May 2021

We CMM Team are very grateful to the Lord for being part of what He is doing in this Nation(Uganda). The encouragement, support and prayers from all our friends/ co-workers has a very significant role in all that we do.


we had medical outreaches which became a great a venue for us to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus to people while treating their bodies of various illnesses.

On 4th May, we ministered to the people of Buyuki Luwero District with Optical solutions. We ministered in partnership with the Guardian Optics based in Kampala Uganda. We had last ministered to the people of Buyuki with a dental medical camp last year on 17th March just few days before the first country lockdown. We realized that the many people were having sight problems and that day we couldn’t handle each of them. We decided to specifically organise an eye/optics medical camp for the purpose.
126 people were attended to 87 were given free reading glasses. 32 people were referred for cataract surgeries.
We held a one on one counselling session, prayed for persons and preached the gospel in company of Pastor Godfrey Nsumba( SearchLight of God Church -Wobulenzi)

Dan Muwanguzi and Richard Byamugisha Speaking to the people and the optical doctors, helping the people get eye check-ups.
Rachel Kalembe and Pastor Godfrey Nsumba having a counselling session and Praying for the people/patients. Also assisting on the registration desk.

On 7th May, we ministered to the people of Namugongo in Kira Municipality Wakiso district 23km away from the city centre. The camp was done in partnership with the Lions Clubs International to create awareness in diabetes and High blood pressure, a silent killer disease in Uganda today. A lot of Ugandans are suffering from diabetes and High blood pressure due to lack of knowledge about it. 286 people were attended to 201 were screened. 51 were referred for further medical services in the government health centres. We thank God for that open door and partnership.

On 22nd May, we held the biggest medical outreach in Bwambara, Rukungiri District in Southwest Uganda 414km from Kampala city.It was done in partnership with Bwambara Lions club, Guardian Optics, Rukungiri Local government, Carol Atuheirwe foundation and Mulago hospital. We worked on 1358 people in the following services

1)Dental Services
573 people were helped with dental challenges where by 376 got their teeth extracted while the rest were referred for more specialized medical services.

2)Optical Services
604 people were attended to with optical problems. 411 received free reading glasses
47 were referred for cataract surgeries at a free cost from partner friends.

3)Diabetes and high blood pressure.
724 people were screened of diabetes and high blood pressure 37 were found with diabetes
More than 1000 people were sensitized about diabetes.

4)Cancer Screening
125 people were attended to 46 were screened prostate cancer where 2 were found suspicious 79 were screened of breast cancer and cervical 12 were referred for further tests. More than 1200 people were sensitized of cancers

5)Minor Surgeries like Hernia
We had one hernia surgery at the camp led by Dr. Denis who happens to be a friend of CMM. Other 7 people were referred to Nyakibale Hospital which is found in Rukungiri town. We bless the living for giving us the platform to preach the gospel.

On 24th May,we partnered with Jajja(Meaning “Granny”) ministries led Pr. David Mugabi who organized the medical outreach in Kiboga. We partnered with the ministry by donating medicines (painkillers and antibiotics) , 428 people were helped mostly the elderly in the community since it’s the category of people their ministry emphasizes to help.


Seeta police station is our frequent go to prison which the officers have opened for us to preach the gospel weekly. We have ministered to around 100 people in May with 38 coming-to Christ. We thank God for the grace that has led people to Christ. we hope to start monthly fellowship in this place.

On 25th May, we visited Kaiti prison which is found in Namutumba district, BUSOGA sub region, in Eastern Uganda 187 km from Kampala. Due to COVID restrictions, were not allowed to enter in the facility but were given opportunity to pray with a few prisoners. We donated 12 bibles, 10 Lusoga and 2 English, in order to help the prisoners, read the word of God. By the time of visiting, we found 86 prisoners of which 3 were women.

Invukula is 43 km from Kaita prison. By the time of visiting, they had 45 prisoners. We donated 7 bibles, 6 Lusoga and 1 English to the prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is found 144 km a way from Kampala city. Kaliro prison was constructed in 1937 under the colonial era. By the time of visiting, we found 206 prisoners of which 6 were women. We were happy to find that the officer in-charge is Pr. James with a ministry based in the neighboring district. We donated 16 bible 14 Lusoga and 2 English.

We visited the above prison on the same date which is 162 km away from Kampala city. The prison was constructed in 1935 under the colonial rule. It’s one the largest prisons in the BUSOGA sub-region. By the time of visiting, we found 372 prisoners who are mainly capital offenders. We donated 17 bibles of which one was given to their pastor (Pr. Ruth) who’s also a prisons officer.

This is found in Kamuli municipality which is found in BUSOGA subregion. It’s a kilometer away from Kamuli prison.
It’s the smallest with 38 prisoners who are currently with small sentences. We donated 6 bibles to help them extend the gospel to the inmates.

We visited Kamuli Police station on 26th May and were highly welcomed by the officers in
charge. We donated 4 bibles to minister to the suspects.

The prison facilities we have visited and preached the gospel , prayed and donated bibles to the suspects and in-mates.


A few days ago, we have had to stop the formal C-TBS bible classes upon the second wave of the pandemic hitting the country and a Lockdown was declaired stopping all gatherings and congregating. Some of our students will continue their studies remotely, But majority prefer the formal classroom setting approach. We are in touch with our students, encouraging them to do as much as they can during the Lockdown. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Deuteronomy and the New Testament class is soon completing the book of Romans.

Dan Muwanguzi Checking C-TBS students work.


Due to this second wave of the covid’19 pandemic, Ugandans are experiencing a very difficult time. The central part of the country is being affected the most. The increasing Covid’19 cases on a daily basis is alarming. Treatment of severe cases is too expensive for the majority of Ugandans. Most hospitals are already overwhelmed with sick people and on top of that the country is on a 42days total Lockdown. Please continue to pray with us along these lines.

Thank you so much for taking time to read through our May update. And thank you so much for your continuous prayers for us. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you in all that you do and for his protection upon you and all your families.

