November 2022

We greet you all our dear friends and thank you for your partnership with Christian Model Ministries. Here is our November / December report


We partnered with “Divine Care Ministries” to visit Kotido district. There was a lot of insecurity in the region due to cattle raiding but we thank God who kept us safe. We visited Lengeni Hospital where we talked to mothers with malnourished children.

Most of these women were coming from the recently raided villages where they had no access to food, water and other basic needs. Their homes, crops and food were destroyed by raiders. Most of them are widows because their husbands were killed during raids.

The next day, we preached to old men who have remained in the villages. Most of the young men have become warriors.
Another big challenge is that most of the children don’t go to school.

Rachel Kalembe ministering to the mothers and children during the Kotido visit.


We visited Eastern DRC THE DISTRICT OF KISIMBIRI to do evangelism in that country. We arrived at midday and were welcomed by the Congolese team led by Pastor Nora. We checked in and went through the process of learning what was required of us to stay in Congo. We visited 5 detention centers where we met close to 200 prisoners. We gave each detention centers bibles and some to police officers. Many of the prisoners were facing hard crimes but we preached to them a message of hope and forgiveness. We had a special session with officers who also opened up to us their challenges. We realized that the residents in that particular area had run away from wars and instability in this region .We thank God who gave us the ability to reach to the friends and family in Congo.

Richard Byamugisha with the During the visit in Congo


1.Ruti police station.
We have visited this police/prison four times and each time we have seen many souls coming to Christ. Each time of the visit, we share with the suspects tea, snacks and water . This month we reached 174 suspects and around 130 gave their lives to Christ.

2. Central police station Mbarara
CPS has also been visited 4 times and around 280 suspects shared the word of God with the suspects. During that period close to 200 souls came to Christ.


As a way of bringing men to Christ, We decided to bring them closer to Christ through a FOOTBALL MATCH. We launched the MATCH on 4th November and 2 teams played a friendly match. During the launch, close to 80 cyclists witnessed the game. We did evangelism and led 18 of them to Christ.

Richard during the Police/Prisons visit and at the football match with the Boda Boda cyclists


By the 17th December,all our bible training both Old and Testament will be closing. Both Gradustions will take place early 2023. The New Testament is now studying the book of revelations and the Old Testamnet have Zachariah and Malachi to complete.

It has been such a long Journey since we started but very interesting and encouraging. Our students have shared encouraging testimonies (results) coming out of their Bible training studies .

We thank all our co-workers/prayer partners for standing with using all the CMM work.

Dan Muwanguzi and Joseph Kamya conducting a C-TBS class sessions.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and we pray for a Blessed 2023 to all our friends.

God Bless.

CMM Team

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