August 2022

Dear Friends and Co-workers in Christ. Here is our Latest Monthly report.


  We joined the ALL SAINTS CHURCH KAMPALA to celebrate their golden jubilee. As part of the jubilee celebrations, we went out with them to the streets of Kampala suburbs for evangelism. We visited Katanga slums a Kampala city suburb which hosts close to 60,000 people. There is high crime rate in this region because its a slum housing drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves and a lot of lawlessness . Many souls came to Christ. We were led by Archbishop Dr. Steven Kazimba Mugalu the Archbishop of the Anglican church of Uganda.

Richard Byamugisha with the All saints team and ArchBishop Kazimba Mugalu


We visited 8 families with Vulnerable, Elderly and sick people. We donated groceries, food and other essential Items to their care takers to help them with their lives for nutrition, hygiene and health items included maize flour, sugar, rice, beans, salt, bread, soap and basins. All the families that received the above items were so excited and very grateful. We also preached and taught them the word of God. Many gave their lives to Jesus.

Food and supplies donations to the vulnerable and the Elderly


We visited 2 police stations four times where preached to 127 suspects in custody. During the visits, we were allowed to fellowship with them, preach the word of God and 89 persons gave their lives to Jesus during the ministry sessions. We thank God.

Evangelism to Bodaboda (Motor cycle riders).

This is the term used to refer to commercial motorcycle riders in Uganda. We preached to around 300 motorcycle riders whom we found on their stages and many accepted Jesus Christ and got born again.

Some of the Boda Boda motorcyclists during the evangelism moment


  We ministered to the youth in Mbarara city by organizing a seminar for them. We carried out counselling and preached to them the word of God. Other activities we did was bible quiz, played games and group discussions. They turned up in large numbers.


We were invited to fellowship with the scripture union at Matugga Hills School. We taught scripture union members the word of God and life skills of environment conservation and protection such as reuse of plastic bottles to make garbage/refuse collection bins. We carried out counselling, prayed for the students and donated bibles to them.

Racheal Kalembe with some of the students teaching them how to make a garbage bin


Both the New Testament and the Old Testament classes are nearing the climax of their studies and each class has been sharing many encouraging testimonies in relation to their studies.

We have had many good testimonies coming from studying the Book of Joshua. Some of our students as we study the book, they too pullout passages from that book and share with their congregations during Bible Studies and Church services.

Most of the Testimonies have been to do with victories of Joshua and Israel amidst strong resistance, opposition and attacks from professional, numerous and strong nations that occupied the promised land.

The book of Joshua to many has been a call to engage more in spiritual warfare for our students and their church congregations and the Nation at Large.

Uganda is currently experiencing an economic crisis, the cost of living has doubled, prices of fuel and essential commodities going so high. School fees and maintaining kids in school is becoming a bigger challenge to many parents. It has been so good when our students look to all this from the Bible point of view, encourage themselves and their congregations to keep praying and trusting God.

We thank God so much that we have hope in such situations that look like crisis. We thank God for such an opportunity to be studying and teaching the word of God to the church.

Pastor Mayinja Charles teaching the Old Testament Class.

We thank God and you our friends for standing with us, encouraging and supporting us in the mission. Thank you so much, we pray that the Lord will continue to keep you all well and growing in HIM.

God bless

CMM Team.

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One thought on “August 2022


    Hi Dan. This looks good. Well done. One question. I didn’t understand the use of the word professional in the following sentence: Most ofthe Testimonies have been to do with victories of Joshua and Israel amidststrong resistance, opposition and attacks from professional, numerous andstrong nations that occupied the promised land. What did you mean? Also, how are you going with updates, testimonies and photos for our newsletter? Michael

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