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Butaleja Mission Report – September 11th – 13th, 2014

Dear friends and CMM co workers. This is the summery report of the above mission.

The CMM team of six members, joined with the dentists from Mulago hospital conducted a “Dental” outreach in Butalejja. This again turned out to be very sucessful and interesting. We are so grateful to those that are regularly praying with and for us in these missions.

This was a two day mission. The activities involved:

  1. The dental outreach;
  2. Praying for and counselling individuals;
  3. Sharing the Gospel, on one to one approach;
  4. Ministering to the children;
  5. Meetings with the Local pastors and distributing disciple ship books;
  6. Teaching women how to grow mushrooms.

Many people turned up those two days to get dental treatment, extract the bad teeth and to get dental education. This happened after prayers and sharing with the community – the purpose of such outreach.

Richard working with the dentists before the Buteleja outreach.

Richard working with the dentists before the Buteleja outreach.

Pulling out teeth.

Pulling out teeth.

We usually start by teaching the people how to care for their teeth. And this is usually done by the profesional doctors. The idea here is that “prevention is better than curing”

Teaching about caring for teeth.

Teaching about caring for teeth.

During the two days, we worked on 328 people that came with tooth related problems. And most of there people had their teeth extracted while a few needed treatment or advise.

Every person we attended to during those two days received a gift of a piece of Colgate and tooth broth. These too were very well received. We had 38 people give their lives to Christ during those one to one sessions of praying, counselling and talking to individuals. In some incidents, there are individuals who came specifically because they wanted to accept Jesus and these could approach any of us with such a request.

Rachel teaching some of the children.

Rachel teaching some of the children.

We also had the opportunity to meet with many who had accepted Jesus during our previous visits and we received some exciting testimonies from some of them.

Working together with “Uganda Ministries”, we met with over 45 local pastors from different churches. Our goal in this is to emphasize the significance of discipleship training within our local churches in Uganda. We gave out the Discipleship Books (written by David and Anona Banks) , one for each church. These were very well received and the pastors promised to make good use of these materials.

Rural pastors in Uganda receiving the Disciple training book, one per church.

Rural pastors in Uganda receiving the Disciple training book, one per church.

But besides giving out books, CMM always endevours to maintain good relations with the local pastors in all the areas where we minister. And also emphasise the significance of unity as churches as one of the keys in reaching out to our nation which consists of more than 40 different tribes (Langueges).

Florence Wanaswa and the other CMM ladies taught how to grow mushrooms “professionally” for consumption but also as business. Such is one of projects that every lay person can manage financially but if done well as guided, can be used for home consumption but also for business. Florence met with ladies twice to teach them how to grow mushrooms. CMM will run a mushroom sample project in Butalejja in the next few months to work as a model for those who will pick this up. CMM will also be providing the seedlings, advice, and any other practical help to those who will be interested. The purpose of this is to help more especially the mothers to get some small income out of such projects.


19th October 2014 – will be a Thanks Giving day. We will be inviting all those we have worked with us in different capacities, and all CMM family members will meet at Florencis place (one of the CMM members home). We will praise and worship together, share a “GOOD MEAL’, dance and cerebrate, share testimonies what every good thing that we have seen the Lord doing since we started. And share the future vission of CMM with every one who will be there. Please keep praying with us regarding this.

In later November, we will be visiting Rukungiri with an outreach very similar to that of Butalejja, as outlined above.

And finally, we will go for the end of year Mega missions in Butalejja during the New Years Eve as usual.

Please keep praying with us in regards to those.

The two C-TBS Classes are continuing and going on very well.

CMM Members are so grateful to the Lord for what has happened so far. And look forward for what is yet to happen. We are so thankful.

With much love and greetings;

Dan Muwanguzi

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