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January 2022

Dear Christian Model Ministries friends, we are hoping and praying that 2022 is going on well with you all. Here is what has been happening in this ministry.


We were permitted to visit the surgery ward, this had patients with all kinds of surgery from injuries and accidents. Many people here were without attendants, among them was a man who was abandoned by the family and left to die. We found him with a severe wound and was in great pain. We gave him some medicine. He has improved greatly. We look forward to helping more people as we preach and pray for healing.
The hospital administration requested for soap, salt and a jerry for patients. The requested items are helpful in hygiene and sanitation purposes.


We visited 2 prison facilities in Mbarara and the police station, we were denied entry into the prisons but we were allowed to preach at the Police station every Saturday morning for 3hours.
We received the news with gratitude and immediately started the assignment. we have visited the facility twice and preached to 214 people. 72 have given their lives to Christ.


With the full re-opening of the country after a long lockdown due to the covid’19 pandemic, children were allowed to congregate again in church, having been stopped for a long time. We hold children sessions ,where we teach and nurture them in the word and ways of God.


We carried out Dental out reaches in two places Kawempe and Matugga. During both outreaches , many people were worked upon. Together with the dentistry team of doctors , we did hurting tooth extractions, fillings and complicated cases where referred to the major hospitals. We gave out toothpaste and brushes ,we also taught proper dental hygiene. We carried out counselling, shared the word of God and prayed with the people as well.


Both bible Classes, the New and Old Testament classes are nearing graduations. These have taken long compared to our usual one year classes. But thank God we are finally there and our students have made it to the end.

Currently ,we are visiting churches and sending word out for those that would want to join our classes that are starting on the first week of April.

Please pray with us that the Lord will again bring the right bunch of students for 2022.

We’re grateful to the Lord for you our friends that pray and encourage us in many ways.

Thank you so much.

God bless.

CMM Team.

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December 2021

Greetings to you beloved friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus. “Ebenezer”, this far the Lord has brought us (1 Samuel 7:12). We thank God for the year 2021, these are the activities for the month of December .


We visited the region as we have normally been doing at every end of year. The area was greatly affected by the prolonged draught causing food scarcity. During our visit, we were able to identify some needy families and provided some food items like rice, soap, maize flour and beans to them. We taught the word of God to both children and youth. We also had sessions with mothers and elderly women where we discussed a good number of things among which were better ways of farming in order to have and store food in preparations for such dry seasons.


After the government confirmed school’s re-opening in the month of January, We visited the CMM children in karamoja to help them prepare to resume schooling. Majority of our Children joined secondary school but we still have primary school children as well. We gave them scholastic materials books, pens, pencils, basins, jerrycans, mattresses etc. We also took time to prepare them for schooling.


The Chosen youth are a Christian ministry team involved in music, dance and creative evangelism. They gathered their non-Christian friends and relatives in a fellowship with a purpose of preaching and teaching them the word of God. We were invited to minister to these youth. We preached the word of God, shared words of encouragement and affirmation, strengthened them not to give up on life despite the lockdown and its challenges. We also shared ways of how to start up and thrive small scale businesses such as vegetable market stalls, making liquid soap, aloe Vera gel and pads.


The Old Testament Class is currently studying the book of 1st and 2nd Kings. These will lead us into studying the major prophets and by the end of March,both classes will be graduating.

The New Testament Class is currently studying the book of Hebrews.

In the past weeks,most of us ( C-TBS ) staff and their families were very much affected by the Omicron covid variant wave,but all have recovered well and we thank the Lord for his protection and healing.

We would want to start the 2022 New Year Classes both Old Testament and New Testament in the month of April. We already have a good number of individuals who have expressed interest in both classes.

Thank you so much for praying and encouraging us in this work. We pray that God will continue blessing you much more in all that you do.


CMM Team.

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November 2021

A merry Christmas to you all our co-workers in Christ, We pray that the Lord will continue to keep you well and strong during the festive season and the New Year 2022.

And as we (CMM Team) come to the close of 2021,we continue to thank the Lord for the gift of Life and the opportunity for us to be part of what He is doing in this Nation of Uganda.

Here are our November updates.


Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in East Africa located in Kabale District South Western Uganda 346km from Kampala city. The lake is surrounded by the Bakiga people whose population of about 30,000 people, their main activity is fishing, crop growing and tourism coming from the Lake attraction.