Love in Christ,   


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April 2021

We thank God so much for the prevellage of being part of what he is doing in our Nation Uganda. April has been another exciting month and below is the report on what has been happening


Uganda has 254 prisons with more than a million prisoners. Currently, the rate of criminality has tripled leading to overcrowding of the current prisons thus affecting their health and hygiene.
As a ministry, we have been able to visit around 42 prisons with close to 250,000 prisoners in Western and Central Uganda giving them more than 15,00 bibles, boxes of soap, mattresses, sanitary pads, food stuffs and other essentials. In this April, we have been able to visit 6 prisons in Kasese district with a total of 1455 prisoners.

We visited Ibuga prison on 7th April 2021 at 2pm. Ibuga prison is at the border of Kasese and Bunyangabu districts and at the time of visiting, Ibuga had 598 male prisoners with no female. It’s mainly a farm prison with many acres of land for maize farming. At the time of visiting, they were coming from the garden to plant maize and others to weed.
We blessed them with 25 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole Rukiga and English languages. They were received by the Officer on duty who highly appreciated the offer. The whole prison facility was having only 3 bibles from individual prisoners.

On the same date, we visited the above prison which is 23km from Ibuga prison. Mubuku prison is the biggest facility in Kasese district that was established in 1970. It’s also an agricultural prison with very many acres of land for farming. It was discovered that many prisoners in Mubuku are transfered from many facilities from the whole country due to the security detail found in place. At the time of visiting, we found 525 prisoners with 6 female prisoners. The facility is developing a big vocational building to help prisoners with skills that can help them become productive responsible citizens after their sentences. We blessed them with 22 bibles and 2 boxes of sanitary pad for women.

On 7th April, we ended with the above prison which is in the middle of the town. By the time of visiting, we found 96 prisoners with no females. We blessed them with 12 bibles in Kinandi, Runyankole-Rukiga and English languages

On 8th April, we visited Bwera prison which is found at the border of Bwera-Mpondwe border with Congo. We were highly welcomed by the Officer in Charge who was appreciative of the donation of 15 bibles and sanitary pads. By the time of visiting, the facility was housing 162 prisoners who were all in the farm digging.

Nyabirongo is found in the mountains of Rwenzori which is mainly cold many times. Nyabirongo is the newest and smallest prison facility in Kasese with 52 prisoners. We donated to them 15 bibles, 5 to the officers and 10 to help the prisoners. We were welcomed by the officer in charge.

We ended with Katwe prison which is found near L Edward. L. Katwe and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The facility is headed by the Officer who is a strong born again and an evangelist. It was the only facility that allowed us access to the prisoners. We shared the word of God and 78 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.

This is found at the border of Uganda and DRC. We found 16 suspects in the cells and donated 3 bibles to the cell to help them receive the word of God. We thank God for the great opportunity to serve the lost but found in prisons.

This has become our church because we have been given the open door without reservations. We have been able to preach in the cell four times this month with 13 souls coming to Christ. we have been able to maintain tea and bites during our visits. Many suspects who have been released have endeavored to contact us for more time for the gospel and allocating them to churches for parenting.

Richard at the various prison facilities and Police stations he visited


The responsibility of teaching children will always go a long way to help equip kids to live by and make better decisions when they grow up. Our heart’s desire Is to see Children Learn, Grow, and Encounter God through various ways such as Bible lessons, teachings, singing and interactions. We have quality Bible Study sessions that teach them about the Word of God, worship with them and teach them free devotion and dedication to God.

We also teach them to Walk in ‘the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us’ Ephesians 5:2. We also teach them to memorize and recall or recite the verse throughout the day under their breath.

Rachel kalembe teaching the children the word of God during their sessions at Namugongo and at Matugga


On 18th April, we held an eye camp at St. Luke Anglican Church Ntinda. The eye camp was in partnership with GUARDIAN OPTICS which offered free reading glasses to people. We were able to work on 119 people who has different optical issues ranging from reading, allergies, and cataract which is solved by surgery. Surgeries were referred to the GUARDIAN clinic at a subsidiary price. We pray for resources to always sponsor a fully frigid eye camp that can cater for all those issues. We left the camp when all the congregation was very happy for the service. They’re ready to always avail us their premises and congregation for the service.

A recently concluded eye checkup and treatment medical camp at Ntinda.


We visited the triplets on Good Friday and blessed them with Easter message of love and salvation. We took along with us food stuffs and soap. We found them in good shape and celebration mood for Easter. They are very much excited to school come June. We look forward to their going to school. Their parents appreciated the great support that always comes from Christian Model Ministries.

A visit to the triplets and family blessing them with Easter groceries and food stuffs


Karamoja has always defined our heart of mercy and has stood a test of time since 2012. Karamoja is located in the North Eastern part of the country with a population still under the poverty line. The reason for that chronic poverty is because of poor climatic conditions and political instabilities. They mainly depend on pastoralism and mining but they haven’t enjoyed the fruit of their labor. As a ministry, we saw it prudent to use two weapons; evangelism and education which has been proved beyond doubt to be the best approach for the development of any community. Currently, we sponsor 27 kids in primary and secondary levels with 2 in Kampala. Due to the pandemic, we had taken a full year without visiting Karamoja. When school started for the candidates, we also failed to make it due to Ministry of Health guidelines.
On 19th April, we made a maiden visit to visit, evangelize and assess the developments of all the seeds we have sowed in Karamoja. We met all the kids and a few parents and guardians of whom we shared the word of God, testimonies and presents (clothes and foods). Some kids were found to have left school going for other businesses and not ready to go back. One of our girls was found with the baby and married to a bodaboda cyclist but ready to resumes school mostly likely vocational training for tailoring skills. She was able to sit for her final exams which is a great indicator to her commitment. We thank God for the kids that kept optimistic for school amidst pandemic
temptations and challenges. We also visited some schools Like Acherer primary school which has 5 of our Moroto kids, Moroto Parents school and Kotido mixed and interacted with the school administrators. They were so
appreciative for the support we offer to the kids that attend their schools.

We later visited Shalom Reconciliation Centre which we support on a monthly basis. We were highly welcomed by the directors who were so appreciative for the great support that came in the time they needed it most. They toured us around their facility where we met the few kids that were not at school.


The Bible Training class for pastors and church ministers.

