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September 2020

We praise God for the grace that helped us, September has seen so many people come to Christ in prisons and police stations. Below are some of the police stations that were visited and the prison.


SSENTEMA PRISON: Ssentama prison is located in Kakiri town council 37km along Hoima Rd in Wakiso district. It houses 636 prisoners at the time of visiting. We donated 20 bibles to help the prisoners access the word of God. We were not allowed to access the prisoners due to the restrict measures set by the government. The prison administration confessed to us that they were lacking the bibles meaning we were the first to donate to them.

KAKIRI POLICE STATION: Kakiri police station is found in Kakiri police station is also found in Kakiri Town Council along Hoima Rd Wakiso district 37km from Kampala city. The police station Officer in Charge welcomed us warmly and helped us to understand the challenges they face in the community which include corruption in their bosses, mistrust from the community, poverty, unemployment and many others. We were able to donate 10 bibles to help and guide them in reducing the crime rate. Statistically they handle 35 people daily and more meaning our bibles will reach 110 people in a month and close to 12,000people in a year.

SEETA POLICE STATION: Seeta police station is located 18km from Kampala city along Jinja Rd in Mukono district. The station opened doors to our ministry and no one can access their cells except at our recommendation. Each week we visit we see the mighty hand of God changing lives and reconciliation with families. This month we preached to close to 130 people and 46 came to Christ.

ENTEBBE CENTRAL POLICE STATION: Entebbe central police station is found in Entebbe city close to the international airport. The station by its nature is so security sensitive and very conscious. The station was having 42 suspects by the time of visiting and all classified as dangerous. According to the hierarchy, it’s like a referral where other stations refer their dangerous suspects. We donated 8 bibles.

ABAYITA ABABIRI POLICE STATION: The above station is found few miles from Entebbe city. It’s one of the growing towns along Entebbe road. With development in Uganda, it goes along with crime rates shooting. The police station handles such crimes that comes along developing syndrome. We were blessed to visit them also on 22nd September and donated 4 bibles. The cells had 15 suspects at the time of visiting.

Richard Donating Bibles to the POLICE officers


Our team has been meeting with and ministering to the children each Sunday. The Hand of God in children, understanding the scriptures and change of behaviors as testified by their parents. Rachel and Molly have nurtured the kids and explained the scriptures depending on the ages.The kids below 5 yrs have been given printed work for coloring and this has motivated their attendance.

Rachel Praying with the children and Richard exercising with them


This month we identified a group of youth in our vicinity who were not ministered to. These included the neighbor’s youth and maids whose age is between 17yrs to 23yrs. We begun a fellowship has picked up steadily. Each of the 7 youths was given a personal bible depending on their favorite language (Luganda, English and Runyankore-Rukiga ). They promised to call their friends who are near each Sunday evening until schools resume.

Rachel ministering to the Youth

WOMEN MINISTRY The women ministry has resumed after a long lockdown. The target group of women are widows, single mothers, and other less privileged women. In Uganda, that class of women has remained vulnerable and are prone to all kinds of abuses. We decided as the ministry to develop activities that can minister to their spiritual, social, psychological and financial needs. This has helped us to minister the word of God to them easily due to the developing relationship. Due to the situation in Uganda and the rest of the world, we decided to work with small groups of women. This month we Learnt to make things from soy which include; milk, coffee, animal feeds and doughnuts from the residues. This will improve their family nutrition and help them to start an income generating activity which will help support them financially. This month we begun with 6 women but we expect the number to increase as time goes on. We don’t take all the above for granted because not by power nor by might but by the spirit of God. Zech 4:6

Rachel Teaching women how to make soy products for self sustainance

Rachel Speaking to CMM child Cissy Nanyange and her grand mother

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)

In the past years around this time, we would be looking forward to passing out(Graduate) students from the New Testament and the Old Testament classes. But this year, both classes stopped in March a few weeks after setting off. Later in July, some of the Old Testament students resumed their studies on correspondence. We have been sending them printed materials to study by them selves as guidance so that they can keep going. This too has been with some challenges as we could not keep the same studying pace as before and the other challenge we had is ministers/Pastors try to survive during the lockdown due to COVID’19. Some had to shift/change locations when trying to find something to do to keep their families alive. So these students have done their best in the C-TBS but could only do as much as they are giving priority to their families making sure they survive during this period. We will be able to draw a better organized C-TBS program for both Schools next year. For now we keep encouraging those that can maintain their C-TBS-O.T work at their pace and those who have maintained have benefitted a lot and are giving us very encouraging feedback. Some students we have interacted with during this period have clearly expressed that the continuation of the inductive Bible Study during this period has helped them a lot and simplified some of the challenges that came with the COVID’19 season. It’s always encouraging to us to listen to such and more testimonies from our students.


We thank God for all the above ministries that he refreshed our lives. We hope to move further than the past by God’s grace. God bless you all. CMM

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