On a daily basis over 500 people cross this lake for farming, schooling, church, shopping, trade, and other essential activities. Majority of these travelers use local canoes or pipes joined together as the mains of transport without lifejackets. This endangers their lives with an estimation of over 15 persons drowning and dying annually on the lake.

As a ministry, we found lifejackets as a main tool to evangelize to the people in that area. We crossed L. Bunyonyi to Buhutu village in Mugyera. We were warmly welcomed by the local community and commended for being the first team to visit this area with an outreach.

We donated 50 lifejackets to families, the beneficiaries were traders, families with school going kids and farmers. 14 adults gave their lives to Christ and were given bibles to help them walk the journey of salvation. 32 children also gave their lives to Christ and were given materials to help them at home. We also gave them clothes and shoes. We bless the Lord for the mission and the safe journey to and from Kabale.


Uganda Christian University is an Anglican Church founded university located in Mukono district 32km East of Kampala city along Jinja road. It’s the second largest private university with a population of more than 30,000 students. It has a theological college for the clergy as well.

We were invited by the chaplain having known us to have a passion for Evangelism missions and outreaches. The purpose of this mission was to evangelize to students, staff and the nearby community. We preached in lecture rooms, student Halls of residences and the community outside the university compass. We also had online preaching and radio programs.

By the end of the week around 800 students and very many were delivered from spiritual bondages like alcoholism, pornography, drugs and sex habits.

In the same mission, we visited the university police station where we preached to the officers and the suspects.


We had a mission trip to karamoja region with the purpose of visiting children, teaching them the word of God, assessing their school home work, praying for them and playing with them as well. We also interacted with their mothers together with the elderly women of this community and shared with them the word of God, Primary Health Care, Food Nutrition and hygiene.


We visited police stations such as Seeta, Wandegeya, Kiira road, Jinja road and Central Police Station.

The ministry went on very well and 178 suspects and 42 officers gave their live to Christ. After sharing the word of God, we shared with them drinks and snacks.


Testimony from pastor Naigaga Josephine, a C-TBS graduate.

The inductive approach has added much to my understanding of the scriptures. And as a pastor and minister, this course has opened my eyes to the scriptures, to the Lord and to my self.

Studying the scriptures inductively has already simplified my work, these days, any scriptures that i read makes more sense. I can see a personal message and message for the congregation. It has been so good for me as i now share from the riches in my heart and not just my head. From what God speaks to me ,i now pick what to share with the church congregation yet at the same time, i can see that there is still alot to learn in the Bible to teach them. I thank God for the Lord for the Bible training course.

C-TBS Graduate Pastor Naigaga Josephine of Fountains of Living water Church in Kyetume shares with us her life changing transformation after taking C-TBS course

Thank you for praying and encouraging us in this work.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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October 2021

This month has been another exciting opportunity to reach out and serve individuals and communities. We had various outreaches as mentioned below.


Namugongo is found in Kiira Municipality, Wakiso District in Central Uganda. It is famous for the Uganda martyrs who were executed from that same place.
We always have various activities happening in Namugongo and its a fertile ground for evangelism. We hold children and young girls’ meetings where we teach them the word of God.
With the help of you our partners and co-workers we donated food stuffs and other home essential supplies to over 30 families which reside in this community. Some of the items that were given include; Corn flour, Beans, Sugar, Mattresses, Cooking Oil, Salt, Rice, Soap, Basins, Sanitary pads, Mosquito Nets, Shoes, Clothes, Sewing Machines, Bicycle, Blankets, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes, Bread.

We re-visited Katanga, the third biggest slum in Kampala. It’s located in Central Division between Mulago and Makerere hills. As a ministry, we picked interest in the crucial need of the community which is food as many families in slum areas went into a despair when the country went into total lockdown due to Covid’19. So most families here needed food. We delivered a consignment of cassava food donated by Kato Edward (a CMM member ) from his garden to help feed over 50 families. We also had a door to door evangelism ministry where we visited different homes to interact and pray with them.


Earlier this year, we visited this region and distributed bibles in all the prisons. This month we revisited the area, having 6 prisons has the highest number of prisons in the whole country. We were not allowed to enter most of the prison centers due to the Covid’19 restrictions. However to a few where we were granted access we got in. At the time of visit, the facility had 168 prisoners without women. We handed over 50 mattresses to the prison administration . We preached the gospel and 76 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.
They were handed over to Pastors for discipleship. Racheal Kalembe trained women how to make reusable sanitary pads, personal care and hygiene.

