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October 2020

Dear friends/co-workers, we thank God who has kept you well and enabled you to continue with all that you’re doing. Here is our CMM October report.


1.Nyabuhikye prison:

Found in Ibanda District 310km from Kampala city in South Western Region of Uganda. The region is predominantly occupied by Banyankole and Bakiga with other few subtribes who also speak Runyankole Rukiga language. The prison was constructed in 1969 after Mbarara prison became so occupied. We visited the prison on 7th October and we were highly welcomed by the officer on Guard. We couldn’t be allowed to minister to the prisoners, so we prayed with the prison officers.
We donated to them 20 Runyankole Rukiga bibles which were highly appreciated.
It’s on record that we took them the first bibles to that prison which will help 587 prisoners.

2.Kiburara government prison farm:

Also found in Ibanda District which is 358km from Kampala city along Kamwenge road. The farm prison is the largest in South Western Uganda with the population of 2705 prisoners. Believed to have been constructed in 1967 to handle hard core criminals with hard labour in the farm. It has the largest prison farm in Uganda with the labor entirely provided by the prisoners. It has more than 600acres of maize which is the main source of food in all the prisons. It rears
cows, goats and hens alongside the maize growing. By the time of visiting, many prisoners were in the farm digging in heavy rain. On 7th October, we visited the prison donated 25 bibles to them which were received by the Deputy Officer in charge.

3.Rubindi Police Station :

We visited the Station located 38km from Mbarara city in South Western Uganda. At the time of visiting, the Station had 7 suspects; 6men and 1woman who all had petty crimes. We preached the gospel to them and 6 received Jesus as their personal savior.
We donated 6 bibles to the Station to help them in advancing the gospel.

4.Igorora Police Station:

The station is located 56 km from Mbarara city in Ibanda district. The place is preoccupied by Banyankole who are mainly Matooke farmers. We donated to the station 5bibles which were received
by the OC. We were not able to preach to the suspects since they were in court. The station handles 45 cases weekly.

5.Ibanda District Police Headquarters:

This is found in the heart of Ibanda town which is predominantly occupied by the Bnyankole, Bakiga,
Rwandese, Batooro and many other tribes.
We visited the Station on 7th October and found 24 suspects; 21men, and 3women.
We preached to them and 18 gave their lives to Christ. The Holyspirt manifested greatly in the cells and
many were delivered from the demons.
We donated 8 bibles to them for advancing the work of God in the police station.

6.Seeta Police Station:

God has given us the grace to keep going to Seeta police station on a weekly basis. The wide door opened to us has led many souls to Christ on every visit. The month of October has led 42 souls to Christ.

7.Kiwatule Police Station:

located in Nakawa Division, Kampala city on the Northern bypass road with many private organized homes around it. It mainly secures a certain class of people in Kampala city. We visited it on 15th October and donated 3 bibles to the station that were received by the officers

8.Maganjo Police Station:

Found in Nabweru Division Nansana Municipality along Bombo rd. 8km from Kampala city. It’s in central region and so many suspects speak Luganda. We visited it on 13th October, and welcomed by the Officer in Charge. We preached to the suspects and 6 gave their lives to Christ.

9.Kawanda Police Station:

Located in Nabweru division, Nansana Municipality 13km from Kampala city along Bombo. Its situated in a pre-urban area with lots of people setting up small businesses. The station receives around 60 suspects per month.

10.Rukungiri District Police Headquarters:

This is in the Kigezi Sub-region in Western Uganda 387km from Kampala. We visited the
station on 8th October and donated 7 bibles to help them to advance the work of God. Being the district police headquarter, it handles many suspects of many categories. They handle 60 cases daily.

11.Mulago Police Station:

Strategically located with in Mulago National Referral Hospital which is in the heart of Kampala city. It’s mainly established to secure the hospital facility which is the biggest in Uganda. Most of the suspects are thieves who steal from patients, attendants and the staff. On 20th October we visited the station and donated to them 2 bibles to help the suspects access the word of God.


We thank God for the children ministry that has continued to advance in great power. The children are no longer waiting for the Sunday fellowship, we have organized weekly fellowship any time of the day.
They even organize themselves and do praise and worship and recite the scriptures they learnt the previous Sunday. Sunday has now become the day of celebration, adding more knowledge of the Word and scriptural assignments. We have included in sports in the Sunday program to break routine. We sub divide them into 2 groups (2yrs-5yrs and 6yrs-10yrs). Each of the small groups are catered for differently due to their learning abilities. The 2-5yrs group are usually engaged with playing bible games, singing, shading bible pictures and storytelling. The 6-10yrs are able to read the bible, ask questions and answer questions. They also like singing, poetry, rhyming and bible quiz. Each Sunday has a topic which gives them assignments.
We thank God for the grace that has made it easier and opened the door for us to serve.


Due to extended lockdown for schools, we decided to help our kids with some study time. This came after some students became redundant which was going to result to bad behavior. During the study session, they are equipped with formal knowledge, informal knowledge ( skills)
and the word of God. We expect to handle this session till the children return to school in January 2021. The kids have gained a lot through this month and the parents and guardians are happy about the move.


The youth ministry as earlier mention is targeting the maids (domestic workers) in our vicinity, and High school youth who are 16yrs and above.
The number we had targeted was 7, but now they have increased to 12. They mainly meet once a week; 5pm on Sunday. We mainly 3 languages of communication; Luganda, English and Runyankole Rukiga. All the youth were given personal bibles. We found it prudent to minister to the youth in Namugongo and Kagoma being the place with our easy access.
The youth have given us the great reception and have showed great hunger for the Word of God. Each of the sessions we have had has paused a great challenge and enthusiasm to meet more youth.
We thank God for the open hearts towards the word of God.


Around this time, CMM starts focusing more on the end of year missions in Butalejja. We have started meeting, praying, brainstorming and planning for this 2020/2021 Butalejja mission. Teams will be visiting and ministering but observing all COVID-19 prevention government given guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. We will not be able to run our usual Open Air Gospel but we shall be; -Visiting and ministering in different community churches. -meet and pray with individuals. -Pray with and minister to children in smaller manageable numbers and many other activities. Please keep praying with us as we plan this End of year missions.

We are always grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to be part of what of he is doing in this Nation and we thank all our friends/co-workers who are standing with us to continue in ministry.

God bless.


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