Welcome to CMM

What is Christian Model Ministries?

  • Christian Model Ministries is a new mission organization in Uganda with the vision to advance the education of Uganda and surrounding African countries with Bible teaching as well academic and vocational skills training.
  • Dan Muwanguzi is an accomplished Christian Bible teacher and minister who has a big heart for God, reaching the lost, solid Bible education, and supporting impoverished children and unemployed youth with academics and vocational training.
Dan Muwanguzi teaching God's Word to students.

Dan Muwanguzi teaching God’s Word to students.

CMM Overview

  • Vision for equipping and providing Christian and Biblical education coupled with academic and vocational training to disciple and transform Uganda and neighboring East African Countries.
  • New ministry launched in 2011.
  • Currently 1 full-time (Dan) and 8 part-time (15 hours a week) ministers.
  • Incorporated NGO in Uganda and part of the National Born Again Pentecostal Churches.

Impact to Date

  • Trained over 140 local pastors and ministers from 5 districts in Uganda coming from 35 different churches and various denominations.
  • Paid school fees for 37 children in Northern Uganda.
  • Currently training 17 women in hairdressing as a vocation.
  • CMM alumni help take care of orphans, helping over 800 children.
  • Conducts 2 open air crusades a year, with 180 people on average making decisions to follow Jesus.


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  1. kenneth williams

    HI Dan I can not get through to your email other then here can you write to me then I will have your mail address thanks ken williams

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