Dan Muwanguzi’s Teaching at YWAM Soroti

From Dan Muwanguzi to this website’s readers,

I hope that you have a good, blessed, and relaxed Easter.

I was invited to lecture at YWAM Soroti, Eastern Uganda, where I was the “Base Coordinator” in the year 1997. I taught for a week on the Subject of Rejection, Acceptance, and the Cross. Since I left YWAM, this has been the subject I get invited to teach in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and it has always been good to see the hand of God moving in the classes I teach on this topic.

Discipleship Training School class with Dan Muwanguzi

Discipleship Training School class with Dan Muwanguzi

This time, having been away from the YWAM base for a long time turned the trip into an adventure. First of all, the journey from Kampala to Soroti had to take 10 hours, which is twice as much as it used to. This time one of the roads we took was very dusty and bumpy and twice, i had to sit for over an hour to wait for the bus to fill up before we got going. I finally got to Soroti YWAM Base with a lot of dust picked along the long drive but with a lot of excitement to be back to “My base” and to be part of what the Lord is doing in the present DTS.

DTS Teaching Classroom at YWAM

DTS Teaching Classroom at YWAM

The teaching went on very well.

REJECTION -> many of us in Africa have gone through lots of “Rejection” experiences in the past.

I grew up in a very poor family and having dropped out school in year nine brought lots of problems to me that I almost considered death as an option. The Lord had to teach me a lot to get out of the past and pursue the future in Christ.

Each student had a testimony to give, There was healing, forgiving and receiving forgiveness, to parents, teachers, authority figures etc and it was an encouraging week.

God Bless you, Dan Muwanguzi

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