Both classes are going on very well. The New Testament class has reached a level where the students are more independent in their studies and this makes the class much easier for the student and staff. The class has just concluded the studying of the gospel of Luke and now studying the book of Acts. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Numbers. Both classes are going on very well and we are receiving very encouraging feed back from the students.

Kato Edward teaching the Old Testament Bible Class.

We are grateful to our co-workers who are regulary praying and supporting us in many ways. Thank you so much.

God bless you.

CMM Team

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March 2021

Dear friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus, we thank you for your continued prayers and support to us. This is what we ( CMM )have been up to in the month of march.


We have been able to organize 2 eye camps in Kampala metropolitan. They have been organized in partnership with our friends and co-workers in the medical dental field ,the respective church communities and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The camps were entirely free to the public and an easy avenue to the hearts of the people with the hungry spirits for the gospel. These are:

On 20th March, 2021, we held our first medical outreach ever since the country went into the
lockdown due to the pandemic. We had last had one on 17th March 2020 and we really were hungry
for the noble service. Our opening and return to the medical was officially launched by Mama
Florence Wanaswa our Deputy Director at Kawempe Worship Centre which is also her church. It
was a joyous moment which was highly attended by many people who came for a free service.
The noble service was given by our Great partners Guardian Optics found in Kampala city along
Martin Road. Amongst the people who came for the service was a witch doctor who came from the
shrine for help because her eyes were not seeing well. She was worked on and prayed for.
We were able to help 121 people and 39 received free reading glasses. 9 were referred for cataract
surgery which we pray to God for resources to handle their problems.
We thank God for the grace to help the people in Kawempe, Tura, Maganjo and other areas.

Richard, Rachel ,Mama Florence introducing and helping out Kawempe Eye Medical Camp

Buwava is found in Goma Division, Mukono district 25km from Kampala city.
On March 27, 2021, we held a second eye camp at Divine Church headed by Pr. Peter and Phoebi
Ssozi. It was highly attended by people from Kitukutwe, Nabusugwe, Bulindo and other places.
The eye camp was done in partnership with Guardian Optics and Vision Spring who helped us to
minister to 107 people with 58 getting free reading glasses.
We were privileged to preach too many people and one on one counselling. We saw the hand of
God that day touching different people. Our Mighty God healed so many with other spiritual
We bless the loving God for the mighty Hand upon our ministry and channeling a blessing through us
to the needy people.
NB: GUARDIAN OPTICS is headed by Dr. Mike Olilo.

SHOE MENDING PROJECT (young girls and women.)

We started a great venture with girls and women of repairing and mending shoes this will help the girls and women become self reliant. When we are self-reliant, we use the blessings and abilities God has given us to care for ourselves and our families and find solutions to our own problems.

Rachel with the young girls and women teaching them how to repair shoes


Police ministry has been one of the dynamic outreach missions since and is always a blessing as inmates accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. The month of March had 4 visits in Seeta police station where we shared the word of God and drinks to the suspects. We were able to preach to 84 suspects and 13 gave their lives to Jesus and many
others renewed their commitment for the heavenly journey.
We praise the Great God for the grace to preach the gospel to the prisoners who are desperate for
love, care and kindness.


The New Testament Class has been Learning how to use the Inductive Bible Study tools in bible observation and interpretation. And at the same time studying some books and by now they can do their work more independently but with some regular help and guide from us teachers. This coming Sunday, the New Testament class will be starting the study of the gospels and will start with the gospel of Luke. The Old Testament class is currently studying the book of Leviticus and Edward Kato is preparing and will be teaching this class these next 2 weeks.

Pastor Charles Mayinja Teaching the New Testament Class

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement to us. Blessings


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February 2021

We are so grateful to the Lord for being part of what he is doing in this Nation (Uganda) and we’re grateful too to all the friends/co-workers who pray, encourage and support us in all these areas of ministry.


Both the New Testament and the Old Testament Bible Classes have started. It is so exciting and motivating to be back in a class setting with our Bible Class students. The New Testament class conducted at God’s Center of Blessings Church-Bweyogerere has 26 students from 7 different churches. During the early weeks of the school, we were teaching and guiding our New Testament students how to use the observation and interpretation tools as laid down in our syllabus. At the same time studying the bible books. We are currently studying the book of Galatians. The class is already exciting, some of the students have already started preaching powerful messages from the book of Philemon and Galatians to their church congregations.

The Old Testament Class conducted at the Deliverance Church-Mukono Started on the 7th March. This is a team of students who have completed the New Testament in the previous years. We have 17 students from 4 different churches in this class. We look forward with excitement as we together with our students be studying/learning many Bible principles from the Old and New Testament applying the inductive approach in the bible study.

Please continue to hold our classes in prayers. Most of our pastors that we train or work with have been affected negatively by the lockdown. When the churches were locked, the Pastors’ incomes were “Locked too”. And many are struggling or still recovering from such and more financial related pressures, yet they also need to be into their bible study work fully committed /devoted on top of their pastoral work.

Dan Muwanguzi teaching and with the C-TBS students


On 10th February, we visited Kamwenge prison in Kamwenge prison.
Kamwenge prison is found in Toro subregion which is found in the greater Rwenzori region in Western
It’s 308km from Kampala city which can take 5hrs driving.
Kamwenge is occupied by the Batoro, Banyankole, Batagwenda and Bakiga. All of those tribes mixed farmers
who rear animals and cultivate.
Kamwenge prison is on a very big chunk of land which is used by the prisoners for hard labour to produce
maize corn.
By the time of visiting , they were harvesting and so the prisoners were in the gardens.
We were allowed in the prison premises where we met some prisoners and the prison officers.
We prayed with them and donated 20 bibles, 15 Runyoro-Rutoro, 3 Runyankore-Rukiga, 2 Luganda bibles and
2 boxes of soap to help 423 prisoners.
We prayed with the prisoners and officers.

