April Update.

We CMM always thank God for all our friends/ co-workers in Christ for your continuous love, support, and encouragement to us. God has always used you to encourage us to reach out to our brothers and sisters here in Uganda, and we pray that even in this period of COVID-19 the hand of God will always be upon you, your families, and relatives to protect you and to keep you well.

Last month, in our report, we did present to you a brief idea as to how some of our CMM members are doing and how they spend their day.

On top of us spending more time with our families, all our members are in touch with other church members too regularly communicating and praying together in small allowed groups, on the phone, Emails, and other communication means.

As we report today, The COVID 19 positive cases are 230, 63 have recovered well.

All the latest cases are coming in mostly because of the Truck drivers bringing in cargo in and out from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan.

Our main concern today would be that the positive cases remain small so that they do not overwhelm the Ugandan Health System.

We reported last time, the need for food mostly and other basic needs for most families. Most of our people here can only cater for one day’s needs and only if they are working. Now its 2months since the Lockdown, The biggest cry for most of the people are food mostly and basic needs. The day most people stopped working, they stopped earning therefore many are in the food crisis.

Will you please pray for us too along those lines.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-19 at 19.17.56

CMM children receiving foodstuffs

We as CMM are working together with our co-workers in Victoria-Canada. The Uganda partnership society (TUPS) have so far been able to help buy some but minimal amounts of food to mostly the families where our CMM sponsored kids come from. This help has been so much appreciated by our mothers and grandmothers that take care of our CMM sponsored children.

It is still our desire and prayer that we will continue to help even more as much as the Lord will enable us. Please keep praying with us along those lines too.


By March 2020

We were running three Bible classes in different locations with altogether more than 55 students. Some in the Old testament and others in New testament.

When the lockdown started around 20th March, the N.T class could not continue at all as the students were still very much in their primary stages of understanding the “inductive approach” and hey very much needed a lot of one to one guidance on top of the class lectures. So the N.T was put completely on hold.

Among the O.T students, 7 have continued to do their work mostly by themselves but with some help with either E.mail, phone calls o other means of communication. And those who have continued is mostly because they have access to a computer and therefore they can receive information, read/study and keep going.


Dan doing his personal studies / C-TBS work at his office.

We are receiving very encouraging feedback from this group yet it is our prayer that the lockdown will end soon so we can catch up with our other students too. We have followed the work of these 7 and it is very impressive.

And on top of grading their work and communicating with them, we always/ regularly share prayer needs for them and their flocks since they are pastors of different churches.

And mostly our discussions and prayers are along lines of food or medical needs for this or that family. And as we discuss and pray, in some desperate cases we have tried and raised help to some of such families.

Please keep praying for these and other pastors too along those lines. And we pray that the Lord will continue to keep you and your families safe and growing in Him.

With greetings and appreciation from all our CMM  team members.

God bless.

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