September 2022 / October 2022

Dear friends and co-workers in Christ Jesus, Below are our activities for the month of September


We visited the Karamoja CMM kids to help them return to school and check on their welfare. During our visit, we discovered that the whole region is insecure and people were restricted from moving. This instability has been fueled by the prolonged draught, famine and the availability of guns and cattle theft. We however did our best and reached our CMM kids preached and prayed for them, gave them some school materials and food. We pray and request for your continous prayers for Karamoja.

Richard Byamugisha and Racheal Kalembe visiting the CMM Karamoja children both in Karamoja and Kampala



We ministered to the suspects in the police custody at the Central Police Station and Ruti police station. Both stations are located in Mbarara city and usually keep the youth who are below 30yrs. During our visits, we preached and prayed to close to 200 suspects of which 90% are men. We shared with the suspects tea, water and snacks.

More suspects gave their lives to Christ. We pray that they keep in the Grace of salvation.


In Mbarara we were given an opportunity to speak to the marrieds and men. This helped us to expand our boundaries to the area. In the same spirit, we engaged in the following;

  1. Setting up prayer family altars
  2. Organizing men and women fellowships
  3. Facilitating married seminars in churches
  4. Promoting legalizing marriages(weddings)


We organized a marrieds’ seminar at Karugangama church in Mbarara South Mbarara city. It was attended by 34 couples. The facilitators were coming from Namugongo – Ssonde Fellowship under St. Francis chapel Makerere. with the following topics; Intimacy, Faithfulness, Developments, Transparency , Righteousness.

Various couples who turned up for the meeting and training sessions


We had a men’s encounter in Kampala in partnership with St. Francis Chapel Makerere. We shared the great word of God to them. It was held in LWEZA along Entebbe road under the THEME: HOPE BEYOND AFFLICTION.

Richard Byamugisha teaching and preaching to the men during one of the sessions


We were invited to officiate the leadership handover of the scripture union at Hillstone school matugga. On this day we prayed for the candidate classes who were about to sit for their final exams. We taught the word of God and encouraged students to have their trust in God for he is the source of everything.

Racheal Kalembe at the Leadership Hand over ceremony with our very own CMM karamoja child Esther Nakong who was a worship leader of the scripture union Club


The Old Testament and the New Testament class are going on well.

Both Classes are coming near the end of their 2022 Studies. They will be finishing around 17th December and we shall pass them out, give them Certificates (Graduations) Early next year 2023.

Pastor kamya Joseph C-TBS staff teaching the C-TBS Old Testament Class

Thank you to all friends/co workers for your prayers and support in all the CMM work.

God Bless.


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One thought on “September 2022 / October 2022

  1. Pastor Mike Howell

    Thanks for the update, may Gods continue to bless your life and ministry.
    Pastor Mike.

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