RWIMI PRISON On the same date, we visited the above prison which is found in Bunyangabu District in Toro subregion in
Rwenzori Region. Bunyangabu is the last district as you’re heading to Kasese district.
Rwimi prison is 342 km from Kampala city and 47km from Fortportal the new city.
It’s the second largest prison by population and coverage after Katojo prison.
At the time of Visiting, it had 714 prisoners.
It’s also involved in great agriculture by planting a lot of maize corn which is distributed in the whole country.
We found trucks loading the maize sacks.
We donated 32 bibles, 20 Runyoro-Rutoro, 7 Runyankore-Rukiga, 5Luganda and 4boxes of soap.
We didn’t interact with the prisoners but with a few officers.

Kibito prison is found also in Bunyangabu district along Fortpotal- Kasese road. It is the smallest in the region
with 54 prisoners but with the biggest land coverage.
Kibito has the similar tribes and cultures as the above prisons.
We donated 15 bibles and 2 boxes of soap.
We were not allowed to meet the prisoners but interacted with the officers

Katojo prison is found in Fortportal tourist city which is the headquarters of Toro subregion in Western Uganda
296 km from Kampala city.
It’s predominantly occupied by Batoro and other few Bantu speakers.
By the time of, the prison was having 1473 prisoners who were picked from different parts of the region and
the country at large.
We donated 25 bibles and 3 boxes of soap which were received by the officer in charge.
We were not allowed to enter the prison premises due to the high risk of Covid they encountered.
It was visited on 12th February and marked the end of Toro subregion prison ministry.

We thank God the Almighty for the wide open door for ministry in Seeta police station.
We visited it twice this month and we saw the hand of God touching and transforming the lives of people.
We preached to 36 suspects of which 5 gave their lives to Christ as their personal saviour.
We shared with them tea and snacks.
We bless the Lord for the Grace He gave us to minister to the saints.

Richard at the various the prisons


During the ministry in Toro Sub region, we did door to door evangelism where we visited around 5 families
preaching to them about the forgiving Love of Jesus. Among them were Muslim families which received
us very well. We were privileged to share the word of God and give them bibles for more encouragement.
We pray for the special visitation in their hearts.


We held a training conducted by Rachel Kalembe with women and young girls teaching them a life skill of how to make reusable sanitary pads for themselves, their daughters and use it for self sustenance as well .We had 10 participants.

Rachel teaching the women and young gals how to make reusable sanitary pads and a sample of the pads

We’re so grateful to the Lord for your continuous prayers and support to us.

Thank you so much. God bless.


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January 2021

2020 was a year of trials, tragedies and tears as COVID-19 pandemic upended lives and plunged the world into suffering and grief. However, We have began the New Year 2021 with great zeal to serve . To add to the recovering from the lockdown, the country had political election tensions which affected our program operations, movements and the whole system due to the uncertainty.

We began the year with various ministry performance evaluations ,assessments and appraisals while planning ,allocating and budgeting for the new year in all our ministry arms. I. Prison ministry
II. Medical outreaches
III. Kampala Children sponsorship
IV. Children fellowships
V. Youth fellowships
VI. Women ministries
VII. Mercy ministries
VIII. Housing project
IX. Butaleja ministries
X. Karamoja ministries
XI. Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)


We held an annual general meeting/fellowship on 24th January 2021 and was attended by
all CMM members. We had a powerful word derived from John 1:1-5. The Holy scripture was encouraging us not to be so gentle as we encounter the world because that same gentleness has caused sin to take over our environment. The youth were encouraged to use the opportunity as an exposure to evangelize.
The annual report and annual plan was unveiled to the all the members.
We had great testimonies of jobs, marriages, new houses, kids and spiritual empowerment that members encountered despite the lockdown. We fellowship and prayed together.

CMM volunteers fellowship held at Florence’s residence/home


we resumed our children meetings/ fellowships after 2 weeks of festivals. The demand
from parents and children was too high that we couldn’t wait any longer. It was highly attended with great testimonies from kids who had travelled upcountry or to any other place. We shared with them the word of God and eats. It was so powerful.
We thank God for the grace to minister to the little angels.


Youth youth fellowships resumed as well. This time round the number had decreased because some maids were still in villages. We thank God though because the few who attended were so hungry to hear form God. They highly embraced the start and package for the year. The next Sunday, we opened another youth fellowship from another vicinity and it was highly attended.
The parents and caretakers were so happy for that fellowship since the long holiday has highly affected
them. We agreed to always meet every Sunday at 5pm.


We give God all the glory for the grace to minister in police cells and prison . The following have
been visited;
I. Seeta Police Station
We have been able to visit Seeta police station twice this month. The ministry at Seeta bears instant
results because of its proximity making discipleship easier. During the visits, we managed
to feed the inmates with breakfast which included tea and chapatti.
Four souls came to Christ during the ministry and many others renewed their faith in Christ Jesus.
We give all the glory to God for enabling us.

II. Lugazi Central Police Station
Lugazi Central police station is found in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District which is 52km along Jinja
road. The police station was visited on 26th January and we gave them 3 bibles that were received by the
officer in charge.

III. Buvuma Island District Police Station
On 26th January, we visited the above station which is located in the islands of Buvuma on L. Victoria. It’s
one of the far to reach areas in the geography of Uganda. Reaching there one has to use water canoes,
boats and the ferries. We used a boat that had 15 occupants who never had any protective gear. We
reached safely and we were able to find our way of our accommodation before embarking to the
ministry. We were welcomed by the Officer in Charge (OC) who is a believer and strong Christian. He
narrated to us the challenges in the islands under his command. The district has 54 detached small
islands which have small police administrations posts. He appealed to us to help them and start a church to help them reduce the crime rate.
We preached to 24 suspects who were in the small cell that was meant to be for 7 people. 22 of them
gave their lives to Christ as their personal savoir. We prayed for the deliverance.
We donated 5 bibles to help them in understanding the word of God.

IV. Buvuma prison
On the same date, we visited the above facility which is 4km away from the police station. We were
welcomed by the office in charge who gave us a warm reception.
Due to high restrictions imposed upon them because of covid, they couldn’t allow us to meet the
prisoners. We donated to them 15 bibles to help them in spiritualty.
At the time of visiting, the station had 86 prisoners of which 8 are women.
Many of the prisoners are not natives but the people who come to work in the island from different
parts of the country. The officer told me that he has Acholi, Bafumbira, bagisu, bakiga and baganda.

