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The Significance of Biblical Studies in Uganda

The percentage of Christianity in Uganda compared to other religions is 84%. Islam is 12% and the others are 4%. When we go with statistics, then Uganda would close to look like heaven !! with such large number of Christians. But Uganda is not heaven. This points to the crucial need to strengthen the foundations of the Church in Uganda and Africa at large with a stronger Biblical foundation. Even more so, given the fact that the Church has a key role to play in a society and nation at large. Whatever happens in a society may also reflect the strength or weakness of the Church.

A good number of our church leaders (ministers) have had no formal or Biblical training at all. They will only teach their favorite Bible passages repeatedly throughout the year, or listen to a preacher on the TV and try to copy their messages and style of preaching.

But we also have church ministers who cannot speak the English language so they can never join say 97% of our few Bible colleges in Uganda. Some ministers have large families, full-time work above their ministry duties, and otherwise cannot move away from their churches to attend a full-time Bible training course. Also, good Bible training and going to a Bible College is just well beyond most Ugandan ministers’ financial means.

Our answer to this is our training program called the C-TBS (Church based Training in Biblical Studies) has been designed to help all Ugandan Church leaders as described above. C-TBS is a Mobile Bible training course. We teach principles in Bible study based on the “Inductive Approach”.

We take the training to the community and invite as many church ministers from different churches to come and attend the course. We do this on a voluntarily basis. This means that we transport the teachers to the location where the students are.

The Bible has a big role to play in our Society / Nation today. It contains the principles that if taught and applied will bring a change, a transformation, and blessing within the nation of Uganda and more broadly Africa.

We therefor call upon all our friends to join us in this venture, an opportunity to serve God by strengthening the foundations of the Church through Biblical studies.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.


Muwanguzi Dan.
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