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Caring for and Educating Children and Orphans in Uganda

Uganda has a population of over 34 Million people, and half of those are children under 14 years. Over 2 million of these children are orphans, and many more stay with their jobless parents, grandparents, or single mothers.
But also in Uganda, we also have situations where both parents are alive but cannot afford to educate their children, some are born in polygamous and very large families where by the parents income cannot meet the children’s basic needs.
Some children in Christian Model Ministries school fees and care programme.

Some children in Christian Model Ministries school fees and care programme.

CMM cares for children and helps pay for their school fees in Northern Uganda, Gullu, Karamojja, and some in the central region. We now have 48 children in remote regions of Uganda where we are helping with their school fees. As a model, each CMM member takes on one child to to support. And during the recent years, other local Christian members have been voluntarily joining by supporting a child with school fees.
More children under CMM's care and provision for education. These children are generally from Northern Uganda.

More children under CMM’s care and provision for education. These children are generally from Northern Uganda.

In Uganda, when parents die, their children are too great a burden for extended family to carry. Relatives already struggle to provide for their own. As a result, the children are farmed out to different family members in diverse locations. Therefore, an orphaned child loses not only his parents, but often his siblings as well. Some are treated poorly by resentful relatives. Others try to survive on the streets. In all respects, they are outcasts.
God is the father to the fatherless – Psalms 68:5. The application of such a scripture is “The body of Christ is the father to the fatherless”. CMM has taken on parenting and educating children as one of the pillars in discipling the nation of Uganda and East Africa.
Mr Byamugisha Helps Treat Jiggers
CMM has a call and interest to minister to children. Children ministry and outreach is one of our core focuses, and we visit and share the Gospel in primary and secondary schools, teaching in children Sunday Schools. Collect some cloth and other basic needs that we usually supply to kids in need. CMM leaders, like Mr Byamugisha and Miss Kalembe travel to northern and rural parts of Uganda, checking on children under CMM’s care and helping out as able.
Miss Kalembe Racheal
CMM has the vision to provide a home, education, parenting, and all other basic physical and spiritual needs for orphans and impoverished children in Uganda. If the Lord allows and the provisions come in, this programme will start early next year.
We here by call on all our friends, prayer partners and supporters to stand with us in this Godly venture which has been on our hearts for some time now.
And we are very grateful to the Lord who has brought our mission this far. We thank all our prayer partners for standing with us. The support that you give to us is very helpful.
May the Lord keep you well and bless you much more. Now and Always.
Best regards,
Dan Muwanguzi
Director of Christian Model Ministries
Kampala, Uganda
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