V. Kiyindi Police Station
Kiyindi Police Station is found on the landing site of Kiyindi on L. Victoria in Buikwe District. Being a
landing site, it has similar challenges as those of the islands. Very many people are at the peak of their
evil senses. The advantage of it is that it has many churches which are very much doing great work of
nurturing the spirits.
We donated 3 bibles to the station to help them in curbing the crime rate.
We preached to the suspects in the cells and 4 gave their lives to Christ.
We bless the Almighty for the Grace to travel and win souls.

Richard visiting the various POLICE and PRISON centers on Buvuma Island and Kiyindi as mentioned above.

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies ( C-TBS )

Dan Teaching the New Testament class at God’s Center of Blessings Church-Bweyogerere

The New Testament Bible class started on the 6th of February. we have received 17 students from 5 different churches and the Old Testament shall be starting later this month. It is so good to be back in our Normal C-TBS class setting compared to learning on remote. Please continue to hold these training programs and other CMM ministries in your prayers. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement to us.


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December 2020

Serving God in 2020 amidst covid-19 challenges such as the total Lockdown and Political unrests has brought us exceeding Joy. December specifically was basically channeled to Butalejja End of Year Mission and helping to construct Mr.Bafaki Fransisco a new house. It was distinctively a rare ministry but its uniqueness manifested and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ exponentially.


Bafaki is a blindman found in Kanyabusambwe village, Bwambara Subcounty, Rukungiri district in SouthWestern Uganda. He was born 62yrs ago a normal child in a family of ten of which he was the second born. He later got an accident at the age of 8 and one eye got a defect. The parents first applied local medicine which spoilt the eye the more. By the time they took him to the hospital, the eye was beyond repair. So he lost the left eye. As time went on, the right eye also started to lose sight and in the long run it also blacked out
completely. The parents were still alive when he lost sight.
He grew up adopting to blindness and doing majorly all the village work that can sustain him plus family
members chipping in where he couldn’t handle. However, things started to worsen when all his parents
died and some of his siblings who were capable of helping him died. He begun to live a life of begging to
sustain his life. As a ministry, we happened to know his condition through a whatsaap group which was promoting political agendas of some candidates. We took an initiative to visit him on 6th August 2020 and assess his situation to see how we can help. We realized that the main challenge was housing among many other needs. We met, discussed and resolved to build for him a strong house.

On 4th December 2020, the dream of building him a house begun officially and was officiated by Richard
Byamugisha by breaking the ground and collection of materials [ sand, cement, bricks and stones] The next day the construction commenced and it was very great with very cooperative team of workers/
builders. Each day we had an average of 12 workers at the building site but only 8 could be paid. The
rest were volunteers who saw it as an opportunity to identify with the noble cause. On the last day, we organized a party for the official handover where we invited his relatives, church leaders and civil leaders. The people who came brought some gifts for him like, beddings, utensils, clothes and food stuffs. He actually entered a new house with new stuff.
It was joy beyond measure not only for him but the whole community.

Richard with mr. Bafaki Fransisco at his newly constructed house.


As we concluded the year, we decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus to seal the message of our source of salvation and redemption with the children at a party. It was a day of jubilation, singing, dancing, testimonies, eating, drinking, and sharing gifts.
We thank God for the grace that took us through.

Richard with the children at the Christmas party


Given the time and season of the mission, following government precaution measures, we went with a small team for the outreach. Since masses were not allowed to gather due to limiting the spread of covid’19 and the political atmosphere, the mission was restructured to reconstructing a more firm and strong structure for the a local church we are affiliated with whose temporal mud grass-thatched structure had collapsed and was now meeting under a tree. We constructed a more firm structure of timber and poles. We asked the pastor to give out clothes to the community without gathering them. we distributed sanitizers, face masks and gave out food supplies to individual families. The region had been struck with prolonged drought caused by a previous rainy season that had caused floods thus destroying all crops and food. we held a manageable size children session and taught them the word of God. The number of children who attended were boys than girls. Most of the boys were between 12 – 15 years. In Butaleja the number of early marriages is increasing. By the time a girl is 15 years old and not in school, they want to get married. We also had a women’s small gathering where we taught them how to make re-usable sanitary towels and pads. we shared the word of God, prayed and encouraging them in the Lord Jesus.

Rachel with the children teaching them how to wear masks properly and assisting them with school work.

Rachel teaching women how to make re-usable sanitary towels and pads
Reconstructed church Structure and Rachel standing close to sacks of clothes being donated to the community

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)

Embracing the New Year 2021,both the New and Old Testament classes conducted at different locations will be starting early February. The New Testament Class has so far registered 23 students from 5 different churches and the Old Testament has 17 students from 4 churches. The C-TBS staff has done all the necessary arrangements and preparations looking forward to the starting day. Please keep us in your prayers. Both classes will be running to the end of October 2021.

We thank you much for your prayers, support and encouragement to us.

A Happy New Year 2021


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November 2020

Reaching out to persons with the gospel has healed their hearts and had their dreams restored, they can’t help but realize that this same God we have loves and cares for them, too. This month has been of so many signs, wonders and miracles during ministry. We have seen a great harvest into the kingdom of God from all the individuals and congregations we encountered.


1.SEETA POLICE STATION; We visited the station 5 times this month than the normal 4 we have been visiting them. Each time we have visited, we have shared with the suspects snacks, tea and the word of God. Again each time we have visited, people have come to Christ and repented their sins. The Police administration has
confirmed that our ministry has impacted the whole community since whoever receives changes completely and s totally transformed.
In this whole month, we have recorded 32 people who have come to Christ from the station but have preached to 127people. Some of the suspects have joined church and are being followed up for discipleship.
The police officers have also been ministered to with 3 receiving bibles for more encouragement.

