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July Update

Prisons Ministry

Kisoro Prison.

Kisoro prison is found in Kisoro district in South Western Uganda. It is on the border or Rwanda and Uganda about 520Km from the capital Kampala.

The prison housed 276 prisoners who were from around Kisoro. We gave them 50 bibles in the 4 different local languages. 64 prisoners gave their lives to christ.



Ndorwa Prison.

This is found in Kabale district still at the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It had 876 prisoners at the time of our visit and they were all from the greater Kigezi in Western Uganda.

We visited them with 23 bibles in two different local languages.



Seeta Police station

We’ve continued visiting Seeta police station on a weekly basis and the different suspects have continued to receive christ.

We had wonderful time sharing the word of God and snacks on the different occasions, gave out 4 bibles and 28 people gave their lives to christ during the 4 visits for this month.

Kiira road police station.

This is found in Kampala city in the central Uganda. This houses approximately 100 suspects every month before they are presented before the courts of law.

Here we gave out 5 bibles in two different languages. 5 people gave their lives to christ.

Kawempe Police station.

Kawempe police station is found in Kampala city in Kawempe division. It houses around 80 suspects every month from around Kawempe division.

We gave out 5 bibles in two different languages.

Busoga Mission

CMM in partnership with Busoga Anglican missionaries took a dental outreach mission in Kaliro and namutumba districts found in Busoga region in Eastern Uganda.



The mission lasted for 5 days and activities among others included;

  • Door to door evangelism
  • Open air gospel crusades
  • Christian Movies
  • Children ministry
  • The dental ministry.

2707 people were ministered to and 836 gave their lives to christ. 108 people with dental problems were attended to.

We gave out 200 bibles to different families.



Matinza church of Uganda.

Matinza church of Uganda is located in Kisoro district near the Kisoro prison that we had earlier visited that same day. Here we shared with them the word of God.



C-TBS Report

The old testament class

This class is currently studying (and near completion) 1 +2 Kings. These as mentioned before are studied as one book. Just because 2nd kings is a continuation of the 1st kings story.

2nd kings has been so exciting, eye opening to our students. For the students to be able to relate the back ground information like the captivities of Israel and Judah by Syria + Babylon, the years when those events are taking place, the prophets and their timely messages to both Israel and Judah at different times and how all this relates with the other prophets books etc. It has been such a big eye opener and interesting lesson to our class around this time.



The New testament class

Here we completed the study of the book of Romans and currently just concluded 1+2 Corinthians. Our students especially having studied the book of Acts are now getting a lot more from the study of the Epistles.

Both classes are exciting and interesting. Please keep praying for these classes for the students and staff in any way the Lord may lead you.

The CMM Sponsored Children

These are soon taking a three weeks break which will lead into the third and final term for this year. We are receiving very positive and encouraging feedback in regards to the performance of all the CMM sponsored children.

We have had some few cases children getting sick during the 2nd term mostly wit typhoid and Malaria but God is good, they are all well and continuing with their studies.




Thanks you so much to all our friends that are praying with us, encouraging us and supporting the CMM ongoing work in Uganda

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