The Officer in Charge of the police station allowed us to always visit . This month, we visited the station 4 times and shared the word of God. We preached to inmates and were even blessed to be joined by previous crime suspects of the same station who also shared their salvation testimonies and stories to fellow inmates. 28 persons gave their lives to Christ.


While in Kasese-Katwe region, we had a beautiful interaction time with the children were we prayed, sang songs and taught them the word of God. We also encouraged them to be obedient to their parents and care takers. We told them not to loose hope despite the long schools’ lockdown. They should stay safe, read their books, revise their school work and prepare to return to school once the lockdown has been lifted.


The New Testament class is now studying the book of 2 Corinthians and the Old Testament is studying Judges.

Both classes continue to to be exciting as our students are always giving us encouraging feedback and interacting with them after the church lockdown has given us more motivation.

Dan Muwanguzi teaching a C-TBS class session.

We pray that the Lord will continue to keep you well and bless you in all that you do.

Thank you so much for praying for us and for all the encouragement that you give us.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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September 2021

We thank the Lord for the work he continues to do in our nation.

We also thank God for all individuals, families and churches that have consistently held us ( CMM Team ) in their prayers. The report below will give you a good idea of how things have been going on in this ministry.


The Lord has graciously opened doors for us in prisons and police stations all over Uganda.


We have been allowed to visit this station every Tuesday from 10am to midday, preaching to all inmates in the cells. We were blessed to visit the station four times and 38 people gave their lives to Christ.
On 20th September, we donated 87 bibles to both police officers and the suspects who were found at the station. 16 suspects gave their live to Christ that day.


We visited Kotido prison that is found in Kotido district in Karamoja sub-region. The prison, by the time of visiting, had 465 prisoners, of which 62 were women. Due to covid 19 restrictions, we were not allowed to enter the facility to interface with the prisoners. We gave the facility 15 Engakaramojong bibles which is the local language of the place. We however found that some prisoners were from other places and needed their relevant languages. we met an officer called Micheal Mudoba who is pastoring the prison church together with the Officer in Charge, appreciated the bible donations, which came in at the right time.
NB. This region is facing a great challenge of insecurity that has led to a lot of bloodshed due to cattle rustling. Mostly due to the tribes of the region fighting for cattle.


From the Kotido prison, we went to the police station, which is found in the heart of Kotido town. We found only 4 suspects whom they refused us to preach to due to their hostility. They were warriors who were had been arrested in the cattle raiding process. We donated 5 bibles to the station to assist in modeling the behaviors. District Police Commander appreciated the donation.


Moroto Central police station is found in Moroto city. We visited the above station and were welcomed by the Officer In Charge of the station. We were allowed to preach to the suspects amidst tight security and COVID 19 restrictions. All 32 suspects accepted Jesus, knelt down on their knees, some weeping for repentance and we prayed for them. We donated five Engakalamojong bibles to help the station in ministering to the souls.


On the same day, we visited the prison of Moroto as well, which is the largest prison facility in Karamoja sub-region.
We were not allowed to enter the facility due to insecurities and covid 19 restrictions but were allowed to meet a few officers to whom we handed over the 21 Engakaramojong bibles. They were so grateful but requested for more support with supplies of sanitary pads and disinfectants. The facility had 683 prisoners who were under strict surveillance.


We thank God for the CMM supported children in Karamoja. They have been a great good bond for us CMM and the region of Karamoja. We had last visited them in March before the second country total lockdown that saw all of them back home. We visited them for fellowship, prayers, encouragement and assurance that life still goes on even though the lockdown still prevails.
Our kids still have hope and look forward to resuming school upon the opening of schools. We visited both Moroto and Kotido kids in their homes. We interacted with them one on one, their parents/guardians and had a very healthy discussion, prayer and thanksgiving. We gave them mattresses to help them have a decent sleep at home and school. Their parents/guardians were appreciative of the help. We look forward to seeing them return to school come January 2022.


During our visit to Karamoja, we went with Mr. David Mugabi who has a ministry called JAJJA CARE MINISTRIES. Jajja care handles the physical and spiritual needs of the elderly in societies since they are in their late years. We loved his approach towards the senior citizens in the society and are delighted to work with him. We bought soap to 50 elders in Kotido plus sharing with them snacks, drinks and the word of God. It was a joyful day for the elderly in kotido. They shared with us the challenges they are going through insecurity and cattle rustling as it is almost everywhere in Karamoja. We hope to always meet a few senior citizens on every visit we have.