Nagalama Police Station is found in Mukono District 36km from Kampala along Kayunga road. It’s usually used to incarcerate politicians on the opposition side due to the distance from the city. We visited it on 6th November and preached to the suspects. 3 suspects for the first time of
which 2 were Muslims. We were helped by ASP. SIMON who is a police officer but also an apostle by calling. On the day of our visit, he felt something in spirit that something is going to happen in the police station. When we reached, we were the confirmation of what he was praying for that morning. He is a spirit-filled man who is passionate about preaching the word of God and praying for the sick. He however lacked the bibles.
We equipped the station with 5 bibles. We were told that they receive close to 80 suspects monthly who are picked from Kayunga, Wakiso, Mukono and Kampala. The suspects are at all ranges of crimes and ages. Roughly, they receive 1000 suspects annually.

Kasangati Police station is found in Wakiso District 8km from Kampala city along Gayaza road. Its famous for being the home of 2 opposition politicians; Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and RTD. COL. KIIIZA BESIGYE.
We visited it on 6th November to preach to the suspects. Unfortunately, we didn’t because the officers were not available to secure us.
We donated 3 bibles to help the suspects access the word of God.
We were told that they receive around 45 suspects monthly making it around 500 suspects annually.

Mukono is found 25km along Jinja road. The Police headquarters are in the town of Mukono. It handles very many cases around 100 per month making it 1200 suspects annually. We usually visit it once a month.
We donated 5 bibles to replace the old ones. We preached to 47 suspects on 9th November and 13 gave their lives to Christ.

Kiira Police Division is found in Kiira Municipality 18km from Kampala city in Wakiso district. It’sa very busy station which handles around 120 suspects monthly making it 1500 suspects annually. We were allowed to preach to the station every Thursday of the week after a lot of negotiations.
We visited the station twice this month and preached to 63 suspects of which 9 gave their lives to Christ.

Nansana police station is situated in Nansana municipality 13km along Hoima road. It’s in a very highly populated area with many you thus high crime rate. We were allowed to visit the station every Tuesday to preach to the suspects. According to the records, Nansana receives close to 2000 suspects annually. We have visited the station 3 times and 14 suspects gave their lives to Christ out of the 85 suspects we preached to.
We gave 5 bibles to individual suspects and 2 to the cell for reading.


As earlier reported, we begun a youth ministry at home where we meet 8 youth every Sunday. The number is steady and the impact of the ministry in their lives is evident. we were currently reading the book of James and each of them shared what they learnt from the book.
The parents and guardians also bare witness seeing a difference in the lives of these youth. We pray for more strength to press on.


The children ministry like the youth ministry, has continued to grown . The children have developed tremendous skills in God that are so amazing. Each Sunday is like a party at our home because they expect a lot of physical and spiritual food. Racheal has showed a lot of parental love for the kids thus drawing them to the heart of God the best parent. This coming month will be focusing on Christmas and its relevance.

Supervision of the CMM children’s work especially those in Starting secondary or High school with the new curriculum.


We are teaching women to make medicine and juice out of Aloe Vera extracts this helps to treat scabies, ringworms, burn and scars and its also a good skin moisturizer getting rid of pimples both in women and children. The juice also helps balance the PH of the body increasing oxygen and reducing inflammation. We managed to extract both gel and juice from the Aloe Vera plant.


In February, we partnered with an Anglican church called St. Luke Ntinda to prepare a dental outreach in Namugongo which was very successful. This month, they were celebrating the great things God used them to do of which that dental outreach was among. As partners, we were invited to preach and elaborate more about our ministry. Richard preached to a congregation of 5000 people both physical and online under the theme “GIVE
THANKS ALWAYS” We give all the glory for that chance which is the second of its kind.

The moments are always remarkable and we cherish the times we’ve met people in their moments of pain or need and been able to see first hand how Jesus heals and saves. We give glory to Jesus. Many thanks to all our partners who are with us in prayers and financial support.

Merry Christmas and a better 2021, God Bless you.


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October 2020

Dear friends/co-workers, we thank God who has kept you well and enabled you to continue with all that you’re doing. Here is our CMM October report.


1.Nyabuhikye prison:

Found in Ibanda District 310km from Kampala city in South Western Region of Uganda. The region is predominantly occupied by Banyankole and Bakiga with other few subtribes who also speak Runyankole Rukiga language. The prison was constructed in 1969 after Mbarara prison became so occupied. We visited the prison on 7th October and we were highly welcomed by the officer on Guard. We couldn’t be allowed to minister to the prisoners, so we prayed with the prison officers.
We donated to them 20 Runyankole Rukiga bibles which were highly appreciated.
It’s on record that we took them the first bibles to that prison which will help 587 prisoners.

2.Kiburara government prison farm:

Also found in Ibanda District which is 358km from Kampala city along Kamwenge road. The farm prison is the largest in South Western Uganda with the population of 2705 prisoners. Believed to have been constructed in 1967 to handle hard core criminals with hard labour in the farm. It has the largest prison farm in Uganda with the labor entirely provided by the prisoners. It has more than 600acres of maize which is the main source of food in all the prisons. It rears
cows, goats and hens alongside the maize growing. By the time of visiting, many prisoners were in the farm digging in heavy rain. On 7th October, we visited the prison donated 25 bibles to them which were received by the Deputy Officer in charge.

3.Rubindi Police Station :

We visited the Station located 38km from Mbarara city in South Western Uganda. At the time of visiting, the Station had 7 suspects; 6men and 1woman who all had petty crimes. We preached the gospel to them and 6 received Jesus as their personal savior.
We donated 6 bibles to the Station to help them in advancing the gospel.

4.Igorora Police Station:

The station is located 56 km from Mbarara city in Ibanda district. The place is preoccupied by Banyankole who are mainly Matooke farmers. We donated to the station 5bibles which were received
by the OC. We were not able to preach to the suspects since they were in court. The station handles 45 cases weekly.

5.Ibanda District Police Headquarters:

This is found in the heart of Ibanda town which is predominantly occupied by the Bnyankole, Bakiga,
Rwandese, Batooro and many other tribes.
We visited the Station on 7th October and found 24 suspects; 21men, and 3women.
We preached to them and 18 gave their lives to Christ. The Holyspirt manifested greatly in the cells and
many were delivered from the demons.
We donated 8 bibles to them for advancing the work of God in the police station.

6.Seeta Police Station:

God has given us the grace to keep going to Seeta police station on a weekly basis. The wide door opened to us has led many souls to Christ on every visit. The month of October has led 42 souls to Christ.

