January 2022

Dear Christian Model Ministries friends, we are hoping and praying that 2022 is going on well with you all. Here is what has been happening in this ministry.


We were permitted to visit the surgery ward, this had patients with all kinds of surgery from injuries and accidents. Many people here were without attendants, among them was a man who was abandoned by the family and left to die. We found him with a severe wound and was in great pain. We gave him some medicine. He has improved greatly. We look forward to helping more people as we preach and pray for healing.
The hospital administration requested for soap, salt and a jerry for patients. The requested items are helpful in hygiene and sanitation purposes.


We visited 2 prison facilities in Mbarara and the police station, we were denied entry into the prisons but we were allowed to preach at the Police station every Saturday morning for 3hours.
We received the news with gratitude and immediately started the assignment. we have visited the facility twice and preached to 214 people. 72 have given their lives to Christ.


With the full re-opening of the country after a long lockdown due to the covid’19 pandemic, children were allowed to congregate again in church, having been stopped for a long time. We hold children sessions ,where we teach and nurture them in the word and ways of God.


We carried out Dental out reaches in two places Kawempe and Matugga. During both outreaches , many people were worked upon. Together with the dentistry team of doctors , we did hurting tooth extractions, fillings and complicated cases where referred to the major hospitals. We gave out toothpaste and brushes ,we also taught proper dental hygiene. We carried out counselling, shared the word of God and prayed with the people as well.


Both bible Classes, the New and Old Testament classes are nearing graduations. These have taken long compared to our usual one year classes. But thank God we are finally there and our students have made it to the end.

Currently ,we are visiting churches and sending word out for those that would want to join our classes that are starting on the first week of April.

Please pray with us that the Lord will again bring the right bunch of students for 2022.

We’re grateful to the Lord for you our friends that pray and encourage us in many ways.

Thank you so much.

God bless.

CMM Team.

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