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November – December Update

We praise the Almighty God for the far He has bought us and we say Ebeneezer. God granted us an opportunity to minister to the souls of many and reach to them with the acts of Great


Lira is found in Northern Uganda 324km from Kampala City. It’s a district composed of low income earning peasants. Lira city is the capital of Lango sub region which is surrounded by districts like Dokoro, Aleptong, Oyam and Apac districts. The people from that region are called the Langi. In this outreach, we fully sponsored the medical part and our partner, Pastor Aguma Basil of Saints Harvest Church helped with our welfare. We worked on 154 dental cases for (2) two days on 15th and 16th November 2019 with 4 dentists. Many of the above cases were extractions with few cases of referral. Being in urban setting. Many people were coming from the above mentioned neighboring districts.


The CMM team taking on the dental outreach.

Visiting the CMM triplets

On the 9th November, we got another opportunity to visit the triplets. We were joined by our friends from Namugongo fellowship cell, with us we carried items to help them in Christmas clothes for both the children and parents, food stuff, sugar and soap. The family was left happy.

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The triplets after they received their Christmas package.

Home Evening fellowship.

The home fellowships were a blessing to our ministry. The Bethany Altar and Namugongo home cell were ministered to. People came to Christ and the love of God was greatly manifested. We give all the glory to God for empowering us.


The Home fellowship happening.

Bible distribution.

On 9th December 2019, we visited pastors from the mountains of Rwenzori in Western Uganda. We gave them 40 Bibles in the Kinandi language. Kasese is 371 km from Kampala city. Its inhabitants are Bakonzho. We got a report that many pastors who occupy the Mountain lack Bibles. So we responded by giving 40 Bibles as a Christmas gift to 40 churches. Some pastors walked 16 miles to come and receive Bibles. It was Joy immeasurable for that part of the village. We hope to visit them again and add more Church Bibles and Minister to them medically.


Distributing bibles.


Kalangala Prison Ministry.

On 14th December 2019 we travelled to the Island in Kalalngala District. We took the message of Peace to the hearts of Men.

We visited 2 Prisons on those Islands which are 28km apart.

In Kalangala prison, we donated to them 8 Matresses and 6 Bibles. These were the first mattresses ever to enter their prison cells. The prisoner danced with Joy beyond. The Prison administrators were highly grateful for the great ministry.

On that visit, we found 56 Prisoners of which 4 were women.


Headed to the Islands of Kalangala.

Kabale Regional.

We had another opportunity to preach to the suspects in Kabaale Regional Police Station. It handles criminals from Kigezi region. What comprises of Kabale , Rubanda Rukiga, Kisoro, Kanungu and Rukungiri districts.

We preached to 43 suspects and 18 gave their lives to Christ. We donated to them 2 Runyankore and Rukiga Bibles.


Ready to preach in the Prisons.

On 23rd December 2019, we ministered to the people of Bwambara, Rukungiri district – my home Village. The dental outreach was carried out in Partnership with the natives of Bwambara who live in Kampala.
47 people were worked on by 2 dentists, all the people were for extractions.


The dentists helping out the community.

Children Ministry

On Christmas day, we had a great package for children. We prepared them great material for coloring, great music, sermon and gifts.

We ministered to 387 Children below 12 years. It was so refreshing and inspirational. We thank GOD for all those great souls that were ministered to.


CMM ministering to the Little ones.


By the time we graduated the O.T and N’T classes late October / Early November, we had started a new class This consists of only pastors all from around bweyogerere. A good number of pastors in this area had already done the C-TBS, but the other remaining ones requested that we meet with and teach them every Tuesday from 8am to 10am. We have been with this group since the beginning of November.

A bunch of 26 pastors who are currently learning the inductive approach and studying the new testament.

We have received very encouraging testimonies, many had never read or preached from the book of philemon until of recent when they went through this book with us.

One of the pastors had started writing a book and had given up but three weeks in their course, she picked on where she had left her book two years ago. She says that this course opened her eyes and simplified her approach in continuing with her book.

Many are now confessing that their approach in searching for Sunday sermons has changed as they now have plenty to preach and teach in their churches.

We as staff are finding this a very interesting class as we interact with individuals on a regular basis as they can right away relate what is going on in their churches, and communities etc.


The pastors’ class.

Please keep us in your prayers with this on going class.

And now around this time, we are also starting to visit different churches and encourage all church ministries to join our expected 2 bible classes due to start beginning of March.

CMM staff members are out doing many things, ministering in prisons, hospitals, schools, churches, children, praying and encouraging individuals.

We thank all our friends who are standing with us in prayers and supporting this work financially. May the Lord richly bless you.

Happy new year.

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