We visited Butalejja, in addition to the prison and police station ministry, We did carry out activities such as meeting churches and pastors that CMM associates with to encourage them in the word of God. We also held meetings with the women, children and young girls to teach them about primary Health Care, Shoe repairs, Food and Nutrition. The Pastors and brethren were prayerful and strong despite the challenges of the COVID’19 lockdown.


We visited the above station that is found in the heart of Butaleja town. The Head of the Detective Officers in the district welcomed us. We preached to the six suspects in the cells and 2 gave their lives to Christ. We donated 5 Lunyole bibles.


On the same day, we visited the prison, which is 50 meters from the police station. We found eight prisoners in the facility
We gave each prisoner a personal bible, which will help them transform during and after their prison sentences.
The Officer In Charge was happy and conveyed his appreciation due to our continual support to Butaleja prison and the community at large.


Both the Old and New Testament Bible Classes have resumed the formal way. They will continue up to the End of February when we shall graduate.

It is so good to be able meet again with our students and staff in our usual classroom setting. One of the biggest questions and discussing subjects since we started has been the Church’s response to the COVID 19 Vaccination,”666!” and the End Times. But to cut this short, we are encouraging our students and staff to get the vaccination as we keep praying and asking God to intervene in the whole COVID 19 pandemic situation.

Please continue to pray with us as we study.

Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes Lord, that i may see the wonderous things in your Law.

Thank you so much for working with us in this ministry.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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August 2021

We always thank God for the privilege of being part of what he is doing in our nation Uganda. We are grateful to you our friends/co workers in Christ who support, pray for and encourage us in this work. The Lockdown has now been relaxed a little bit more and churches too will be able to congregate with a maximum of 200 people, which gives more room for many church members to be able to meet again to worship and share the word of God in our usual congregational way. We thank the Lord for that as CMM because most of our work has to do or is very much related to churches and communities.

August has been another fruitful month and below are some of the activities/ministries that the Lord has enabled us to be involved in.


We have visited Seeta police station this month where we met close to 60 suspects and 18 souls
got born again . The prisoners and officers were so expectant.
We thank God for the souls which gave their lives to Christ. We donated 3 bibles to the cells .


Tororo Central Police Station is found in Tororo municipality which is 210km from Kampala in
Eastern Uganda near the border of Kenya and Uganda. The region is mainly composed of tribes of Itesots and the Japhadhola people . Both tribes have their relatives in the neighboring district Kenya. Our visitation was received by the Officer in Charge. We donated to them 6 bibles in English and Japadhola. The officers were appreciative of the donation which was the first of its kind. They requested us to plan for the officers’ bibles.

The facility is 5km away from the town and also serves as the prison farm land . At the time of our visit, we found the prisoners planting maize and cotton. We were welcomed but denied entrance to the premises due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions. We donated 16 bibles in languages of English, Japadhola, Luganda and Lunyole. The bibles will be helping more than 500 prisoners learning the word of God.


We distributed cassava food in this area of katanga and have used the exercise as a tool to preach the gospel of love and kindness to the families/ homes that received the food.
Katanga is found in the Central Division in Kampala city between Makerere hill and Mulago hill. It is the largest slum in Kampala city which is the hideout of many criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholism and all other disorderly vices. Due to those conditions, the place is full orphans, idle youth and single mothers. Edward Kato( CMM member), donated his garden of cassava to the people of Katanga during this month . The food was distributed twice with the help of the Local council leadership chiefs who helped us identify the most vulnerable families and homes that needed help. We harvested and donated sacks of cassava which benefited many families.


With the uplifting of the lockdown, we resumed our weekend youth sessions at Namugongo with the teenage girls, teaching them the word of God, primary health care, personal hygiene and public etiquettes. The class is good and all our participants returned expectant, looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

Rachel Kalembe with the teenage girls teaching them the word of God


For the last few months ,the C-TBS course has been run on remote because of the Lockdown. Some of our students continued with their coursework but at their individual pace and upon completion sent it to us for marking. This approach didn’t favor most of the students as it involves computers, emailing, whatsApp and at times phone calls that many do not have access to. The few that continued with their work have always given us a very encouraging feedback.

Usually, every end of October, we have been passing out( giving Certificates ) to the New Testament and Old Testament graduates but we will not be able to do that this year. At the moment, we are trying to work out how and when we can get all our students in the class setting helping those that are behind to catchup. At the same time being very careful as the COVID-19 challenge is still very big in Uganda. Please keep praying with us as we work this out.

Thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support to us. We pray that the Lord continues to keep you well in him and to keep blessing all the works of your hands.

God bless you.

CMM Team

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JULY 2021

Greetings to you our friends, partners and co-workers in Christ Jesus, this month found us amidst a total lockdown of the whole country due to raised cases of the covid’19 pandemic out spread of the second wave. These are some of the activities that we have been involved in during this month.


Due to the total lockdown which posed a big challenge to so many individuals and families, most people were home yet most families depend on a daily small income for their sustenance. Working with our partners, we were able to feed 73 families with a food package. Each package contained 10kgs of posho, 4kgs of beans, 2kgs of sugar, a packet of salt, and a bar of soap. We thank God for the grace to help feed the vulnerable. Mathew 25:35, “I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me a drink.” During this exercise, we were able to preach the gospel because it was all inclusive and the beneficiaries were both Christians and non Christians.


Below is one of the testimonies from one of our students (Pastor Grace Maubania ),who is one of those who have continued their studies remotely during this lock down period.

This Lockdown has been in many ways very difficult not only to me but to my fellow servants (Pastors). It comes with many challenges especially in areas of income and self survival. When all business was closed weeks back i personally resolved to spend most of my time to studying the word of God, applying the inductive approach as i pray for manna from heaven not only for me and my family but for my fellow vulnerable church members and for my fellow pastors.

Having been a pastor for over 19years, and now as a Bible Student , for the first time I feel very close to God. The word of God has become so alive to me and i have been able to without fear pray and encourage my church members to trust God. And Thanks be to God, We are getting over this, but with great riches from the living word of God.

But also being able to complete my school Bible Study Assignments in time and receiving so much out of the study has made this lockdown to some extent enjoyable and much benefit to my self.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


Amidst the total lockdown ,we have encouraged and done phone calls, sending whatsApp messages, text messages and zoom. This has encouraged fellowship amongst us and all the members. we have also encouraged personal devotions, quiet times with the Lord and also family alters to maintain fellowship and keep ourselves close to the Lord.

We are also praying for you all our friends that the Lord will continue to be with you and bless all that you do.

God bless.


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June 2021

Greetings to you all our friends and co-workers in Christ. As a nation we are experiencing the second wave of the COVID’19 pandemic. Here is what we have been up to in the past month.


This 2nd wave has been by far the most challenging compared to the 1st one .Our Country got different variants from India, USA, UK, NIGERIA and SOUTH AFRICA. And all this happened after our government opened borders and business centers after the infection rates and death curve had lowered. This gave chance for the virus to penetrate in the communities and with the already overwhelmed medical system, the situation escalated and there is wide spread of the COVID’19 cases in the country . As such there is lack of oxygen and resources in hospitals. Many have failed to secure beds and are being home treated thus infecting the communities more. Over crowding in both government and private hospitals, treatment prices are so high. The government through ministry of Health is trying to do as much as they can but its still limited. The President announced a total lockdown of the whole country on 6th June, everyone to stay home except essential workers like doctors to work only and curfew time of 7pm. This meant that ministry outside home was locked. But the unlimited God has been faithful and we trust he will successfully lead us through all these challenges.

Local News feeds and tabloids showing the COVID’19 situation in Uganda and the Total Lockdown


We have been able to bless a group of bible reading fellowship cell in Bushenyi. This group of Christians is comprised of committed Christians who really needed the bibles so much. They applied for the bibles through a ministry partner in Western Uganda called Dominic Twinomujuni. We sent them 12 bible, 10 Runyankole Rukiga and 2 English versions.
The beneficiaries hope to be trained for ministry when the lockdown subsidises. They will be our contact persons in prisons of Ankole Sub region.

Bushenyi prayer Group members that received bibles .


When the Total lockdown was announced, we resorted online fellowships with to help us keep
strong and strengthen others.
The fellowships are targeting the following;
a. The prisoners who gave their lives to Christ and were released.
b. The cell members.
c. The marrieds whom we fellowship with at St. Francis chapel Makerere.
d. Friends who are bereaving their beloved ones.
This has been done by phone calls, whatsaap messages, text messages and zoom.
This has helped both us and other fellowship members.


At the time of total lockdown we had had a Sunday school children class where we were teaching the children the word of God and how to keep busy during such times as now when schools are off and everyone is home. How to avoid idleness, keep studying and have a positive life that everything shall be well in Jesus name. We have taught the children to keep at home and help their parents at home and avoid moving around aimlessly to avoid contracting the Corona virus. We are praying for good health amidst the lockdown.

