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September Update

Karamoja Ministry

Christian Model Ministries together with Divine Care Ministries went to Karamoja for two weeks.  The total number of missioners was 76. We camped at Koblin in Napak district for 4 days. Koblin is the resettlement area for street children got from Kampala and other cities, rehabilitated before sending them back to their respective homes or schools. Those four days were for fasting and prayers, seeking God for direction and spiritual mapping. We later dispersed to different directions into 7 groups.

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Traveling to Karamoja

The entire team comprised of 16 members and we went to a village called DUOL. It is a very virgin place for the gospel. The place has no church, shop, school..

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Morning Devotion

Each day had a different arrangement that ranged from discipleship, door to door evangelism, Children ministry, women groups, men meetings, open-air gospel crusades and one on one canceling.

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Traveling to remote areas for evangelism.

While visiting the Manyattas (communities), we realized that people were in the bounty harvest for crops like maize (corn), sunflower, and sorghum (their staple food). Their cows were also looking good and giving them milk, in other words, there was no famine that whole year which is quite uncommon.

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Having a good time with the kids

We spent 10 days in DUOL and we achieved the following;

  • 169 people came to Christ.
  • We started four home churches and another congregational church to combine all.
  • 37 people were descipled to will run the home churches and pastor the community.
  • A model pit latrine for the community in Nasinyonoit was constructed. The community of 80 people was using the bush, so they promised to build more pit latrines for hygiene.
  • Prayed for different people for healing and deliverance.
  • We reconciled communities and families who were at war.
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Setting up a model latrine for the community.

Dental Outreach.

CMM In partnership with Mulago dental school which provided 13 dentists held a dental outreach at Christian Family Church Bulenga on 26th September.

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Dental ministry.

That place has so many vulnerable people who live a low-class life in slums and such services are so hard for them to reach. We attended to 31 people with extractions and referrals. 3 people came to Christ as a result.

Police Ministry.

With a theme of forgiveness as read in Mathew 18:21-32, CMM visited Seeta police post twice in the month of September. We realized that the theme carried heavy deliverance into the lives of the suspects.

One particular suspect was 21 years old by the names of Ssemakula Moses. He came to know his biological father two years ago after being abandoned since his childhood. He feels so bitter for his biological dad for not being considerate and throwing him to another family. And to his mom for hiding a precious secret for all that long. His question was; ‘Can I forgive such people?’ By God’s grace, he accepted Jesus in tears and forgave his parents.

C-TBS Class.

End of October is usually an exciting time for the C-TBS classes. Both classes will be winding up and graduating.

27th-October, the Mukono N.T class will be graduating and the graduation occasion will take place at Mukono Deliverance church. Currently, this class is winding up with the study of the book of revelation.

The old testament class is completing their studies on the books of the “minor prophets” and this class will be graduating on the 10th of November.


The pastors’ class at Bweyogerere.

Some few months back, The Bweyogerere pastors that meet every Tuesday morning, This group of pastors invited us (C-TBS) to take them through this course. The idea is that they (the senior pastors) would be trained by themselves and not mix them with any of their junior ministers.

5 weeks ago, we started this exciting bible class with this group of pastors and it is going on well.

Please keep praying for this bunch of 27 pastors. Each of them has a big congregation he is heading. We are now looking at the bible training course making a big impact on so many congregations in the whole area of Bweyogerere and Kira.



We are so thankful to the Lord for all the friends who are praying with us and supporting the CMM work in Uganda.

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