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December 2021

Greetings to you beloved friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus. “Ebenezer”, this far the Lord has brought us (1 Samuel 7:12). We thank God for the year 2021, these are the activities for the month of December .


We visited the region as we have normally been doing at every end of year. The area was greatly affected by the prolonged draught causing food scarcity. During our visit, we were able to identify some needy families and provided some food items like rice, soap, maize flour and beans to them. We taught the word of God to both children and youth. We also had sessions with mothers and elderly women where we discussed a good number of things among which were better ways of farming in order to have and store food in preparations for such dry seasons.


After the government confirmed school’s re-opening in the month of January, We visited the CMM children in karamoja to help them prepare to resume schooling. Majority of our Children joined secondary school but we still have primary school children as well. We gave them scholastic materials books, pens, pencils, basins, jerrycans, mattresses etc. We also took time to prepare them for schooling.


The Chosen youth are a Christian ministry team involved in music, dance and creative evangelism. They gathered their non-Christian friends and relatives in a fellowship with a purpose of preaching and teaching them the word of God. We were invited to minister to these youth. We preached the word of God, shared words of encouragement and affirmation, strengthened them not to give up on life despite the lockdown and its challenges. We also shared ways of how to start up and thrive small scale businesses such as vegetable market stalls, making liquid soap, aloe Vera gel and pads.


The Old Testament Class is currently studying the book of 1st and 2nd Kings. These will lead us into studying the major prophets and by the end of March,both classes will be graduating.

The New Testament Class is currently studying the book of Hebrews.

In the past weeks,most of us ( C-TBS ) staff and their families were very much affected by the Omicron covid variant wave,but all have recovered well and we thank the Lord for his protection and healing.

We would want to start the 2022 New Year Classes both Old Testament and New Testament in the month of April. We already have a good number of individuals who have expressed interest in both classes.

Thank you so much for praying and encouraging us in this work. We pray that God will continue blessing you much more in all that you do.


CMM Team.

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