Rachel Kalembe teaching Sunday school church children at Matugga how to keep busy and study during the lockdown time at home.


The training has been slowed down due to the total Lockdown. We are not able to meet our students in a class setting which also involves interaction which helps us a lot. Many of the students need this for the effectiveness of their studies. A few of our students who are continuing to study the Bible Books on their own but with either phone or email or WhatsApp consultations. so we are working more closely with a few as we wait for the lockdown to be relaxed.

Thank you so much to all of you our dear friends,supporters and co-workers for standing with us and praying with us. We are thankful to the lord for you,may He continue to keep you well and strong in HIM. God Bless


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May 2021

We CMM Team are very grateful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in this Nation(Uganda). The encouragement, support and prayers from all our friends/ co-workers has a very significant role in all that we do.


we had medical outreaches which became a great a venue for us to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus to people while treating their bodies of various illnesses.

On 4th May, we ministered to the people of Buyuki Luwero District with Optical solutions. We ministered in partnership with the Guardian Optics based in Kampala Uganda. We had last ministered to the people of Buyuki with a dental medical camp last year on 17th March just few days before the first country lockdown. We realized that the many people were having sight problems and that day we couldn’t handle each of them. We decided to specifically organise an eye/optics medical camp for the purpose.
126 people were attended to 87 were given free reading glasses. 32 people were referred for cataract surgeries.
We held a one on one counselling session, prayed for persons and preached the gospel in company of Pastor Godfrey Nsumba( SearchLight of God Church -Wobulenzi)

Dan Muwanguzi and Richard Byamugisha Speaking to the people and the optical doctors, helping the people get eye check-ups.
Rachel Kalembe and Pastor Godfrey Nsumba having a counselling session and Praying for the people/patients. Also assisting on the registration desk.

On 7th May, we ministered to the people of Namugongo in Kira Municipality Wakiso district 23km away from the city centre. The camp was done in partnership with the Lions Clubs International to create awareness in diabetes and High blood pressure, a silent killer disease in Uganda today. A lot of Ugandans are suffering from diabetes and High blood pressure due to lack of knowledge about it. 286 people were attended to 201 were screened. 51 were referred for further medical services in the government health centres. We thank God for that open door and partnership.

On 22nd May, we held the biggest medical outreach in Bwambara, Rukungiri District in Southwest Uganda 414km from Kampala city.It was done in partnership with Bwambara Lions club, Guardian Optics, Rukungiri Local government, Carol Atuheirwe foundation and Mulago hospital. We worked on 1358 people in the following services

1)Dental Services
573 people were helped with dental challenges where by 376 got their teeth extracted while the rest were referred for more specialized medical services.

2)Optical Services
604 people were attended to with optical problems. 411 received free reading glasses
47 were referred for cataract surgeries at a free cost from partner friends.

3)Diabetes and high blood pressure.
724 people were screened of diabetes and high blood pressure 37 were found with diabetes
More than 1000 people were sensitized about diabetes.

4)Cancer Screening
125 people were attended to 46 were screened prostate cancer where 2 were found suspicious 79 were screened of breast cancer and cervical 12 were referred for further tests. More than 1200 people were sensitized of cancers

5)Minor Surgeries like Hernia
We had one hernia surgery at the camp led by Dr. Denis who happens to be a friend of CMM. Other 7 people were referred to Nyakibale Hospital which is found in Rukungiri town. We bless the living for giving us the platform to preach the gospel.

On 24th May,we partnered with Jajja(Meaning “Granny”) ministries led Pr. David Mugabi who organized the medical outreach in Kiboga. We partnered with the ministry by donating medicines (painkillers and antibiotics) , 428 people were helped mostly the elderly in the community since it’s the category of people their ministry emphasizes to help.


Seeta police station is our frequent go to prison which the officers have opened for us to preach the gospel weekly. We have ministered to around 100 people in May with 38 coming-to Christ. We thank God for the grace that has led people to Christ. we hope to start monthly fellowship in this place.

On 25th May, we visited Kaiti prison which is found in Namutumba district, BUSOGA sub region, in Eastern Uganda 187 km from Kampala. Due to COVID restrictions, were not allowed to enter in the facility but were given opportunity to pray with a few prisoners. We donated 12 bibles, 10 Lusoga and 2 English, in order to help the prisoners, read the word of God. By the time of visiting, we found 86 prisoners of which 3 were women.

