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Rutenga Archdeaconry Centre Church of Uganda

It’s a great pleasure to report that Mission Rutenga was successful, as anticipated a lot was achieved, there were many salvation stories, restorations, and healings achieved through evangelism and the prayer counselling ministry. There were over 700 teeth extractions and 100 referrals made through the dental program. Great thanks go to all of you who prayed, contributed money and played a prominent role at all levels in ensuring the success of this mission. “May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge” Ruth 2:12

Mission Rutenga was the first of its kind. The mission was hosted by Rutenga Archdeaconry Church of Uganda from the date of 24th-27th of April 2016. The Mission was coordinated by Christian Model Ministries, a Non-Governmental Organization that strives to demonstrate the love of God to disadvantaged communities in Uganda and beyond. The theme of the Mission was “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” based on Matthew 11:28.

The Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management Sciences-Mulago Dental School offered a hand in effecting this mission by sending 30 members of its finalizing students as their field work to carry out dental services which included: oral health education, dental checkups, teeth extractions and referrals.

Rutenga Sub County is located in South Western Uganda, Kigezi sub region, Kanungu District. In terms of distance it is approximately 446km from Kampala city centre. According to the Rutenga Sub County development plan of 2011/12-2015/16 the population of Rutenga Sub County was estimated at 32,984 persons with 16,150 men and 16,834 women as per mid 2011 population projections.

Mission Rutenga was targeted to reach out to 6,000 people. There was an arrangement to set up two stations one at Rutenga Archdeaconry centre and another one at Mafuga Primary School, so as to cover a wide range of the population and at the same time bring the services nearer to the people. Mission Rutenga was non-denominational, non-political, non-discriminative and non-racial. People of all ages, gender and physical disabilities were reached.

Objectives of the Mission:

  1. Reaching Rutenga Sub County and the neighbouring areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. To reach out to the people of Rutenga Sub county with Medical Dental Services.
  3. To establish networks and partnerships for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

On Sunday 24th of April 2016, Rutenga was filled with bliss when the long awaited team of dentists from Mulago and hardened missioners from Christian Model Ministries, led by Director Dan Muwanguzi, arrived in Rutenga at Mr. Kanyasi’s home where they were going to be hosted for the period they would be in Rutenga. On the team was Musimemta Florence the seasoned western Uganda gospel artist, her presence on the team added flavour in the entire agenda for many had anticipated physically seeing her. The other members on the team were Richard Byamugisha, Ivan Twinobusingye, Blessing Ampumuza, Recheal Kalembe, Deborah Namuhe, Idah Nganda and Olive Baryamujura.

Without delay, the team was led to the dining table where people faithfully ministered to their stomachs. After Dinner, Mugarura Ivan Stuart (Co-host) took the team through the tentative program they were going to follow thereafter. The medical team was later driven to Rutenga Health Centre III, where they were to have their accommodation.

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The Team of Dentists and Missioners having Lunch

Monday 25th of April after having breakfast, the team split into two groups. One stationed at Rutenga Archdeaconry centre as the other one went to Mafuga Primary School, a distance of approximately 10 KM. The teams met with different people, offering Oral education, screening, teeth extraction and prayer counselling services for those with spiritual issues. Meanwhile a delegation led by the Rutenga Archdeacon travelled to the Diocese of Kinkiizi to meet the Diocesan Bishop with the intention of establishing networks and partnerships for the advancement of such programs in the Diocese. A down to earth person indeed, the Bishop who was found in a meeting when he heard about the delegation hailing from the Rutenga Mission, without hesitation, awarded audience to the team, highly appreciated them for the initiative and thereof asked them to let the trend continue!

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The Dental Mission in Progress

On the same day in the evening, people from all walks of life converged at the Rutenga Archdeaconry centre to catch-up with the evening revival crusade, the session was ushered in with songs of praise and worship and later Oliver Baryamujura, a great evangelist from Mitoma district-Western Uganda, led the gathering into the gospel; expounding on the theme, Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”, her humour, combined with her great testimony, moved the crowds to receive and rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

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The crowd of people that turned up for the evening Revival Crusade during the Praise and Worship session.

Tuesday 26th of April, the entire team joined at Rutenga Archdeaconry centre and established one major station working on people with different issues including prayer counselling and dental related services. The team that was to go to Mafuga Primary School was hindered by the bad weather at the time fearing its effect on the roads that were under construction then.

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(Left) Oliver Baryamujura and Racheal Kalembe taking a woman through a prayer counselling session.  (Right) Richard Byamugisha addressing the children of Mafuga Primary School

Many things can be talked about this mission but the awesome moment that was experienced on the Tuesday evening can never be rubbed off the memories of the many that came to witness with their own eyes of what transpired. On that evening, many people of all races and ages gathered at the Rutenga Archdeaconry Centre for this electrifying moment. In the house was the popular local gospel Musician Musimenta Florence, and seasoned preacher Rev. Bekesiga Christopher.

The session began with a flash of hot praise and worship and later Oliver Byaryamujura took to the stage and gave her moving testimony chapter and verse of how the Lord has been merciful to her; delivering her from an occult background and at the same time delivering her from the HIV/AIDS scourge, it was touching, it was transforming! That’s when an altar call was made and hundreds came to Christ.

After the moving testimony, Mugarura Ivan Stuart (Diplomat 1) took to the stage and sang one of his recorded songs- Prince of Peace, this was a curtain raiser inviting Musimenta Florence to the stage who lavished the expectant gathering with numerous songs from her many Albums. At this moment you would see the animation born from the congregation which did not stop dancing and singing to the tunes of this popular gospel musician’s songs. The session ended with a praying and deliverance session for those that needed healing of many sorts.

Wednesday 27th April was the day to handle the remaining cases; over 50 people were worked on that same day as the team was preparing to leave. After having Lunch, the team proceeded to Karukata-Nyarushanje in Rukungiri District where they were to have one day delivering the same services.

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The Dentists handling the remaining cases at Mr. John and Canon Grace Kanyasi’s home.


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