has helped me a lot by opening my eyes to the many riches I had missed out in my many previous years of study and ministry. I now feel more comfortable and confident when preaching and teaching the word of God to the church”.



On 2nd August, 2020, we visited the above prison facility. This is found in South Western Uganda 473Km from Kampala city. The prison facility houses 511 prisoners of which 22 are women. We gave them 24 Runyankole Rukiga Bibles which is the language spoken from that part of the country. Unfortunately were not allowed to meet all the prisoners except few women. One of the women committed murder (arsonist). She burnt her husband in the house in the marriage she had spent 42yrs. We preached to her and she gave her life to Christ and we gave her a personal bible.  The prison wardens were very happy and requested us to give them personal bibles for their families and personal devotion. That has been a request in all prisons and we need to look into it since the prison wardens are few.


On 3rd August, 2020 we visited the above station which is found in South Western Uganda 248km from Kampala city centre. This police station is regional meaning it handles cases from 12 districts of Ankole; Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura, Ntungamo, Rwampara, Ibanda, Kazo, Sheema, Bushenyi, Mitooma, Buhweju, and Rubirizi districts. It receives around 200 suspects monthly who are later transferred to prisons or released on bond. We were able to give them 10 Runyankole Rukiga bibles which were received by the area Officer in Charge.


On 27th July 2020, we visited the above station which is found in Wakiso district, 9Km from the city centre along Mityana road. The station houses 12 suspects daily on average. We gave them 5 Luganda Bibles which were received y the Officer in Charge.


Officer in Charge receives bibles from Richard.


We visited Nabingo Police Station on 22nd August 2020 and donated 5 Luganda Bibles to them. This station is found Wakiso district, 12km along Masaka road West of Kampala city. The station houses around 30 suspects on average each month.


The above station is located in Wakiso district, 7km along Masaka road West of Kampala city. It houses around 15 suspects daily on average. We donated 5 Luganda Bibles and 1 English Bible.


Nsangi is found in Wakiso district, along Masaka road 18km West of Kampala city. It was visited on 22nd July 2020 the same day Kyengera and Nabingo was visited. Nsangi received 8 Luganda bibles and 1 English bible. It houses around 23 suspects on a daily basis.


Officer Kaluma recieves bibles from Richard.


On 15th August, 2020, we visited Wakiso Central Police Station in Wakiso district 23 km along Hoima road. Being a district police station, it houses 45 suspects from different parts of the district. We donated 8 Luganda Bibles and 1 English Bible. I was highly welcomed by the officer in charge.


Richard at Wakiso police headquarters


Nansana Police Station if found in Nansana Municipality in Wakiso District 12km along Hoima road. It is one of the most notorious criminals’ hubs in the city. Many of them commit crimes from the city and hide in Nansana municipality. We visited it on 15th August, 2020 and donated 7 Luganda bibles and 1English bible.


Seeta police station is visited weekly and its now our church. No one is allowed to visits without our permission. On 12th August, 2020 we donated 5 Luganda Bibles. 2 were given to people and 3 for the station. Each visit, we share with them some tea and snacks.

All the above police stations and the prison received 81 bibles which will help around 5000people in a year. In all the above visits, we observed SOPs like putting on masks, using hand sanitizers, and trying to keep social distance.


The children’s fellowship is growing and continues to go on well.Besides bible reading and singing,we also do other activities like shading and drawing.Some of the children can read,we have given them some few bibles to them to read.


Children enjoy a fellowship with Mr Richard, Painting Session with the Children.


We again thank our co-workers TUPS for making this possible.Our mothers and the children are very grateful for the food provision especially this difficult COVID-19 lock down season.


CMM mothers and the children receiving food stuff donations from Dan.


Some of the Karamoja children receiving food stuffs.

We appreciate all the prayers and encouragement from all our friends and co-workers in Christ.


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