Invukula is 43 km from Kaita prison. By the time of visiting, they had 45 prisoners. We donated 7 bibles, 6 Lusoga and 1 English to the prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is found 144 km a way from Kampala city. Kaliro prison was constructed in 1937 under the colonial era. By the time of visiting, we found 206 prisoners of which 6 were women. We were happy to find that the officer in-charge is Pr. James with a ministry based in the neighboring district. We donated 16 bible 14 Lusoga and 2 English.

We visited the above prison on the same date which is 162 km away from Kampala city. The prison was constructed in 1935 under the colonial rule. It’s one the largest prisons in the BUSOGA sub-region. By the time of visiting, we found 372 prisoners who are mainly capital offenders. We donated 17 bibles of which one was given to their pastor (Pr. Ruth) who’s also a prisons officer.

This is found in Kamuli municipality which is found in BUSOGA subregion. It’s a kilometer away from Kamuli prison.
It’s the smallest with 38 prisoners who are currently with small sentences. We donated 6 bibles to help them extend the gospel to the inmates.

We visited Kamuli Police station on 26th May and were highly welcomed by the officers in
charge. We donated 4 bibles to minister to the suspects.

The prison facilities we have visited and preached the gospel , prayed and donated bibles to the suspects and in-mates.


A few days ago, we have had to stop the formal C-TBS bible classes upon the second wave of the pandemic hitting the country and a Lockdown was declaired stopping all gatherings and congregating. Some of our students will continue their studies remotely, But majority prefer the formal classroom setting approach. We are in touch with our students, encouraging them to do as much as they can during the Lockdown. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Deuteronomy and the New Testament class is soon completing the book of Romans.

Dan Muwanguzi Checking C-TBS students work.


Due to this second wave of the covid’19 pandemic, Ugandans are experiencing a very difficult time. The central part of the country is being affected the most. The increasing Covid’19 cases on a daily basis is alarming. Treatment of severe cases is too expensive for the majority of Ugandans. Most hospitals are already overwhelmed with sick people and on top of that the country is on a 42days total Lockdown. Please continue to pray with us along these lines.

Thank you so much for taking time to read through our May update. And thank you so much for your continuous prayers for us. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you in all that you do and for his protection upon you and all your families.

Love in Christ,   


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April 2021

We thank God so much for the prevellage of being part of what he is doing in our Nation Uganda. April has been another exciting month and below is the report on what has been happening


Uganda has 254 prisons with more than a million prisoners. Currently, the rate of criminality has tripled leading to overcrowding of the current prisons thus affecting their health and hygiene.
As a ministry, we have been able to visit around 42 prisons with close to 250,000 prisoners in Western and Central Uganda giving them more than 15,00 bibles, boxes of soap, mattresses, sanitary pads, food stuffs and other essentials. In this April, we have been able to visit 6 prisons in Kasese district with a total of 1455 prisoners.

We visited Ibuga prison on 7th April 2021 at 2pm. Ibuga prison is at the border of Kasese and Bunyangabu districts and at the time of visiting, Ibuga had 598 male prisoners with no female. It’s mainly a farm prison with many acres of land for maize farming. At the time of visiting, they were coming from the garden to plant maize and others to weed.
We blessed them with 25 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole Rukiga and English languages. They were received by the Officer on duty who highly appreciated the offer. The whole prison facility was having only 3 bibles from individual prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is 23km from Ibuga prison. Mubuku prison is the biggest facility in Kasese district that was established in 1970. It’s also an agricultural prison with very many acres of land for farming. It was discovered that many prisoners in Mubuku are transfered from many facilities from the whole country due to the security detail found in place. At the time of visiting, we found 525 prisoners with 6 female prisoners. The facility is developing a big vocational building to help prisoners with skills that can help them become productive responsible citizens after their sentences. We blessed them with 22 bibles and 2 boxes of sanitary pad for women.

On 7th April, we ended with the above prison which is in the middle of the town. By the time of visiting, we found 96 prisoners with no females. We blessed them with 12 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole-Rukiga and English languages

On 8th April, we visited Bwera prison which is found at the border of Bwera-Mpondwe border with Congo. We were highly welcomed by the Officer in Charge who was appreciative of the donation of 15 bibles and sanitary pads. By the time of visiting, the facility was housing 162 prisoners who were all in the farm digging.

Nyabirongo is found in the mountains of Rwenzori which is mainly cold many times. Nyabirongo is the newest and smallest prison facility in Kasese with 52 prisoners. We donated to them 15 bibles, 5 to the officers and 10 to help the prisoners. We were welcomed by the officer in charge.

