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January 2021

2020 was a year of trials, tragedies and tears as COVID-19 pandemic upended lives and plunged the world into suffering and grief. However, We have began the New Year 2021 with great zeal to serve . To add to the recovering from the lockdown, the country had political election tensions which affected our program operations, movements and the whole system due to the uncertainty.

We began the year with various ministry performance evaluations ,assessments and appraisals while planning ,allocating and budgeting for the new year in all our ministry arms. I. Prison ministry
II. Medical outreaches
III. Kampala Children sponsorship
IV. Children fellowships
V. Youth fellowships
VI. Women ministries
VII. Mercy ministries
VIII. Housing project
IX. Butaleja ministries
X. Karamoja ministries
XI. Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)


We held an annual general meeting/fellowship on 24th January 2021 and was attended by
all CMM members. We had a powerful word derived from John 1:1-5. The Holy scripture was encouraging us not to be so gentle as we encounter the world because that same gentleness has caused sin to take over our environment. The youth were encouraged to use the opportunity as an exposure to evangelize.
The annual report and annual plan was unveiled to the all the members.
We had great testimonies of jobs, marriages, new houses, kids and spiritual empowerment that members encountered despite the lockdown. We fellowship and prayed together.

CMM volunteers fellowship held at Florence’s residence/home


we resumed our children meetings/ fellowships after 2 weeks of festivals. The demand
from parents and children was too high that we couldn’t wait any longer. It was highly attended with great testimonies from kids who had travelled upcountry or to any other place. We shared with them the word of God and eats. It was so powerful.
We thank God for the grace to minister to the little angels.


Youth youth fellowships resumed as well. This time round the number had decreased because some maids were still in villages. We thank God though because the few who attended were so hungry to hear form God. They highly embraced the start and package for the year. The next Sunday, we opened another youth fellowship from another vicinity and it was highly attended.
The parents and caretakers were so happy for that fellowship since the long holiday has highly affected
them. We agreed to always meet every Sunday at 5pm.


We give God all the glory for the grace to minister in police cells and prison . The following have
been visited;
I. Seeta Police Station
We have been able to visit Seeta police station twice this month. The ministry at Seeta bears instant
results because of its proximity making discipleship easier. During the visits, we managed
to feed the inmates with breakfast which included tea and chapatti.
Four souls came to Christ during the ministry and many others renewed their faith in Christ Jesus.
We give all the glory to God for enabling us.

II. Lugazi Central Police Station
Lugazi Central police station is found in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District which is 52km along Jinja
road. The police station was visited on 26th January and we gave them 3 bibles that were received by the
officer in charge.

III. Buvuma Island District Police Station
On 26th January, we visited the above station which is located in the islands of Buvuma on L. Victoria. It’s
one of the far to reach areas in the geography of Uganda. Reaching there one has to use water canoes,
boats and the ferries. We used a boat that had 15 occupants who never had any protective gear. We
reached safely and we were able to find our way of our accommodation before embarking to the
ministry. We were welcomed by the Officer in Charge (OC) who is a believer and strong Christian. He
narrated to us the challenges in the islands under his command. The district has 54 detached small
islands which have small police administrations posts. He appealed to us to help them and start a church to help them reduce the crime rate.
We preached to 24 suspects who were in the small cell that was meant to be for 7 people. 22 of them
gave their lives to Christ as their personal savoir. We prayed for the deliverance.
We donated 5 bibles to help them in understanding the word of God.

IV. Buvuma prison
On the same date, we visited the above facility which is 4km away from the police station. We were
welcomed by the office in charge who gave us a warm reception.
Due to high restrictions imposed upon them because of covid, they couldn’t allow us to meet the
prisoners. We donated to them 15 bibles to help them in spiritualty.
At the time of visiting, the station had 86 prisoners of which 8 are women.
Many of the prisoners are not natives but the people who come to work in the island from different
parts of the country. The officer told me that he has Acholi, Bafumbira, bagisu, bakiga and baganda.

V. Kiyindi Police Station
Kiyindi Police Station is found on the landing site of Kiyindi on L. Victoria in Buikwe District. Being a
landing site, it has similar challenges as those of the islands. Very many people are at the peak of their
evil senses. The advantage of it is that it has many churches which are very much doing great work of
nurturing the spirits.
We donated 3 bibles to the station to help them in curbing the crime rate.
We preached to the suspects in the cells and 4 gave their lives to Christ.
We bless the Almighty for the Grace to travel and win souls.

Richard visiting the various POLICE and PRISON centers on Buvuma Island and Kiyindi as mentioned above.

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies ( C-TBS )

Dan Teaching the New Testament class at God’s Center of Blessings Church-Bweyogerere

The New Testament Bible class started on the 6th of February. we have received 17 students from 5 different churches and the Old Testament shall be starting later this month. It is so good to be back in our Normal C-TBS class setting compared to learning on remote. Please continue to hold these training programs and other CMM ministries in your prayers. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement to us.


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