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October Update.

October was a very busy month with a number of activities around the country. We saw the hand of God in the prisons, villages, churches, and school ministries. This time round, CMM was blessed to host members from TUPS (David, Linda, Emily, Pr. Jeff and Ric) who took part in all the above activities.


We had a great ministry in the Buyuki community. Buyuki is found in Luwero district 54km North of Kampala along Gulu highway. The outreach took place on 29th Oct. and 295 people were worked on. The outreach had Dental services, Eye services, Cancer screening, and sensitization services, Diabetes and High Blood pressure screening services.



Dental Services;

In partnership with a team of 22 dental students from Mulago Dental school headed by Allan Akankwasa, CMM and TUPS helped treat community members with dental problems. We worked on 112 patients who got services like extraction, scaling and dental sensitization. David from the TUPs team was on the support staff, Emily and Rick did the dispensing of drugs. Linda helped in cleaning and sterilizing the forceps. All the patients were worked on.



Eye treatment Services;

The eye treatment services were given by the assistance of ‘Guardian Optics’ found in Kampala along Martin road. The team was headed by Mr. Sonko Elvis and we worked on 42 patients who were given reading glasses and eye drops at a subsidiary price. 15 of them were given free reading glasses because they couldn’t afford the cost at all.



Cancer Screening Services;

The Lord connected us to the Uganda Cancer Institute who sent a team of 5 people to give free services to people. The services included; Prostate Cancer Screening 16 men above 40 years were screened of prostate cancer and 1 was found with cancer. Breast Cancer – 30 women were screened of breast cancer and 2 were found with cancer. Cervical Cancer – 27 women were screened for cervical cancer and 1 was found with cancer. All 4 people were referred to the Uganda Cancer Institute for further help. The team was sent by Dr. Noreb Mugisha and headed by Yusuf.

High Blood Pressure And Diabetes;

Dr. Edwin Okello did the great work in screening 125 people with diabetes and High blood pressure, 34 people were found with High blood pressure and 21 with Diabetes.



Spiritual Clinic;

The spiritual clinic was headed by Ps. Jeff Candell helped by Ps. Nsumba Godfrey as the translator. Many people were prayed for and others counseled of different spiritual issues.



We appreciate God for the support team that helped in putting things together, the LC 1 chairperson of Buyuki for the great mobilization and groundwork, Ps. Ritah Kiyingi for the great work in registration and welfare. God bless you, Pr. Ssemwogerere for organizing people in their different tents, The youth Hub team for the great coordination on ground and supporting the medics, Searchlight of God Ministries Matugga and Wobulenzi teams for the great support in organizing and guiding patients.

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Together with the TUPs team, we visited 3 prisons, Kasangatti, Butaleja, and Kotido all three prisons were served with a drink and a bite and the word of God. Kasangatti didn’t allow us in but we were able to pray with their representatives. In Butaleja we met 58 prisoners of which 1 was a lady. Ric peached with Emily about the love of Christ. 16 prisoners gave their lives to Christ of which 5 were Muslims. In Kotido we preached to 106 prisoners of which 16 were women. Ric and David preached the love of Christ and 68 gave their lives to Christ. We also shared with them sodas and cakes including the prison offers. We also gave each lady a packet of sanitary pads. All that was possible because of the good heart of the TUPS team.


We visited a couple of churches in different parts of the country. These include;

Bulenga church

This is pastored by Pr. Justus Muhwezi and they meet four times a week. On Wednesday 30th October we met the ministers for 2hrs. David and Ric talked about the authority, great commission and the coming of the messiah. They also had one on one prayer time and the Spirit of God moved mightily.

Butaleja church.

We visited Butaleja Christian model church which was started by CMM. The turn up was very low due to the time factor but Pr. Jeff preached and encouraged Christians to remain strong.

Acherer PAG.

church We visited the Acherer PAG church found in Moroto District in Karamoja. Pr. Jeff preached in the main church, Emily, Linda, and Racheal preached in the children’s church.




We visited the kids in different parts of Karamoja;

Moloremu kids.

These are under the Divine care ministries. They have a Child Development Centre which is the only learning center for kids in an area of around 5000kids. The community gave out their land in order to educate their kids. We met 365 kids whom we shared the word of God to plus biscuits and other gifts.



Acherer kids.

CMM sponsors 5 kids from Acherer where we even drilled a borehole. We gave them gifts and helped the P7 candidates with food to eat the next day. We prayed for their success.



Kotido kids.

We at CMM sponsor 8 kids from kotido who live in different manyattas. We met them in the manyatta that belongs to Loyo Jenipher. The same visit turned into an open-air evangelism crusade. It attracted around 35 village people. Around 15 gave their lives to Christ. We discussed many issues with our children and we were highly encouraged. We later shared some eats and prayed together.


We visited the CMM supported triplets on 19th October to help out with their livelihood. On the light, we brought supplies like sugar, soap, porridge flour, and Bread. The triplets later met the TUPs team on 26th October and it was of great joy.




We are grateful to God for the clothes and other gifts brought for the children in Uganda by the TUPS team on their trip to Uganda.




The new testament class which has been running since March graduated on Sunday 27th/October/2019 with 19 students from 5 different churches. The occasion took place in a Sunday church service at Mukono Deliverance church. This is a time of celebration and good testimonies from the students who have been working so hard studying inductively every book of the new testament.




The TUPS team from Victoria Canada were our guests of honor on that day and they gave out certificates to the graduands.

Afterward, we shared a meal with the students and their guests.

The O.T class, on the other hand, had 13 of the students that successfully completed the study of the old testament. This class was running at God’s center of blessings Chruch but the 13 students came from 4 different churches.

The occasion took place during a Sunday church service on 10th/October/2019.

We are so grateful to the Lord for the contribution of these bibles courses towards the discipleship of the Nation of Uganda.



Training of pastors and ministers at their locations allows them to continue with their routine work as they study each book of the Bible using the inductive approach. This is such a powerful and very effective discipleship tool in our churches today.

We are so thankful to the Lord for all the friends that stand with us in prayers and financially as this enables us as staff to continue doing our work more effectively.

Thank you so much.

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