We ended with Katwe prison which is found near L Edward. L. Katwe and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The facility is headed by the Officer who is a strong born again and an evangelist. It was the only facility that allowed us access to the prisoners. We shared the word of God and 78 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.

This is found at the border of Uganda and DRC. We found 16 suspects in the cells and donated 3 bibles to the cell to help them receive the word of God. We thank God for the great opportunity to serve the lost but found in prisons.

This has become our church because we have been given the open door without reservations. We have been able to preach in the cell four times this month with 13 souls coming to Christ. we have been able to maintain tea and bites during our visits. Many suspects who have been released have endeavored to contact us for more time for the gospel and allocating them to churches for parenting.

Richard at the various prison facilities and Police stations he visited


The responsibility of teaching children will always go a long way to help equip kids to live by and make better decisions when they grow up. Our heart’s desire Is to see Children Learn, Grow, and Encounter God through various ways such as Bible lessons, teachings, singing and interactions. We have quality Bible Study sessions that teach them about the Word of God, worship with them and teach them free devotion and dedication to God.

We also teach them to Walk in ‘the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us’ Ephesians 5:2. We also teach them to memorize and recall or recite the verse throughout the day under their breath.

Rachel kalembe teaching the children the word of God during their sessions at Namugongo and at Matugga


On 18th April, we held an eye camp at St. Luke Anglican Church Ntinda. The eye camp was in partnership with GUARDIAN OPTICS which offered free reading glasses to people. We were able to work on 119 people who has different optical issues ranging from reading, allergies, and cataract which is solved by surgery. Surgeries were referred to the GUARDIAN clinic at a subsidiary price. We pray for resources to always sponsor a fully frigid eye camp that can cater for all those issues. We left the camp when all the congregation was very happy for the service. They’re ready to always avail us their premises and congregation for the service.

A recently concluded eye checkup and treatment medical camp at Ntinda.


We visited the triplets on Good Friday and blessed them with Easter message of love and salvation. We took along with us food stuffs and soap. We found them in good shape and celebration mood for Easter. They are very much excited to school come June. We look forward to their going to school. Their parents appreciated the great support that always comes from Christian Model Ministries.

A visit to the triplets and family blessing them with Easter groceries and food stuffs


Karamoja has always defined our heart of mercy and has stood a test of time since 2012. Karamoja is located in the North Eastern part of the country with a population still under the poverty line. The reason for that chronic poverty is because of poor climatic conditions and political instabilities. They mainly depend on pastoralism and mining but they haven’t enjoyed the fruit of their labor. As a ministry, we saw it prudent to use two weapons; evangelism and education which has been proved beyond doubt to be the best approach for the development of any community. Currently, we sponsor 27 kids in primary and secondary levels with 2 in Kampala. Due to the pandemic, we had taken a full year without visiting Karamoja. When school started for the candidates, we also failed to make it due to Ministry of Health guidelines.
On 19th April, we made a maiden visit to visit, evangelize and assess the developments of all the seeds we have sowed in Karamoja. We met all the kids and a few parents and guardians of whom we shared the word of God, testimonies and presents (clothes and foods). Some kids were found to have left school going for other businesses and not ready to go back. One of our girls was found with the baby and married to a bodaboda cyclist but ready to resumes school mostly likely vocational training for tailoring skills. She was able to sit for her final exams which is a great indicator to her commitment. We thank God for the kids that kept optimistic for school amidst pandemic
temptations and challenges. We also visited some schools Like Acherer primary school which has 5 of our Moroto kids, Moroto Parents school and Kotido mixed and interacted with the school administrators. They were so
appreciative for the support we offer to the kids that attend their schools.

We later visited Shalom Reconciliation Centre which we support on a monthly basis. We were highly welcomed by the directors who were so appreciative for the great support that came in the time they needed it most. They toured us around their facility where we met the few kids that were not at school.


The Bible Training class for pastors and church ministers.

Both classes are going on very well. The New Testament class has reached a level where the students are more independent in their studies and this makes the class much easier for the student and staff. The class has just concluded the studying of the gospel of Luke and now studying the book of Acts. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Numbers. Both classes are going on very well and we are receiving very encouraging feed back from the students.

Kato Edward teaching the Old Testament Bible Class.

We are grateful to our co-workers who are regulary praying and supporting us in many ways. Thank you so much.

God bless you.

CMM Team

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