November 2021

A merry Christmas to you all our co-workers in Christ, We pray that the Lord will continue to keep you well and strong during the festive season and the New Year 2022.

And as we (CMM Team) come to the close of 2021,we continue to thank the Lord for the gift of Life and the opportunity for us to be part of what He is doing in this Nation of Uganda.

Here are our November updates.


Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in East Africa located in Kabale District South Western Uganda 346km from Kampala city. The lake is surrounded by the Bakiga people whose population of about 30,000 people, their main activity is fishing, crop growing and tourism coming from the Lake attraction.

On a daily basis over 500 people cross this lake for farming, schooling, church, shopping, trade, and other essential activities. Majority of these travelers use local canoes or pipes joined together as the mains of transport without lifejackets. This endangers their lives with an estimation of over 15 persons drowning and dying annually on the lake.

As a ministry, we found lifejackets as a main tool to evangelize to the people in that area. We crossed L. Bunyonyi to Buhutu village in Mugyera. We were warmly welcomed by the local community and commended for being the first team to visit this area with an outreach.

We donated 50 lifejackets to families, the beneficiaries were traders, families with school going kids and farmers. 14 adults gave their lives to Christ and were given bibles to help them walk the journey of salvation. 32 children also gave their lives to Christ and were given materials to help them at home. We also gave them clothes and shoes. We bless the Lord for the mission and the safe journey to and from Kabale.


Uganda Christian University is an Anglican Church founded university located in Mukono district 32km East of Kampala city along Jinja road. It’s the second largest private university with a population of more than 30,000 students. It has a theological college for the clergy as well.

We were invited by the chaplain having known us to have a passion for Evangelism missions and outreaches. The purpose of this mission was to evangelize to students, staff and the nearby community. We preached in lecture rooms, student Halls of residences and the community outside the university compass. We also had online preaching and radio programs.

By the end of the week around 800 students and very many were delivered from spiritual bondages like alcoholism, pornography, drugs and sex habits.

In the same mission, we visited the university police station where we preached to the officers and the suspects.


We had a mission trip to karamoja region with the purpose of visiting children, teaching them the word of God, assessing their school home work, praying for them and playing with them as well. We also interacted with their mothers together with the elderly women of this community and shared with them the word of God, Primary Health Care, Food Nutrition and hygiene.


We visited police stations such as Seeta, Wandegeya, Kiira road, Jinja road and Central Police Station.

The ministry went on very well and 178 suspects and 42 officers gave their live to Christ. After sharing the word of God, we shared with them drinks and snacks.


Testimony from pastor Naigaga Josephine, a C-TBS graduate.

The inductive approach has added much to my understanding of the scriptures. And as a pastor and minister, this course has opened my eyes to the scriptures, to the Lord and to my self.

Studying the scriptures inductively has already simplified my work, these days, any scriptures that i read makes more sense. I can see a personal message and message for the congregation. It has been so good for me as i now share from the riches in my heart and not just my head. From what God speaks to me ,i now pick what to share with the church congregation yet at the same time, i can see that there is still alot to learn in the Bible to teach them. I thank God for the Lord for the Bible training course.

C-TBS Graduate Pastor Naigaga Josephine of Fountains of Living water Church in Kyetume shares with us her life changing transformation after taking C-TBS course

Thank you for praying and encouraging us in this work.

God Bless.

CMM Team.

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