August 2021

We always thank God for the privilege of being part of what he is doing in our nation Uganda. We are grateful to you our friends/co workers in Christ who support, pray for and encourage us in this work. The Lockdown has now been relaxed a little bit more and churches too will be able to congregate with a maximum of 200 people, which gives more room for many church members to be able to meet again to worship and share the word of God in our usual congregational way. We thank the Lord for that as CMM because most of our work has to do or is very much related to churches and communities.

August has been another fruitful month and below are some of the activities/ministries that the Lord has enabled us to be involved in.


We have visited Seeta police station this month where we met close to 60 suspects and 18 souls
got born again . The prisoners and officers were so expectant.
We thank God for the souls which gave their lives to Christ. We donated 3 bibles to the cells .


Tororo Central Police Station is found in Tororo municipality which is 210km from Kampala in
Eastern Uganda near the border of Kenya and Uganda. The region is mainly composed of tribes of Itesots and the Japhadhola people . Both tribes have their relatives in the neighboring district Kenya. Our visitation was received by the Officer in Charge. We donated to them 6 bibles in English and Japadhola. The officers were appreciative of the donation which was the first of its kind. They requested us to plan for the officers’ bibles.

The facility is 5km away from the town and also serves as the prison farm land . At the time of our visit, we found the prisoners planting maize and cotton. We were welcomed but denied entrance to the premises due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions. We donated 16 bibles in languages of English, Japadhola, Luganda and Lunyole. The bibles will be helping more than 500 prisoners learning the word of God.


We distributed cassava food in this area of katanga and have used the exercise as a tool to preach the gospel of love and kindness to the families/ homes that received the food.
Katanga is found in the Central Division in Kampala city between Makerere hill and Mulago hill. It is the largest slum in Kampala city which is the hideout of many criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts, alcoholism and all other disorderly vices. Due to those conditions, the place is full orphans, idle youth and single mothers. Edward Kato( CMM member), donated his garden of cassava to the people of Katanga during this month . The food was distributed twice with the help of the Local council leadership chiefs who helped us identify the most vulnerable families and homes that needed help. We harvested and donated sacks of cassava which benefited many families.


With the uplifting of the lockdown, we resumed our weekend youth sessions at Namugongo with the teenage girls, teaching them the word of God, primary health care, personal hygiene and public etiquettes. The class is good and all our participants returned expectant, looking forward to the upcoming sessions.

Rachel Kalembe with the teenage girls teaching them the word of God


For the last few months ,the C-TBS course has been run on remote because of the Lockdown. Some of our students continued with their coursework but at their individual pace and upon completion sent it to us for marking. This approach didn’t favor most of the students as it involves computers, emailing, whatsApp and at times phone calls that many do not have access to. The few that continued with their work have always given us a very encouraging feedback.

Usually, every end of October, we have been passing out( giving Certificates ) to the New Testament and Old Testament graduates but we will not be able to do that this year. At the moment, we are trying to work out how and when we can get all our students in the class setting helping those that are behind to catchup. At the same time being very careful as the COVID-19 challenge is still very big in Uganda. Please keep praying with us as we work this out.

Thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support to us. We pray that the Lord continues to keep you well in him and to keep blessing all the works of your hands.

God bless you.

CMM Team

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