August 2020

THE SBS and C-TBS (Journey in Brief)

A few days ago,my good friend/co-worker Andrew Kiwanuka and i were invited by the School of Biblical Studies (YWAM/ SBS) in Jinja to share with them and talk about the Genesis of the school of Biblical Studies in Uganda.We had a chance to look back(1989) and summarize that long story to encourage the young women and men as we together continue to serving God in the field of Biblical Studies.

So many things came up, one was the fact that the school has produced so many leaders within Uganda and Internationally in different capacities and in all areas of influence,Pastors,Missionaries,Social Workers,Educationists and many more. Our graduates for all the years have in turn touched and impacted many individuals in many communities. I also remembered and shared my story how i joined this training program,it is now about 33 years when i heard the inner voice that spoke to me” to study and teach the bible for the rest of my life“. That voice/conviction was difficult to believe then especially given the fact that the bible is only 66 books to become a full time calling for life. But our God is all knowing up to today,since 1989, studying and teaching the inductive approach in bible study has been and is my priority. I am thankful to God for making me part of this and also thankful to Him for bringing along so many other friends,co workers who have been and are part of this training these many years.God is good.Many thanks to all our prayer partners and co workers in this field of Biblical Studies.


We have been able to reach some families with food donations and supplies thanks to you our partners,supporters and co-workers.

Rachel and Richard giving food stuffs to the triplets and the family at Large


August 2020 has been a month of wonders and miracles in our ministry. Many doors have continued to open in prison ministry amidst the raising cases of covid19 in our country. We thank God for the grace that has taken us through lots of challenges but made us stronger than never before.

MUYINAINA PRISON: We visited Muyinaina prison that is found in Mubende district which 162km west of Kampala. located 43km away from Mubende town heading to the new district called Kasambya. The prison is famous for incarcerating hard core criminals that are subjected to hard labor in farms and quarries. I was introduced to that particular prison by one of the people I preached to and he came to Christ who had been imprisoned there.

KITARYA PRISON: Kitarya prison is located in Mityana district which is 58km West of Kampala. We donated 20 Luganda bibles it housed close 3200 prisoners who are picked from Kampala, Wakiso, and Mityana districts. Most of the current prisoners in that particular prison, are people who defied covid 19 presidential directives. It’s currently housing many nationalities who were caught under that case.

MUBENDE CENTRAL POLICE STATION: We also visited the above station and were given a chance to speak to the suspects. 13 suspects gave their lives came to Christ. In the same spirit we donated 5 bibles to help in the discipleship

SEETA POLICE STATION: Seeta Police Station has been highly visited weekly and the management has been so receptive of the gospel. This week we month we added them 2 English bibles to cater for Non Luganda speakers. In the August, 32 souls came to Christ at SEETA Police Station. We glorify the Lord for the bounty harvest.

KATOOKE POLICE STATION: It’s located in the fast growing slum where the crime rate is growing rapidly. So as the church we step in to preach the word of God to them. Many of the crime committers are  youth who are highly unemployed. Katooke police station houses 20 and above suspects on a daily basis who are got from Jinja Kalori, Wamara, Katooke, Kisimu and other neighboring places. We donated 5 Luganda bibles to the station.

NABWERU POLICE STATION: Nabweru Police station is also found in Nansana Municipality with a fast growing slum. The station houses 18 suspects daily who are mainly youth. The crimes are as a result of unemployment.We donated 3 Luganda bibles to help the suspects in the cells read the word of God.

YESU AMALA POLICE STATION: Found in Nansana municipality along Hoima road.The suspects are mainly traffic offenders with few other crimes included.The station houses 13 suspects daily.We donated 2 Luganda bibles.


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