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April update

Prisons Ministry

By the grace of God, CMM has continued visiting prisons and police cells around Uganda and in the month of April we managed to reach out to 3 police stations sharing the love of Christ.

Seeta police station.

This had 68 suspects that day and this number was due to the increased crime rate in the Easter celebrations season. We ministered to them about the unending love of Christ and 13 gave their lives to Christ.

Wandegeya police station.

This was the biggest visited this month. It housed 107 suspects at the time most of whom were hard core criminals. We continued sharing the love of christ through the word and 18 gave their lives to Christ.

Namugongo police post.

This by virtue of to the police post size houses a small number as compared to the above. We found 13 suspects who were charged on offences ranging from petty theft to domestic violence.

Hospital Ministry 

CMM has continued with routine visits to patients in Mulago hospital. We went to the men’s ward and attended to 5 men who had no attendants. we helped them shave their hair, cutting fingers nails, bathing them, etc.

Family alters

The family alters fellowships have continued happening on a weekly basis. In the month of April, we held fellowships every Monday in Namugongo and at Bethany every Wednesday and the emphasis this month was to ensure people revive their relationship with God in the month of remembering the resurrection of Jesus.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-23 at 16.21.21

The family alter fellowship at Bethany.

The C-TBS 

The OT class is now studying the book of Deuteronomy. The NT class is now studying the gospel of Luke and their next book will be Acts and this will introduce us to the study of more Epistles.

Both classes continue to be exciting and different students share good testimonies of what God is doing in their lives and ministries, some saying that they no longer take long working on their Sunday sermons and many themes keep coming up as they study the bible.


Dan with the class at Bweyogerere.


We as CMM are very thankful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in the nation. We thank all our supporters and prayer partners. Your role in these ministries is key. Thank you very much.

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