7.Kiwatule Police Station:

located in Nakawa Division, Kampala city on the Northern bypass road with many private organized homes around it. It mainly secures a certain class of people in Kampala city. We visited it on 15th October and donated 3 bibles to the station that were received by the officers

8.Maganjo Police Station:

Found in Nabweru Division Nansana Municipality along Bombo rd. 8km from Kampala city. It’s in central region and so many suspects speak Luganda. We visited it on 13th October, and welcomed by the Officer in Charge. We preached to the suspects and 6 gave their lives to Christ.

9.Kawanda Police Station:

Located in Nabweru division, Nansana Municipality 13km from Kampala city along Bombo. Its situated in a pre-urban area with lots of people setting up small businesses. The station receives around 60 suspects per month.

10.Rukungiri District Police Headquarters:

This is in the Kigezi Sub-region in Western Uganda 387km from Kampala. We visited the
station on 8th October and donated 7 bibles to help them to advance the work of God. Being the district police headquarter, it handles many suspects of many categories. They handle 60 cases daily.

11.Mulago Police Station:

Strategically located with in Mulago National Referral Hospital which is in the heart of Kampala city. It’s mainly established to secure the hospital facility which is the biggest in Uganda. Most of the suspects are thieves who steal from patients, attendants and the staff. On 20th October we visited the station and donated to them 2 bibles to help the suspects access the word of God.


We thank God for the children ministry that has continued to advance in great power. The children are no longer waiting for the Sunday fellowship, we have organized weekly fellowship any time of the day.
They even organize themselves and do praise and worship and recite the scriptures they learnt the previous Sunday. Sunday has now become the day of celebration, adding more knowledge of the Word and scriptural assignments. We have included in sports in the Sunday program to break routine. We sub divide them into 2 groups (2yrs-5yrs and 6yrs-10yrs). Each of the small groups are catered for differently due to their learning abilities. The 2-5yrs group are usually engaged with playing bible games, singing, shading bible pictures and storytelling. The 6-10yrs are able to read the bible, ask questions and answer questions. They also like singing, poetry, rhyming and bible quiz. Each Sunday has a topic which gives them assignments.
We thank God for the grace that has made it easier and opened the door for us to serve.


Due to extended lockdown for schools, we decided to help our kids with some study time. This came after some students became redundant which was going to result to bad behavior. During the study session, they are equipped with formal knowledge, informal knowledge ( skills)
and the word of God. We expect to handle this session till the children return to school in January 2021. The kids have gained a lot through this month and the parents and guardians are happy about the move.


The youth ministry as earlier mention is targeting the maids (domestic workers) in our vicinity, and High school youth who are 16yrs and above.
The number we had targeted was 7, but now they have increased to 12. They mainly meet once a week; 5pm on Sunday. We mainly 3 languages of communication; Luganda, English and Runyankole Rukiga. All the youth were given personal bibles. We found it prudent to minister to the youth in Namugongo and Kagoma being the place with our easy access.
The youth have given us the great reception and have showed great hunger for the Word of God. Each of the sessions we have had has paused a great challenge and enthusiasm to meet more youth.
We thank God for the open hearts towards the word of God.


Around this time, CMM starts focusing more on the end of year missions in Butalejja. We have started meeting, praying, brainstorming and planning for this 2020/2021 Butalejja mission. Teams will be visiting and ministering but observing all COVID-19 prevention government given guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. We will not be able to run our usual Open Air Gospel but we shall be; -Visiting and ministering in different community churches. -meet and pray with individuals. -Pray with and minister to children in smaller manageable numbers and many other activities. Please keep praying with us as we plan this End of year missions.

We are always grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to be part of what of he is doing in this Nation and we thank all our friends/co-workers who are standing with us to continue in ministry.

God bless.


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September 2020

We praise God for the grace that helped us, September has seen so many people come to Christ in prisons and police stations. Below are some of the police stations that were visited and the prison.


SSENTEMA PRISON: Ssentama prison is located in Kakiri town council 37km along Hoima Rd in Wakiso district. It houses 636 prisoners at the time of visiting. We donated 20 bibles to help the prisoners access the word of God. We were not allowed to access the prisoners due to the restrict measures set by the government. The prison administration confessed to us that they were lacking the bibles meaning we were the first to donate to them.

KAKIRI POLICE STATION: Kakiri police station is found in Kakiri police station is also found in Kakiri Town Council along Hoima Rd Wakiso district 37km from Kampala city. The police station Officer in Charge welcomed us warmly and helped us to understand the challenges they face in the community which include corruption in their bosses, mistrust from the community, poverty, unemployment and many others. We were able to donate 10 bibles to help and guide them in reducing the crime rate. Statistically they handle 35 people daily and more meaning our bibles will reach 110 people in a month and close to 12,000people in a year.

SEETA POLICE STATION: Seeta police station is located 18km from Kampala city along Jinja Rd in Mukono district. The station opened doors to our ministry and no one can access their cells except at our recommendation. Each week we visit we see the mighty hand of God changing lives and reconciliation with families. This month we preached to close to 130 people and 46 came to Christ.

ENTEBBE CENTRAL POLICE STATION: Entebbe central police station is found in Entebbe city close to the international airport. The station by its nature is so security sensitive and very conscious. The station was having 42 suspects by the time of visiting and all classified as dangerous. According to the hierarchy, it’s like a referral where other stations refer their dangerous suspects. We donated 8 bibles.

ABAYITA ABABIRI POLICE STATION: The above station is found few miles from Entebbe city. It’s one of the growing towns along Entebbe road. With development in Uganda, it goes along with crime rates shooting. The police station handles such crimes that comes along developing syndrome. We were blessed to visit them also on 22nd September and donated 4 bibles. The cells had 15 suspects at the time of visiting.

Richard Donating Bibles to the POLICE officers


Our team has been meeting with and ministering to the children each Sunday. The Hand of God in children, understanding the scriptures and change of behaviors as testified by their parents. Rachel and Molly have nurtured the kids and explained the scriptures depending on the ages.The kids below 5 yrs have been given printed work for coloring and this has motivated their attendance.

Rachel Praying with the children and Richard exercising with them


This month we identified a group of youth in our vicinity who were not ministered to. These included the neighbor’s youth and maids whose age is between 17yrs to 23yrs. We begun a fellowship has picked up steadily. Each of the 7 youths was given a personal bible depending on their favorite language (Luganda, English and Runyankore-Rukiga ). They promised to call their friends who are near each Sunday evening until schools resume.

Rachel ministering to the Youth

WOMEN MINISTRY The women ministry has resumed after a long lockdown. The target group of women are widows, single mothers, and other less privileged women. In Uganda, that class of women has remained vulnerable and are prone to all kinds of abuses. We decided as the ministry to develop activities that can minister to their spiritual, social, psychological and financial needs. This has helped us to minister the word of God to them easily due to the developing relationship. Due to the situation in Uganda and the rest of the world, we decided to work with small groups of women. This month we Learnt to make things from soy which include; milk, coffee, animal feeds and doughnuts from the residues. This will improve their family nutrition and help them to start an income generating activity which will help support them financially. This month we begun with 6 women but we expect the number to increase as time goes on. We don’t take all the above for granted because not by power nor by might but by the spirit of God. Zech 4:6

Rachel Teaching women how to make soy products for self sustainance

Rachel Speaking to CMM child Cissy Nanyange and her grand mother

Church Based Training in Biblical Studies (C-TBS)

In the past years around this time, we would be looking forward to passing out(Graduate) students from the New Testament and the Old Testament classes. But this year, both classes stopped in March a few weeks after setting off. Later in July, some of the Old Testament students resumed their studies on correspondence. We have been sending them printed materials to study by them selves as guidance so that they can keep going. This too has been with some challenges as we could not keep the same studying pace as before and the other challenge we had is ministers/Pastors try to survive during the lockdown due to COVID’19. Some had to shift/change locations when trying to find something to do to keep their families alive. So these students have done their best in the C-TBS but could only do as much as they are giving priority to their families making sure they survive during this period. We will be able to draw a better organized C-TBS program for both Schools next year. For now we keep encouraging those that can maintain their C-TBS-O.T work at their pace and those who have maintained have benefitted a lot and are giving us very encouraging feedback. Some students we have interacted with during this period have clearly expressed that the continuation of the inductive Bible Study during this period has helped them a lot and simplified some of the challenges that came with the COVID’19 season. It’s always encouraging to us to listen to such and more testimonies from our students.


We thank God for all the above ministries that he refreshed our lives. We hope to move further than the past by God’s grace. God bless you all. CMM

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August 2020

THE SBS and C-TBS (Journey in Brief)

A few days ago,my good friend/co-worker Andrew Kiwanuka and i were invited by the School of Biblical Studies (YWAM/ SBS) in Jinja to share with them and talk about the Genesis of the school of Biblical Studies in Uganda.We had a chance to look back(1989) and summarize that long story to encourage the young women and men as we together continue to serving God in the field of Biblical Studies.

So many things came up, one was the fact that the school has produced so many leaders within Uganda and Internationally in different capacities and in all areas of influence,Pastors,Missionaries,Social Workers,Educationists and many more. Our graduates for all the years have in turn touched and impacted many individuals in many communities. I also remembered and shared my story how i joined this training program,it is now about 33 years when i heard the inner voice that spoke to me” to study and teach the bible for the rest of my life“. That voice/conviction was difficult to believe then especially given the fact that the bible is only 66 books to become a full time calling for life. But our God is all knowing up to today,since 1989, studying and teaching the inductive approach in bible study has been and is my priority. I am thankful to God for making me part of this and also thankful to Him for bringing along so many other friends,co workers who have been and are part of this training these many years.God is good.Many thanks to all our prayer partners and co workers in this field of Biblical Studies.


We have been able to reach some families with food donations and supplies thanks to you our partners,supporters and co-workers.

Rachel and Richard giving food stuffs to the triplets and the family at Large


August 2020 has been a month of wonders and miracles in our ministry. Many doors have continued to open in prison ministry amidst the raising cases of covid19 in our country. We thank God for the grace that has taken us through lots of challenges but made us stronger than never before.

MUYINAINA PRISON: We visited Muyinaina prison that is found in Mubende district which 162km west of Kampala. located 43km away from Mubende town heading to the new district called Kasambya. The prison is famous for incarcerating hard core criminals that are subjected to hard labor in farms and quarries. I was introduced to that particular prison by one of the people I preached to and he came to Christ who had been imprisoned there.

KITARYA PRISON: Kitarya prison is located in Mityana district which is 58km West of Kampala. We donated 20 Luganda bibles it housed close 3200 prisoners who are picked from Kampala, Wakiso, and Mityana districts. Most of the current prisoners in that particular prison, are people who defied covid 19 presidential directives. It’s currently housing many nationalities who were caught under that case.

MUBENDE CENTRAL POLICE STATION: We also visited the above station and were given a chance to speak to the suspects. 13 suspects gave their lives came to Christ. In the same spirit we donated 5 bibles to help in the discipleship

SEETA POLICE STATION: Seeta Police Station has been highly visited weekly and the management has been so receptive of the gospel. This week we month we added them 2 English bibles to cater for Non Luganda speakers. In the August, 32 souls came to Christ at SEETA Police Station. We glorify the Lord for the bounty harvest.

KATOOKE POLICE STATION: It’s located in the fast growing slum where the crime rate is growing rapidly. So as the church we step in to preach the word of God to them. Many of the crime committers are  youth who are highly unemployed. Katooke police station houses 20 and above suspects on a daily basis who are got from Jinja Kalori, Wamara, Katooke, Kisimu and other neighboring places. We donated 5 Luganda bibles to the station.

NABWERU POLICE STATION: Nabweru Police station is also found in Nansana Municipality with a fast growing slum. The station houses 18 suspects daily who are mainly youth. The crimes are as a result of unemployment.We donated 3 Luganda bibles to help the suspects in the cells read the word of God.

YESU AMALA POLICE STATION: Found in Nansana municipality along Hoima road.The suspects are mainly traffic offenders with few other crimes included.The station houses 13 suspects daily.We donated 2 Luganda bibles.


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